31 October 2008

the pink sisterhood...

thanks to these lovely mommies, mummy2gwen, mummy2chloe, mummy2VY&VH for tagging me the below

Breast cancer, which everyone knows is one of the most life-threatening diseases today. Some scary yet so very true facts on breast cancer. Ladies, do take note!

* One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.
* Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.
* Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.
* Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.
* Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.
* Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
* Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.
- Facts taken from Women’s Health

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im not tagging anyone, most blog im reading seems to have this already. just need to create awareness on this serious issue which has becoming the no.1 killer for women.

29 October 2008


just have to accept the fact that people change. people do.

people don't stay the same forever. just accept it.

move on if can. if cannot, cope with it.

if had to choose between the "move on" and "the coping", had to opt for the latter.

no choice.

27 October 2008


do you guys do it? have a happy family with few kids, a loving spouse? how? tell me how? serious. let me know the magic... teach me some spells... cus i wanna know.

since lil missy came along, shouting & karate-ing has become a normal thingy in our small home.
i always salute the super mommies with full time job, still can "bento", cook superb meals & do wonderful things with 2-3 kids everyday & be a loving spouse.

how do you survive the everyday?
how to you go to work & come back home & deal with the things at home?


i think i just gotta be patient & cool about things. learn to let go... wahpiang eh, blood boiling how the hell to let go u tell me. omg. sometimes when this noty missy is good, i feel like i have the perfect life.

adoi. sakit kepala lah!

25 October 2008

lil missy is too...


i always see pictures of kiddos in cute sleeping position & never expect to see one live in front of me. was busy packing lil missy's things to go back to Malacca, suddenly realised how come no noise from the lil brat wan? that's why lah, i rock you to sleep you don't want to layan me. u prefer to sleep like this is it? teeeeheeeheee! (bad mommy o.O)

my parents...

came over to KL last week, for a 3D/2N stay over at my place, cus hubs was outstation & im too pampered to be left alone at home with lil missy. wahaha! no lah. i took this opportunity to take a day off from work (very sien oredi) & also to ask lil missy's grandparents to come over.

whenever grandpa comes over, he must go eat Ampang Yong Tau Foo, if not he won't be satisfied. so off we went to savour some good food! then we proceed to visit mom's sister over in Cheras. her place is huge! imagine buying the property 20 years ago for rm100k, how much do you think it's worth now. sigh. dunno when is our turn to be able to own a landed house loh. free hold! the time will come. just gotta wait & work harder to make it materialize. oh well...
(see both her grandparents playing PS2... waakakakaka!)

now im waiting for hubs to come back from work & off to Malacca we go! got a wedding dinner tonite, all my frens are getting married oredi, one by one joining the club! hehe... can't wait to meet old skoolmates! i likey! so you guys, have a good weekend & the extra day off for Deepavali!

ps : btw, anyone know anywhere having special deal for Enfagrow? i need to re-stock liao, lemme know!

24 October 2008


im a happy kid, a mom, a woman! just got my hands on THE GIFT. been waiting like forever, since the last i discovered there is a new book out by my favourite author.

(there is a nice red ribbon c/w the book itself)

it's not cheap & it's not that expensive either. since i don't have the moo-lah (learnt this from adrian) to spent on LV, Gucci, Hermes & Burberry, i can only afford this book. wahahahaha! im going to read it this weekend, other books can wait. hope lil missy won't bug me so much. i wanna read my boooook!

23 October 2008


was madness. im at the verge of crying already. hubs was not around since monday, a fren of ours is driving me to send lil missy to bbsitter & then to work. i know im useless, don't dare to drive, very useless but the drivers here all are mad. sigh. exactly what mix.fm's pietro & serena was saying "when it rains, we are like gremlins. the cars multiplies & the humans turned inconsiderate & rude"... SIGH!

yesterday i reached home @ 9.30pm. left the office around 6.30pm. when we reached my bbsitter's housing area, the main road was jammed up. you know why? all bcos JUSCO was having their member's sale! freaking jam! i already damn tension i can't go Jusco shopping, now the traffic is just crazy. we left the place in the morning around 8.15am, and the cars were already Q-ing to get into Jusco. omg. i heard during Jusco, Midvalley sale time, there were Qs at 6.30am! kiasu man!

i wish i have like some kind of a big board to write on to show the other car drivers to give way to poor me by showing them this!


oh well, everyone also wanna get in, so how? sigh. sorry im complaining again, it's not healthy at all. but at times, i really wanna go back Malacca & stay there. but too bad, impossible for us to that rite now. what to do, just have to get use to it. im thankful my bbsitter was understanding & i have my bro, my hubs & sue to bug during my tension-ness!

