10 September 2012

here comes the Big Bad Wolfie!

He's back! He's back! He's baaaaaaack!

I am so going everyday! hahaha... 
It's gonna be sooooo good! 

I just can't wait for this!
December come quick!
Life is just getting awesome-r!

Check this page out for more information!

09 September 2012

my lil hero

aiyahyah... my lil Kayden noty boy is 10 months old!
time flies when you don't really realize it

all you do is go to work, come back, be with family,
then sleep. then back to work tomorrow...
life is so routine it's so boring sometimes bleh!

thank God for my 2 kids too, cus they keep me insane 
and sane at the same time :)

08 September 2012

my Starbucks experience

the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the contest in Starbucks Malaysia's page in FB was, SHOULD I DO THIS? if I do this, I must go all out and win this, if I don't win this, I will be super sad lor!

All one has to do is to share the above picture from their link and gain the highest LIKE. The share with the highest likes as of 12pm, 29/8/12 will be the winning location, so I thought oh what the hell, just do it!

Once I shared the page, I went on message rampage to all friends & family member to like my post on my FB wall. I was on crazy mode for 3 days to make this happen. Some of my friends even told me they thought it was spam messages when they saw my messages as early as 6am! hahahaha! yeah I was that persistent! and it drove me nuts too... and yes, I'm soooo darn annoying :)

Result day arrived! and still I was checking out my status in the contest on their page, about 135 person participated throughout Klang Valley I think, and I didn't realize that they have already announced the winner on their FB page till my friends informed me! I was speechless  to the core, so damn damn damn happy I won this! It was a very close fight, and Starbucks Malaysia was super cool to announce 2 winners :) 

So the organizing begins. I created an event in FB to invite all the office friends whom has supported by liking my post in FB so I would not leave anyone out. I couldn't invite outside friends as they were sending to chill patrol van to my office location. Till today, I still got whack by outside friends who supported me but didn't get their free fraps. sobsobsobsob... how I wish I can please everyone... uuuuuwaaaaaaaaa!

When Starbucks Malaysia confirmed the date & time for the delivery of 100 frappucinos, I had to find them a parking spot. Knowing that is impossible to let them park in front of my office, I still went ahead to talk to my building management and begged them for a parking spot. And surprisingly, I got the approval! OMAIKOT! Even my boss was surprised that our building management granted me an awesome parking spot for the Starbucks van :)


The day arrived, and as they said, the rest is History!

our very own Starbucks van :)

Happy giler!

the cool baristas 

my all time favourite
Green tea frappuccino!

this shot is for the album!
so gonna frame this up! haha 

And hereby, I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all my friends and family who has supported me in this contest. Without all of you, I wouldn't have a chance of a lifetime like this, ever! God bless all of you! teeeee-heeeee! wooooohoooooo!
iLapYou all :)

If you want to see more pictures, check the below like out
It was taken by my friend, Josh Chong