15 June 2011

food again!

have i got your attention yet?
are you drooling already?
no? aisey... nevermind, i am!

was back to home sweet home,
and requested mommy dearest for
full board of home cooked food
let it be simple, i don't care,
as long as it's home cooked food!

and hubby dearest gotta wake up
very early to go buy this
nasi lemak for his pregger wifey!

and have to Q up sooooo long
to buy this femes Mee Hassan
for the whole family to eat
especially me! haha!
thank you sooooo much, i lup you!

and this killer prawn sambal
my mom's specialty
whomever tasted this before,
let it be relatives, or my close frens
will definitely yearns for more!

14 June 2011

forbidden food?

my mom forbid me to eat mango,
i asked why, she said kenot
i asked why again, i kena scold...
hahahahahahaa... *faint*

they say instant noodle is not healthy,
but... but... i like this noodle leh!
been searching high & low,
found it today in isetan :)

and i've been drinking tea as well
hu hu hu hu hu...

i have been baaaaaaaaad!

10 June 2011

*ehem ehem*

picture courtesy of www

03 June 2011

the word is Moderately...

can one have too many of these?
i really love eating persimmon
been eating quite often, im just worried
i might have over-eating this... haha!
should i be worried since i'm ... ?