26 November 2008

8 random things about me

thanks to slavemom for this tag. hmm... let's see...
  • im from a small family, only my parents, myself & my younger brother
  • i came to KL to continue my studies in hotel mgmt right after SPM, even b4 getting the results. ended up my parents had to collect my SPM results on my behalf. hehe...
  • i have worked in a hotel as front desk receptionist for almost 3 years, truly enjoy the working experience, get to meet a lot of beautiful ppl from around the world & made lots of cool friends
  • i have dated chinese, indian & malay guys! wakakakakaka! multi racial country le :)
  • im a friendly person but don't let me meet a 'lansi' person, the fella will get the 'lansiness' back from me
  • i love watching movies, me & hubs use to frequent the cinema weekly till the lil missy comes along
  • im super duper close to my mom. i called her everyday just to chat for fun. can never keep secrets from her, we even check out lengchai together wan :)
  • im glad i joined back blogspot cus i make quite a few frens which i can bug wen i need advise (i had a blogspot back in 2005 but i deleted it & move on to multiply instead)
not tagging anyone, seems like most mommies also doing this already :)

feel free to do this tag peeps!


slavemom said...

So nice to be able to chk out leng chais with ur mom. She must be one modern mom.

Fussy mum said...

I'm from a small family too. So envy you, can check out leng chais with your mum some more...hahah. Btw, i got a tag for you.

Lemonjude said...

Your mum more like your friend ya...wah lansi ppl get more lansiness back from you..very high skill you have..

Annie Q said...

wah, we got some point quite alike. I also from small family, me and my younger brother. I also study hotel management! I work in hotel for 6 years in two different hotels! I check out leng chai with my mum too, and i called my mum everyday too!! Me and my mum more like friend than daughter and mom.

hahahhaa, come let's "shake hand"