26 September 2009

let us go out...

again. hehe... the raya break, and the week after it was a blissful time. traffic was good. office was quiet. things are lets say, kinda in a slower pace. reached home early. not tat very early, but early enough to go out to shopping malls & catch a movie! on tuesday, we joined bil & family to IOI mall for a movie, but we cud not get the tickets, instead we had dinner. for us it was snacks, as we had dinner earlier. once again, lil missy enjoyed the good company of her cousin sister, Ashley :)

on weds nite, we were able to get tickets for G Force. initially i didn't wanna go for it, cus i was a bit tired after work. and it was kinda rushing, but bil told tickets already being bought la, so... follow lor. no regrets, cus we all enjoyed the movie. the cinema was packed! lil missy was behaving well but maybe like about another 1/2 hour towards the ending, she was getting a bit restless and start moving, jumping to the movie, dancing bit, but overall she is ok. phew. this is her 3rd cinema trip, not too bad lor :)

after the movie, we went to a nyonya kopitiam around the neighborhood and had late supper. at 1st she will be sitting in the baby chair, obediently playing with daddy's ifon, laughing with her cousin sister, goofing around, bug the waitresses, then she will demand to get down from the chair & being the lil hyper missy, she will be jumping around waiting for us to finish our food. adoi. at 11pm leh, still so active. gosh!

today, we went over to alamanda putrajaya for kai kai, cus really dunno where to go already. a bit the sien liao. so last minute decision, we end up in alamanda. and we got lost a bit, cus it's been quite some time since we came to putrajaya le. kanasai wan lah, the road signage over there. very kiam siap wanna add the alamanda word or kuala lumpur word wan. maybe we are not use to it, but still kanasai!

we were walking & walking till we end up in an osim massage chair. hahaha... and i was so tempted to get a uPapa Hug shoulder massager. and boy, i tell you, its damn good. for us having aching shoulder for facing the lappie too long, we would love to have this, yet i SABAR, i yan yan yan yan yan... end up, didn't buy lor. anyone knows, if the osim products pricing will go down wan or not? hehe...

we were so tired of walking, we end up in my favorite drink place & guess we spent almost a good 2 hours there. lil missy was occupied with the chess set on the table, the books i brought her & her cute lil puzzles. she hardly plays with the puzzles since the day i bought them, only recently i took it out, cus i felt it was time for her to play with it. she amazed us, by able to complete the 9 & 12 pieces mini puzzles. not like ethan boy who can finish a 20 pieces puzzles or what, but this is considered an accomplishment for my lil samseng, and me & hubs was speechless!

after the lepak session, we went over to this lil playground inside alamanda, and let lil missy run wild. she was having a good time, and daddy was busy chasing after her. and me? i go jalan2 lor, cuci mata sikit mah :) hope you guys had a great weekend, and next weekend? mooncake festival, time to bring out the candles & lantern! wooohooo!

24 September 2009

when is the next PH pls?

holiday is never seem enough isn't it? there you are, counting the days, when is this long weekend break coming, then once arrived, whisssssh whoooosh... here you are, back to work again. walaoeh! sien lor...

over the long raya break, we went back to sweet old malacca. no where else to go, so balik kampung lu. it was a nice break. cousins from KL & Spore came down & my whole house almost ter-balik. hehe... and lil missy, being the samseng she is, enjoyed all the attention & playmates, but then hor, she a bit the protective over her toys & books, is that normal?

then my cousin bought lil missy a doraemon mask, from her paediatrician in Spore. so cute isn't it. it was around sgd3.50. lil missy layan for awhile only then doraemon was left abandoned. poor mask, it's cloth type & i guess mask is always not comfy so kena reject

with the group of cousin, we visited jonker street & started to eat from starting point to end of the road, either eating, drinking or bz checking out stuf. too bad it was drizzling, if not can enjoy more. my mom bought lil missy a small cute lil purple umbrella & she was holding it the whole nite :)

the next day, off we went to dataran mall to meet up with my aunt & cousin to yamcha over at oldtown kopitiam, then shop a bit2. on our way home, dad brought us to a newly done water fountain somewhere in bunga raya. very canggih, the water dances with the music wan :)

we also went yamcha with our frens to tis cafe called "FRIENDS" which happened to be my hubs' 2nd home, whenever he is back to malacca. if you can't find him at home, he is there in that cafe with his kakis. benci aku! hehehe.

over at the cafe, we were playing with our fren's camera, a CANON G10. it looks canggih but not as canggih as a dslr camera la, but damn good enuf for me. so now saving for it, wish me luck. as you can see here, i was snapping away at lil missy, check out her pose, love the shot on the right. classic! hahaha....

