24 March 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour isn't about how much
energy is saved during one hour

Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture uniting the
world in the fight against climate change by inviting
all households and businesses to turn off
their lights for one hour

so are you guys goin to off the lights this Saturday?

18 March 2011


when you want something so bad,
u speak to GOD every now and then,
something which u can't control,
and so desperately waiting...

the waiting game is really torturous,
waiting for the good news,
you've been wanting like forever,
yet u can't do anything about it

for all u can do, is to wait patiently,
cus you don't have the time machine,
to speed up the time or day,
nothing is within your power,
all you can do is PRAY and WAIT
for the good news to finally arrive...

17 March 2011

dollhouse anyone?

i have been eye-ing for a dollhouse for lil missy, for her birthday gift. she turn 4 years old recently. no big birthday bash, just simple celebration in her kindy & another one with close frens. in my journey to buy a peng, leng & cheng (cheap, nice, and shiok!) dollhouse... i come across a few, and the below nearly end up being lil missy's...

this hello kitty cost about RM189.90
crazy leh... so small only...

this one cost about rm129.95, hmmm...

but i ended up buying this super cool wooden nice dollhouse from a nearby Mr DIY shop for RM89.00 inclusive of furniture. solid wood, very nice... but i'm thinking in letting go this babe, i wanna sell if off cheaper cus im retaining the furniture :)

really nice, but i wanna let go
if possible cus my house no space lah
so if anyone interested, pls email me :)

reason of selling is, our close frens got this kick-ass-super-nice-dollhouse for lil missy during their holiday trip to Beijing recently. lil missy just got it like 2 days ago! no need to say, she was happy till kenot see eyes! hahaha...

a new dollhouse, all the way
from Beijing!

our close fren, whom is also our neighbour,
dragged this nice dollhouse, all the way,
felt so appreciated lah... hehe! love them!

16 March 2011

lunching during working days...

have u guys gone thru this before? when the clock strike 12noon, ur mind is already thinking, "hmmm... what should i have for lunch?"... the lunch kaki will always ask you, "eh, eat where-lah?"... then i will said, "dunno lah, u choose please, don't ask me leh"... this is forever an issue, what to have for lunch! eeeeeeeeeeek! eat also tension, what ler!

pelita nasi kandar, jln ampang

kinokuniya coffee club

lil taiwan, ave k

kinokuniya coffee club

musa cafe, ave k

kinokuniya coffee club

if the sun ain't that shining hot, we will walk out to the nearest eating place outside of office building, where we will have more choices, more yummy food at a more affordable price, if not, we stick to food around the office area which normally burn a small hole in my pocket -__- lunch has really taken up a lot of our dough man... eeeeeeeeek!

one drink that i really like, a drink
called HAZELNUTTE from the kino
coffee club, superb!

12 March 2011

iPhone 4 opened!

did i tell ever tell you guys i have a crazy iPhone-i-love-u-oh-so-much husband? he eats, sleep, dream of iPhone i think. everywhere he goes, he will story about his precious iPhone. he will teach any iPhone tricks he newly learn to anyone, kind soul he is... pppfffttttt! he has used the 3G version, 3GS version, and now the 4 version

few days ago, together with a fren,
he went and opened his iPhone
i was about to freak out!
crazzzzzzzzzy fella!

but i gotta take a picture, cus i know, no sane person,
will go open the blady iPhone laaaaaaaaah just for fun!
so for your viewing pleasure! do not try this at home!

11 March 2011

family is da best!

i was down with sore throat, no voice, cough, flu giler, right after CNY. it was really really bad. thank God i am better now. so one of those weekend before i got better, we went back to my hometown, to so call recuperate lah! i will always get better when i'm being pampered by my parents. sigh... now to think back, how am i gonna move on without them in future o.O sigh... im such a big baby... uuuwaaaaaa!

once i got back, dad started his
operation "green apples"

the fruit juicer that dad still uses, i think it is older than me! hahahahaha... hence lil missy's reaction towards it... when dad started juicing the apples, it's like a war zone in the house cus it was really noisy! the juicer is really good, easy to use, but the washing part... aiyah!

then i was also being feed
some chinese medicine herbal
drink, which is so bitter... eeeeuggghhh!

and mom feed me these for 2 days,
she said it will help, dunno how true
sometimes i feel, the bird nest industry,
is being exploited, is it that good for us?

see the sleepy face? we are always very sleepy in my parents' home. i seriously dunno why. my brother, my hubby, lil missy... we always fell asleep easily whenever we are in my parents' home. we can still sleep till noon time even! maybe we feel secured, cosy, and the feeling of being protected by our parents? or maybe i don't have to do any single thing in the house? hahahhahahaha... oh mommy & daddy, i so damn love you guys!!!!