19 October 2008

at last...

i got to meet up with cookingmomster yesterday night over at her cosy house. one glance u will know she have kids, cus the house is a "toys" heaven! lucky Le-Ann & Ee-Thern to have a shopaholic mommy! wahahaha!

anyway, sue2 whipped up a nice dinner for us, simply yummy. western food, siap got nachos lagi. i was eating the buffalo wings till i lost count. hehe. sorry ah sue2, me very the "wai sek"... nyek nyek!

when we 1st reached her place, her 2 lil kiddos had just woke up & probably was a bit cranky cus not enough sleep, mommy woke them up earlier cus we arrived already. poor things. and i was really paiseh cus my lil missy was like samseng, went de-tour the house a bit & help herself to the toys. aiyor, sorry sue2, my lil missy very daring. sigh. anyway, it was nice to meet up with her family. we chatted away & luckily both our hubbies can also clicked, so we don't have to worry about them. hehe!

think lil missy enjoyed herself, seeing all the toys! it's nice to bring lil missy out & make new frens loh. if not stay at home, only daddy & mummy layan-ing her, no fun at all. mummy not ready for bb no 2 yet, sked skeeeeed. labour pain, still phobia le!

anyway, thanks sue2, for your gr8 hospitality, we should do this again, come over to my place & bring the kids to the pool for a fun day! soon soon... :)

14 October 2008

Quirky quirks

"Quirky - A peculiar habit, mannerism, or aspect of somebody's character"

slavemom tagged me on this few days ago. it really made me think, seriously, i got not many quirky bits, i even have 1 habit same as slavemom, so i need to think of somtin else...

hehe! ok, here goes nothing..

  1. im a clean freak. a sight of a hair on the floor, will freak me. serious. i kenot tahan to see anything dirty in my house. i sweep the floor everyday, if possible i wud lurve to mop the floor everyday too. but my hubs say i "sot sot dei" so i only sweep everyday & mop alternate days loh. my hubs crazee rite? married a clean person like me also complain i sweep too much. where got liddat wan, u tell me... esssssh! i hope he read this!
  2. every morning, after we wake up, i need to tidy the bed, i need the bed to look neat. my comforter needs to be fold neatly, my pillows to be nicely located, my bedsheet needs to be tight & firm as if a housekeeper just turn down the bed liddat. ha!
  3. each time i go home, i want everyone to wash their feet, lil missy included. i just need to wash my feet, i duno why, i feel uncomfortable if i don't wash my feet after a day out & walks around the apt. yuck.
  4. everything in my apartment needs to be neatly arranged. though its kinda difficult nowadays, clutters everywhere. the apt already small, so many things here & there. adoi o.O
  5. i like to fold my laundry my way, if anyone wud offer their help, i will reject nicely. haha. my hubs & my mom knew my "piak" so they won't help me cus i will re-do again the folding. pyscho rite?
  6. when i need to buy a thing or do a task, i need to DO it fast. i kenot wait. it kills me.

there goes, 6 habits of myself. most about cleanliness though. sick man. hehe!

Rules :

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3. List 6 unspectacular quirks you have.
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ello dearies, u have been tagged!

12 October 2008

i love Gilmore Girls

saw this over @ Bento Frenzy's blog & thought i try it out, i love this show.

Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?

You are part Lorelai. You are energetic, perky, and witty, but sometimes your unique sense of humor can confuse people. You are well-liked by all, but you have trouble with commitment.

You are part Sookie. You are bubbly, fun, and a little klutzy. You are devoted and passionate--sometimes to the point of obsession.

Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

thank GOD...

after lil missy's on/off fever encounter, she was much better & active compared to yesterday. i din sleep well the nite before, i set my mobile alarm every few hours to check on her temperature. was dead worried. nevertheless, she was ok. phew...

woke up to a bright smiling lil missy, then bath her, cooked her porridge & lucky she finished a bowl of it. was worried she will reject the porridge. then she dozed off around 12noon right up to 3pm. me & daddy didn't want to disturb her sleep therefore we waited till she got up only then we went off to May Keng again in SK for noodles lunch. it was raining kittens & puppies, so we took our own sweet time during our late lunch. lucky the shop opened till 5pm. we were the only last few customers left.

