15 July 2010

why oh why

been missing for action for some time now. lil missy was feverish on last Friday and vomited in the car when daddy picks her up from kindy. i was already blur when daddy called me to say lil missy was feverish. daddy gave her meds and she was sleeping when i reached home. on that nite itself me & lil missy followed my bro-in-law back to melaka.

when we reached melaka, lil missy was on 38.5c and my mom got worked up. she pestered us to bring her to hospital at once to have doctor check on lil missy again. i told my mom she is still ok, i gave her meds already, she will be ok, but my mom was a bit more persuasive and off we went to nearest pantai medical centre in melaka. the emergency ward was full house. when we were there, there was a baby wailing when the nurse was bathing him in cold water due to high fever. sigh. after 20mins, we met the doctor on duty. he checked lil missy, told her throat was a bit red, prescribe us some meds, and that's it. i was like "sei for lor" when walking towards cashier counter. luckily the bill was only rm99.30, still ok, not too bad *phew*

after the weekend care, meds and all, lil missy was ok again. come Sunday, we were back to our home in kl in our usual normal routine. we sent lil missy to kindy on Monday morning, and both of us to work. when we pick her up from school that Monday evening, lil missy's teacher told me that lil missy had some ulcers in her mouth, i panicked. i quickly checked her throat when we reached home. to my horror, there were ulcers all over her throat, tiny ones. we then hurried to our normal paediatrician to have her checked. doc said its hfmd. i already googled it at home and i was ready to receive the news, but... i was speechless for a moment.

after that i called up my boss to tell him the bad news, and he was very understanding. i took the rest of the week off. the next day, hubs sent us both back to my parent's place to put up for a week. and now here we are, in melaka recuperating. and me, rotting. i kept thinking about the amount of work waiting for me in office o.O

so far she has been eating well,
drinking well, active and very noty

3 bottles of water everyday
lots of barley, ling yong herbal drink,
chrysanthemum drink

calci-yum, yogurt, vanilla ice cream

lil missy's principal and teacher has called up few times to check on lil missy. and i told them to have the kindy clean up, sanitize or whatever. also to check on the other kids. to avoid more of these cases. now im a bit worried to send lil missy back to kindy. sigh. at the moment, the ulcers in her mouth is clearing. no spots appearing on her hand, foot or buttocks. this is a mild hfmd she is having. hope she will recover completely by these few days. should i bring her back to the doc to double confirm if she has fully recovered? hmmmm...

02 July 2010

me, versatile?

thanks to tiz mommy & tis mommy
for this tag... dah lama tak buat
tag, hehehehe...

versatile means
i can't think of any random things about myself leh,
can i cheat by linking my old tags?
if you want to know more about me,
here and another tag which
i did last time, also random things about
myself... mana-lah hilang, kenot find!

not tagging anyone for this, feel free to
grab this if you like it...

01 July 2010

my lil sanity

besides the never ending routine work at home everyday, after a long day at work, i come home to my daily routine. will reach home everyday around 730pm, have my dinner, clean this that, do this that, shout here and there, sometimes i just wanna drop down and sob. why so sien wan! i can go on and on and on about this, but someone just got to do it, who, me lor... im just thankful hubs is helping me lots with lil missy *phew*

besides the housework i drown myself into,
i keep myself sane with my
movies, series,
and if im motivated, my piles of books
recently im hooked on the below series :)

Parenthood think we can related to this series, all about family,
the everyday obstacles in life, how we raise our kids, what is our
expectation, our love life, our family, our friends...
now that is something we all wanna watch rite?
every tuesday, 8pm Starworld

the next is vampire love-story, Vampire Diaries,
while i wait anxiously for the much anticipated
Twilight saga : Eclipse, i go to this series. hehe...
at the moment, it's alreadyin season 2, gotta catch up!

and of course, my all time favourite...
"you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl"
been watching this since season 1 and still loving it
now GG is up to season 4 already!

hope i wont get too addictive watching all these
series till wee hours in the morning, if not
im gonna definitely gonna get it from hubs -_-