as usual, when our frens is around, there bound to have gadgets around, ifon ler, mac ler, psp ler. all gadget freaks! so lil missy also shiok lo, can play with the psp which belongs to robert kor2 :)

we came back to kl on tuesday noon, with a good traffic. thank goodness. no traffic jam so it was smooth. around evening, BIL asked us to join them for a trip to ikano for dinner, and we jumped at it. halfway driving, we decided to go midvalley instead cus it's nearer lor. hehe!

once we reached midvalley, lil missy went hyper. adoi. she never even take her afternoon nap that day, and yet she can go nuts in the shopping mall. running here & there, her cousin sister chasing her, us chasing her. gosh. tension! then during dinner time, she went cranky. hubs had to carry her & makan at the same time. hubs even showed us "see ah, i count 1-5, this girl will sleep" and truthfully, she did. lil missy was that tired.

i really dunno, but sometimes it's really difficult to handle her in public places, she doesn't want us holding her hand, and i had to sometimes threaten her with "cubit-ing" and she will listen to me. if not, gone case. she would walk & walk without looking back at us *pengsan*

16 September 2009


we reached home today, as usual the normal routine, i will go check the mailbox, dunno why, not looking forward to all the bills lah, but those lil snail mail that someone mite wanna surprise you with, you know. during skool days, i used to have tonnes of pen-pals. oh well, that something arrived today. hehe! unexpectedly! regardless gifts, postcard, letters, u know... anything that would simply put a smile on your face just by holding it, the cosy feeling that someone actually is thinking about you, for the fact, this time, the sender was thinking more about my lil missy, rather me. hahaha... but u get the idea!

and another nice surprise which my mom mms-ed me, was a picture of a pooh & frens themed tanglung which my cousin bought for lil missy. aaah... means that i no need to buy de. hahaha! here, lil missy is wearing a dress which a dear fren bought for her for quite some time & i was waiting for it to finally fit nicely on lil missy. a bit retro kan the dress? and nowadays, when we asked lil missy to pose for pics, sure she will stuck out her tougue wan. aiyah...

im glad i started blogging back cus i have met few really good frens along the way, in fact i can consider these few frens as my close fren, cus i tell them everything. i count myself lucky to have great frens in blogsphere, in & out office, my hometown... im thankful for that. getting a bit emo here, lately been a bit sot sot dei already.

beside the cute lil elmo sitckers merryn sent over, she even included these cute lil bugs. the lady bird is a magnet while the kura-kura is a paper clip! she is really very creative! thanks a lot makcik, so loving these cute lil thotfulness! haha... im blabbing already. and i realised this post is so jumbled-mumbled-rojak-ing. i also duno why. as i said earlier, im a bit sot-sot dei lately.

13 September 2009

kai kai time

its been months since we bring lil missy to any shopping malls, probably 2 months kua. time really flies. guess being us balik kampung most of the weekends also resulting in not bringing her kai kai in KL shopping malls. this time, i make a date with my bro & my cousins to meet in sunway pyramid. time set was 11am, as usual la, all sampai-ed 12 plus, malaysian time. next time wanna tell them, time set 10am, tolong buka pintu ok. haha!

1st stop was lunch, and i choose this restaurant called 3JC or something, their food not bad, nice noodles & rice dishes. we all had a nice lunch minus my bro, cus tat fella woke up late, and taking his own sweet time coming over. after we finished our lunch, he arrived and we ended up in pappa rich kopitiam eating again. hahahaha. talk about dieting, gone la me!

next stop, right after chit chatting session, time to hunt for the adidas shoes i pohmise my bro for his bday. i will never buy a rm210 shoes for myself, but i can buy for my brother. that's family huh. crazy expensif sial! but what to do, my one & only brother. hehe! i blady pokkai de. better go back melaka every weekend, no need spend money! haha!

we were all walking around, shop a bit, got myself a blouse & bracelet from padini, got some puzzle & a medical toy kit from popular bookstore for lil missy, hubs got a new screen protector for his ifon, the cousins girls happily walked away with dresses. how nice if im in early 20s again, can wear all the nice looking dresses, haaaih... now look like auntie. waraoeh! sei laaaaaaaa! we all headed home around 6pm, reached home KO-ed.

and also, another not so important thing to mentioned, i finally got myself a proper bookcase cum divider for my sweet lil home! now nothing is on the floor, everything is stacked up & iLikey! bought this from a nearby furniture shop, wanted to get a cool cavenzi looking divider wan, but then they charging delivery fees, so forget it. i.don.wan.pay.delivery.fee. bleak!

nice or not? front & back view, see lil missy kepo-ing there... standing on the lil stool. hehehe. now my apartment looks smaller, cialat.

11 September 2009


why like this leh?
why like that leh?
why others can, i kenot leh?
why? why? why?