after lunch, we decided to head off to
Alamanda @
Putrajaya for jalan-jalan. outside Parkson, there were this mini playground you guys wud normally see in big shopping complex where u need to pay for the kids to go in & play. but here it was open to all for FREE! great! there were a handful of kids playing & lil missy was enjoying herself. 1st time on the slides! she was kinda reluctant at 1st, but after a few rounds, she got excited. we practically have to pull her away from this mini playground & she was wailing o.O

during our play session, there was this mat salleh woman & her son, probably less than 2 year old kid. he was very cute. his mom actually let him run loose with minimum supervision, obviously she was watching him like a hawk, but he was running around, climbing around, sliding without his mom's help. and he fall here & there, then got up continue to play again. and im thinking to myself, this is the difference between us asian & mat salleh. they let their kids to be independent at young age whereby we are very "kan cheong" towards our kids. its easier said than done, but sometimes whenever lil missy falls & cries, we don't rush to her rescue unless its necessary, we try to train her like... ermmm... u know, don't little little bit also cry. but susah also sometimes. haih.

after the play session, i got tired & demand for a break from walking. time for star-bucking for my favourite Green tea frappuccino. yum yum. i don't drink this often cus it burns a hole in my wallet. freaking rm15 for a drink like this, but once awhile ok lah! the blueberry muffin was yummy too! during our lepak session, lil missy was running around, lucky the outlet was not busy & we easily can monitor her. suddenly she came running back to us & stood still. that moment i knew already what was happening. she was doin her poo poo biz. alamaaaaak!

for the pass 1-2 days, her poo poo is all gooey,
im not sure is it bcos she is currently teething. so we packed up & search for a washroom. i grabbed her & went inside the washroom only to find out there is no place for me to clean her up, you know those kids' friendly kinda washroom. so i ended up going into the last squatting cubicle with a disposable diaper & a pack of wet tissues. lucky got bidet in the washroom. so the rest i will leave you guys in ur own imagination, how i end up cleaning all the watery poo poo in standing position in a public washroom. aaarrgghh! hate it! oh well, there is always a 1st time in any cases. hehe...

10 October 2008

i tell u...

aiyor... for the pass 3 nites, lil missy has been giving us crying drama in the middle of the night. cry n cry non stop. give milk 1st time doesn't want, give the 2nd time only wanted. in between, cry non stop. sigh.

then yesterday nite, it was all pleasant. she was sleeping thru-out till i woke up around 5am to check on her. duno why, since she is with us, i never had a knock out sleep. i will always "terjaga" wan. then i wen cayang her & felt her warm body. i was taken aback for a bit there, i thot she was warm & i double the fan speed. she woke up & i asked her if she wants "nen nen" & she smiled back and say "nen nen" back to me. she drank her milk & slept off back. i have a feeling something was wrong & i woke the dad up. he also felt she was a lil too warm from normal. then i realised "oh crap, fever!"... this is my 1st time dealing with feverish lil missy, all this while i have the privilege of MIL's help as lil missy was taken care by MIL from 2 mths old till lil missy was 15 mths old in Malacca.

i faitit got myself ready & we drove around SK area to check out the clinics & even the 24 hrs clinic also closed. imagine my disappointment. dammit. then we finally found one clinic which is available but it's not under ING coverage, so i gotta pay off myself. we never even register & straight away wen in to see the doc. he was 1/2 asleep, very obvious. sigh. he came to lil missy, felt her head, and told me "ya, she is having fever".. o.O .. then he wen n got the ''butt pellets'' & i asked him "don't you wanna check what's her temperature like?" & you know what the doc told me? "it's obvious she is having fever" wtf!!!! i insisted & he took out the manual thermometer & lil missy was moving so much i doubt the measurement was correct, doc told she is on 38 degrees. then doc insert the med & surprisingly lil missy din kick up a fuss. prob she was too "blur" to feel anything. doc then gave fever med & antibiotic. i told i have paracetamol @ home so i don't need his med, his "black" looking med.

everything happened too quickly & i paid rm55 for all the above. @#$#%@... the antibiotic doc gave is this, have u guys seen this b4? im kinda reluctant to give to lil missy cus more over this doc like blur2 then also not a paediatrician. anyway, after the visit to doc, we head to bbsitter house cus time for us to go to work loh. so so sad. sigh. lucky bbsitter was understanding. got a call few hours later telling me that lil missy's fever has subsided. what a relief man!

im sure a lot of you mommies would have think i over reacted. haha. but it's my 1st time & i haven't got myself the ear thermometer yet. comtemplating to get the digital Braun, Woodwards or just a manual thermometer. it's not cheap man. looks like i better go get myself 1 ASAP. i also got myself some tips from fellow mommies whom i've been bugging since morning over msn. been complaining how stopid i am. went & feed lil missy paracetamol after the doc gave the "butt pellets". it's like double dose of meds. omg. im the worst mom! arrrrghhhh!

thanks mommies whom i have been bugging. im so sorry with my nenek story. you all veteran to all this already, im still a newbie so bear with me ok. if i sms any of you tonite. please layan me ok?

