28 November 2010

family time

been wanting to blog about my dad's birthday dinner over in hometown but lazy-ness took over this body of mine, hehe! small affair, only my family, my aunt & kids were present. it was truly awesome as what my cousin brother described in his facebook status. awesome-ness!

my aunt & kids, me & my cousin brother
whom we look so alike

lil missy was so not herself that night
cus she did not have her afternoon nap,
as we spend the whole day shopping :)

me, my dad & my brother

singing to their heart's content

hubs was busy the whole nite,
playing with the karaoke system o.O'

i just love my family
for they are crazy...

really crazy, hahahaha!

happy burp-day to you daddy!

normally i just don't really dig birthday cakes,
cus you know after all the food u take,
but that nite, i wallop the cake,
cus my heart was smiling, so happy
that we all had a truly great time!

18 November 2010

rapunzel got tangled!

i have been coaxing lil missy in watching
the trailer for TANGLED... after so long,
finally! a real "knight in the shining
armor" kind of animation hits the cinema
well almost "knight in shining armor" that is!

i always love these kind of animation movie,
be it like beauty & the beast, sleeping beauty
to name a few... (^^p)

i just can't wait for it, hope lil missy will
want to watch this, in a peaceful manner
at the big big teevee *cold sweat*

15 November 2010

concert time!

"warning - shiok sendiri post ahead"

our lil missy had her 1st concert last saturday over at her kindy. it was done just in front of her kindy, a low cost event, nothing fancy like doing over in big halls or malls. oh well, small scale pun small scale lah... as long as my princess did well in her performance!

when i was given the concert schedule by her teacher, i was told she is involved in 3 performances, one of them being a solo performance, her reciting 2 rhymes. on that day, she did 5 performances! wahlaowei, i think they not enuf of student lar
! or my lil missy too noty edi :)

her 1st performance was a Happy Day dance, she came out so cute with her 2 braided ponytails, holding a big card, dancing along... she looked so happy, smiling till kenot see her eyes!

her 2nd performance was a Fashion show, this shocked me man! she came out as the 2nd couple wearing the cutest pink cheong sam i ever saw in my life! hahahahaha! im just making that up, pardon me again! with 2 huge flowers on each side of her hair. gosh, can see she was somehow blushing from the catwalk *ehem*

her 3rd performance was a dance from 2 rhymes. again with her smile-till-kenot-see-eyes, she was happily dancing away, gosh so proud of her!

now the next performance, which was her 4th one, it the main highlight event for us, cus it was her SOLO performance. she had to recite 2 short rhymes, with a short introduction of herself which goes like this
my name is krystal ....
i am 3 years old
tonight, i will present 2 rhymes to all of you
then her 2 rhymes starts...

the only thing i was upset was the sound system was quite bad, and her mike was not adjusted properly for her, and then no one signal her to start. i was almost near to tears when i see her standing alone up there stunned. then i slowly signaled her to start seeing that no teachers are doing so, can't blame them, they were going nuts arranging the kids for next performance. ultimately my lil missy done well, she finished her performance nicely. she has the guts for a 3 year old. i don't remember me doing this when i was 3, i probably cried! gosh, she has done us so proud!

then she had time to rest, run around for the finale. the goodbye song with the a big group of kids. and that was it! the after concert was a bit havoc, cus all parents were like ready to race to the stage to grab their kids. luckily the MC did well, kept announcing to all parents that kids pick-up goes by age, do not rush and scares off your kids! hahaha... kancheong spiders all :)

overall i would say the concert went well, kudos to the teachers for the job well done, i will be always amaze how the teachers could train so young kids to do performance, and not 1 kid, but a group of kids. salute to the teachers!

12 November 2010

im stressed!

about buying books that is! but nothing beats this reading cat! i got to meet this meow & his super cute lil prince. didn't manage to snap a picture of the cute lil fella as i was like kancheong spider already looking at the books. thanks to BBW yesterday night, i got to attend the preview sale, so no need to squeeze like mad with bigger crowd as it was only less than 100 ppl around for the preview sale. so it was such a bliss with no one pushing, no noise, complete silent of excitement in one-self! amitabha! can imagine the crowd go nuts when they see the books here!

kathy said i was looking very stressed when she
saw me! hahahaha! how can i not look stress wei!
look at the boooooooooooks! gosh!

when i walked in, a guy passed me a box,
i asked him what for? then he grinned...
hahahahaha... normally when i go to book sales,
i hold the books like wanna tumbang liddat wan!

happy to say, i meet my budget for the books i bought! haha! as i was walking towards the oldtown where hubs & lil missy was happily sitting down waiting for me, i think hubs got a shock looking at me holding a box full of books. i must have scared him a bit there. hahahahahahhaha!

i am so proud with my books man!
so cheap, so affordable and great to read!
prices range from rm3, rm5, rm8 - rm20

and i simply love what i bought for myself!

11 November 2010


what is this wei...
can u feel the excitement?

Date: 12-17 November 2010
Time: 10am-9pm
Venue: Ground floor, South City Plaza, Seri Kembangan

books makes me happy,
especially when it's a good book,
with a cheap price! hahaha!

04 November 2010

live life to fullest?

we always hear live life to the fullest, how do we do that? do everything we want today, no need to think about future or the consequences? spend the money we have now, no need to save for rainy days, cus you never know what will happen tomorrow? pretty hard huh?! i guess we still have to think about future, rite? no way we can do anything we like, with the family commitment, with the responsibilities we have...

recently my uncle passed away, and the whole family was there to support my uncle's family. sometimes, event like this brings family together, agree? though sad, but in a way it brings the family closer and together for hard times like this. we will all move on when the day comes, so be happy while we are still alive & kicking (note to self!)

on the happier note, lil missy is having her 1st concert next weekend & we are super anxious & excited for her! woohooo! she not only has 1 performance, but 3... yeah baby, 3 performances! siao leh, and i have to pay more for the costumes! @#$@#@! she has 1 solo & 2 group performances! waaaaaaaaaaah! i hope she do well on that day! i pray i pray!

other than prepping her everyday for her concert, she has been very "manja". she will whine & cries for the slightest thing, and we really behtahan at her behavior. lately she has been crying every morning when we send her to kindy, her teacher said it's just a phase, normal thingy but we are really so stressed up every morning waking her up for school! o-m-g, please let this be JUST a growing up phase! aaaaaaaaauuummmm!

01 November 2010

StreetSmart roadshow


This roadshow is starting on 5th - 21st Nov 2010, it's open to public :)

click on the pic to read better

Playhouse Disney is part of the exhibition this year to showcase its one-hour Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally story-telling & show to teach little preschoolers on how to be safe on the road, in fun way on the 13th Nov 2010. Drop by on this date if your kids are fancee of mickey & gang, cus I betcha your kids' gonna love the story telling session!

one-hour special premieres Nov 18, Thursday 9.30am
ASTRO channel 613