30 May 2010

short weekend

after our blunder at the cinema, we then proceed to dinner. being a shopaholic me, i always find ways to go kai kai a bit, to look see look see, not necessarily have to buy something ok? hehehehe... so i then coax hubs and the rest of the gang to jonker street ^^

that place is jam-packed-sardine! while the boys went to ringo bar to have some beers, me & a fren of mine, sasha walked around. she end up buying *cough* alluring undergarments from jonker street! walaowei... siao man! hahahaha... me? i end up buying bracelets. haha!

we also came across these. those who have tonnes of earrings, you can buy one of these to get your stuff organised. these are sold from rm28 onwards. not too bad. sasha got one of these too. i end up buying nail stickers from here. those nail stickers are really cute! so cute i mmm ser tak use them up (-_-)

guess what is this for? i have the slightest idea when i saw this. sasha bought one & told me really shiok using it. i tried it & i got goosebumps. apparently it's a head massager o.O

after our jonker trip, we proceed to bunga raya to have dinner. sasha got some fresh abalone all the way from new zealand & they wanted to have it that nite. it was done superbly by the chef. probably it was fresh too that's why it was really good. for me, i just eat only lor, im not really the type to enjoy these kind of dishes. my main reason for coming to these place was to eat their crabs! oh heaven. we had 2 crabs for rm84. i dunno what's the usual price for crabs, but i think the pricing here are reasonable.

for those who wanna drop by in
melaka, and dunno where to head for
dinner, why not have a go at this restaurant.

no 341 - Being a mom means not being able
to be alone in the bathroom

no 343 - Being a mom means looking in
a whole new way at billboards with
half-naked girls

no 345 - Being a mom means saying
"Don't hit your brother,"
about ten times a day

no 348 - Being a mom means listening
to your child cry for Daddy
instead of for you

no 349 - Being a mom means not using
the words u feel like using because
you have a two-year-old listening
to every word you say


wenn said...

haha..not easy being a mum..:)

smallkucing said...

woi syok makan ah...got tapau for me or not

I bought the Dear John Book as recommended by you :D

reanaclaire said...

I love Jonkers street.. the last time was two years ago, i think... maybe end of this year, i might make a trip there again..

Merryn said...

i'm a proud malaccan who has NEVER been to jonker street.. how sad! :(

Mummy Gwen said...

I love eating crabs too. Yummy food there. *drool*

The quotes are so funny. ^_^

Wen said...

go melaka oso go watch movie!!

Mommy Ling said...

I havent really got chance to walk around Jonker street even have been to Malacca for a few times..sigh***

edisaster said...

I RINDU JONKER WALK!!!!!!!!! we are so going there when i'm back...and those crabs...it's a date!!!

slavemom said...

I oso dunno how to appreciate abalone. Sooo expensive, but wat's so nice abt it? hehehe

Zara's Mama said...

The head messager won't 'bocor' your head?