10 March 2011

shoe laces anyone?

we ordered these from a friend,
and it finally arrived! yeeeee-haaaa!

for blackberry 9700 & ifon4

aren't these cuties darn cute!
gosh, they are sooooooooooo cute!
hehehehehe... ignore me pls...

anyway, whoever is interested in
owning these cutie covers,
please lemme know, will send
u the details :)

08 March 2011

doncha just wish...

money grows on the tree,
behind ur backyard?
or the tree the DBKL plant
in front of your house?

or whenever you need the dough,
just say the magic word to
Dibo the gift dragon,
money will come "raining" to you

ok stop dreaming, go back to work!

06 March 2011

it's my birthday!

i have yet to blog about our trip to genting! lazy me. that post is coming, right after this one! i'm a bit excited about this post, cus it's our darling your royal highness princess lil missy's birthday! hahaha... our pride, our joy has just celebrated her 4 year old birthday! time flies, time flies!

if you realised those cute jCo baby donuts, i bought 2 boxes of those, to serve as a birthday cake for her in skool! hahaha... bad bad mommy here, made a last minute decision to let her celebrate in skool that's why, end up can't find any cake, daddy suggested these cute donuts. well, it work wonders! something out of the norm mah, rite? hehe...

she has about 21 classmates in her kindy, so i was thinking to do party packs for the kiddos. and again, daddy oh wise daddy suggested we buy something more useful than 'junks'... hehe! so we end up buying 22 of these cute cases, with pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler & a book of stickers each for the kids. and i'm sure they love it, cus i got a call right after the party from the principal asking where i got those nice gifts... hehehe... my sekret place!

we got her a cool gift this time, i must say i myself love it very much! nothing expensive to the core, we can't afford it anyway... it was a red doll house, solid wood! if you are my buddies in fb, u would know that i'm on a doll house hunting spree. and thanks to Barb's advise, i got this good looking house from mr DIY near my housing area!

she loves the doll house dearly, and she
even wanna bring it everywhere we go!
too heavy, kenot lor... and she also got
many gifts from my buddies...

on her birthday, we popped by over to IOI mall,
cus she just love the carousel, and the nearest is
in IOI mall, only rm2 per ride! affordable! ahaks!

had a lovely lunch over in Breeks cafe,
loitered around the mall, till we were too
tired to continue...

come dinner time, we meet up with sue & her family,
over in station 1 to have a simple dinner
together with our neighbour buddy,
to celebrate lil missy's birthday over a small
lil cake! i promised her a proper cake! haha..

we planned to check out petrosains in klcc, but the lazy bug attacked us and we end up not going anywhere the next day after lil missy's birthday. hehehe... petrosains next next weekend, any takers? the more the merrier eh... i'm just happy that lil missy is happy, i'm happy that i have celebrate her birthday in style... hahaha... kidding kidding, just simple, just US ^_^

02 March 2011

what are u going to do about it?

i met an office fren today and as a normal gesture, i asked "wassup, how are you?" she answered, "well, I'm good, depends on how u looking at, happiness is how u create for yourself"... i didn't see that coming. hahahahaha... a simple hi, how are you turn out to "kok" my head into senses. been a lil bit of emo recently

morning started bad with lil missy, as usual she is not a morning person, just like her daddy. and when one gets cranky, the other gets worked up, and hell break loose. shout here & there, lil missy kept quiet straight away. sigh. not healthy at all with all the shouting *smack own head* trying ones' best to shudup and not shout when angry o.O

i think i need a holiday

gorgeous place huh?
taken from my cousin's fb pictures

Kinabalu Pine Resort
macam overseas pulak the feeling
cold weather, amazing scenery
can even see mount KK very clearly wor
anyone been here before?