08 September 2009

lat jiu pan meen

since i read about the pan mee shop over at barb's which she went after watching the astro show with pretty chui ling hosting it called one day 5 meals, i was thinking i shud try it too cus me & hubs love chili pan meen. chui ling even has a book out now for her show. keng leh...

i remembered a fren once told me about a shop in south city area called JOJO's something. wasn't sure if it were the same shop as mentioned by the show. so today, while i was off early from work, i suggested to hubs to go over to have a quick dinner before we pick lil missy up. and goody that we went over cus it was good. well not as great as the one we used to go a lot over at chow kit, but this was good. better than lots of others which we have tried.

yummy, and while u tengah ke-pedasan, it's so shiok to drink some warm soup which comes with the pan meen. hehe... oh yeah, they have 3 branches, one over in kuchai lama, serdang & puchong :)

05 September 2009

kim mah lun @ 29.8.09

started the journey from KL around 11ish am right after we have our early lunch with my parents who arrived from melaka at 9.30am & bro from cyberjaya who was not awake till we practically burst his mobile with our calls

meet up with the rest of the gang at Tapah rest stop while waiting for the rest of the group whom was late lah! biasa-lah... when u have like 38 of ppl joining the trip! or was it 41... i lost count. hahahaha!

all said use old road to kim mah lun, cus can stop by at the nice waterfall along the way, adoi, never see waterfall before meh, but then bila i reached the place, no regrets! the view was really nice, so calm, crowd was ok, guess coming to CH at puasa month is a good thing. hehe!

"are we there yet?" constantly on my mind, mciam Hi5 singing there. no regrets lor, that i passed the tickets to zmm, glad her dotters enjoyed the concert (though the parents are bored, haha!) next we came to this little tea place, which i also forgot the name. it was a nice lil break after a long drive, to have some tea & strawberry cheesecake. heaven! and not forgetting the cold weather. waaaa-weeee!

as usual, with the whole kampung together, we nearly turn the place upside down, with laughters & pictures taking!

oh finally we sampai-ed our apartments, desa anthurium. it was a nice place, all upmost important it was clean, organised and comfy. after settling down, off we lepak. some started preparing the food, some left to pasar tani to get some fresh veges, some started mahjong, and some just laze around. me? busy taking pictures lor

the 1st nite, we had steamboat ala sendirian berhad, and it was a blast. there were so much food, i was so happy especially eating with the whole kampung together-gether, it was a fun & cosy time. and plus the weather was shiok!

the next day, off we went to check out CH, 1st destination, of course the famous Sg Palas BOH plantations! i was talking about this place like forever man, lepas reaching kim mah lun. jakun mar me, 1st time coming here leh. paiseh paiseh!

the drive up to the BOH tea centre was a winding one, my cousin bro kept honking his car, and we thot at 1st it was for fun, but actual fact is to warn the incoming cars from the other direction! u see, the road up, was a tiny, good for only 1 car at a time, sometimes can muat 2 cars, and each corner u can't see the other car from opposite direction, so we were all honking our cars like someone was getting married. hahahaha!

upon reaching the centre, started la, camwhoring! hahaha... after that, time to enjoy some tea, pies, scones and cakes! the cafe was full house, but luckily we were able to get tables for ourselves. we spent a good few hours up at the BOH tea centre. it was really nice...

snap snap snap!

and it's pretty difficult to get everyone for a group picture lah, somehow somebody will be missing. we tried our best & imagine the poor fella we kidnapped to take pictures for us, 5 - 6 cameras leh. poor fella. hahaha!

then on our way down, we were stucked about 30-45 mins, cus someone is blocking someone lah! as i mentioned earlier, it was a tiny road, so someone has to give way to someone 1st lor. oh well, already stucked, might as well make the most of being stucked. so all came out from their cars, and start fooling around. siap make frens with other cars lagi, someone even mentioned time for poker. haha! that's the great part holiday-ing in groups, it's never boring. hehe!

after tea centre, off we go to strawberries farm, drinking smothies, eating ice cream and eating strawberries of course! dinner was BBQ! there was a bbq pit at our apartment area, and we had a good time till late nite. lil missy was pre-occupied with daddy's ifon till siap make fren with another neighbour's son. hahaha! kids... so fast can warm up de, how i wish adults were like kids. so natural, so sincere...

on our last day, we went to big big strawberry farm which belongs to my boss' family. it was really BIG! and the place is really nice. u can practically spend the whole day here, siap got kids' play-area. smart isn't it the owner, attack the kids 1st, then the parents will stay. hahaha!

i had some strawberries cakes & i tried their strawberry coffee smothie. wah, it was very nice! only recently introduced there wor, as the owner told me. very nice!

then it was time to go home. after checking out, we went over to Kea farm along the way, to buy veggies, flowers, sweet potatoes, corns, everything there is which caught our interest. we all drove to kampar to have lunch & then head home.

overall, it was a good trip, we all had fun. we should make this a yearly event. the last i heard, all planning on a redang trip. gosh.... sea sick! hehe...

02 September 2009


my name is lee min ho, im a korean & i think irene's currently obsessed about me. wakakakaka...