09 October 2008


Isetan is having sale again. dunno how many anniversary sale already. Raya sale just over, now new anniversary sale. not that im complaining though. wahaha...

nowadays, u can just do your shopping at the comfort of your own home. no need go parking, no need strive the traffic jam, no need to Q. but sometimes need lah to go shopping at the malls, shiok also :)

anyway, i stumble across this online BoutiQue while browsing for clothes. i really like some of the clothing i saw. maybe i should get in touch with the seller whom happens to share the same name as me, ms Irene Lim. hehe... im Irene Low. fated lah i think, hahaha... below are the few pieces i like, tell me what you guys think...

hmmmmmmmm... o.O

08 October 2008

books make me happy...

as i love to read, especially chic lit books. i used to read a lot everyday when i commute to work, while waiting for the train, in the train, out the train... u get the idea :)

i can finish reading a book in a day, meaning i only stop reading when i need to wee2, eat & bath. i don't sleep till i finish the book. that's how crazy, no... should i say devoted to the book i love. wakakakaa... now, i will be happy even to get to read few pages. hehe. i no longer can finish reading a book in a day already, as i hardly take the train to work. hubs drives me to work nowadays as our working place is mere 10 mins away. i'm too occupied now with lil missy as well, but i tried to steal some time to read my latest book every now & then.

i used to buy lots of magazines too. Cleo, Women's Weekly, Female, Cosmopolitan etc... but now, upgraded liao. i only buy "Mother & Baby"... hahaha!

maybe call me an impulsive buyer, i would buy books in those warehouse sales in mountains, cus they are really cheap lor. believe it or not, i still have lots which i haven't read yet. lying there in my cupboard waiting for me. haha. sei mou.

one my favourite authors is Cecelia Ahern. i have all her books. 1st edition some more. she has a new book out called The Gift & i can't wait to get my hands on it! i would go Kinokuniya everytime to check for it's arrival, or any other interesting new book in store.

it just make me so happy to be in a bookstore, @ the chic lit section. wish i can bring them all back with me. i can only dream baby... dream...

07 October 2008

a lovely card from...

a dear fren of mine came in today. teeheehee! it was a nice surprise just like what happened on Mother's day. i love you sotong! u always know how to make me smile & ur card always came at the right time to cheer me up. ur da best!

muaks & hugssss to Samlys...

it's always nice to receive snail mail isn't it? don't you agree? it's so different in getting the usual e-mails. we no longer ask for home address from frens. it's always... "what's ur email add ah?"

nowadays everyone has at least 1 email address. whatever forms we fill up surely has a column for email add. is one of the top choices in getting in touch. and it's much faster too. i wonder what will happen if our internet line went kaput forever. think a lot of people will suffer. yikes! don't dare to think about it.

so email me your home add ok, i snail mail you a postcard. wahahaha!

05 October 2008

the 5 days break...

was much needed. din go anywhere with lil missy, just went back to good old Malacca. never slept so much when we were in KL u know. it was great. dunno why each time when we are home, we tend to fall asleep easily. and we are always sleepy. hahaha... the comfort of parent's home i guess, the fuzzy feeling. and i think we went Jusco too many times. blek!

we went over to fren's home for Raya open house & boy! did we enjoy the "ketupat" & "rendang". yummy yum yum. and to meet up with frens is always nice. it was my birthday & this year i had 2 b-day cakes! how great was that! i was surprised! a little. din see the 1st one coming...

but i was pretty sure about the 2nd one. hehe! hubs brought me out for a lil dating session. we were trying to catch "Mamma Mia" but they haven't show it yet in Malacca, only the next day! darn! lil missy was taken care by "wai por" for a nite, while i had a mini break. veri nice of my mom. thanks mommy!

after much failure to attempt to catch a movie, we wen window shopping and "lim teh" while waiting for other friends of ours to arrive. then we proceed to Pure bar, a local clubbing scene. it was great to catch the live band over there that nite. it was nice. they even sang me a birthday song. hehe... damn paiseh man.

overall it was a great birthday, being able to celebrate it with friends. hope you guys had a great break too... i know i did.

happy birthday to me!