31 December 2009

pixel fairy, i need you...

i have never tried professional photography before taken during pregnancy or even now, when lil missy is soon to be 3 years old. the only time i have taken really beautiful pictures (ahem!) is when i got married, and the pre-wedding photoshoot. ever since i came across TWOPIXELS Photography, i wish i could engage them for a private photog session for me & my little family.

i simply love their family photos. it gave me a cosy feeling, u know. so nice, so "lum" that kind of feeling. and those pictures, will certainly brings back good memories for you 50 years from now, thinking to yourself "wahseh, i look good" hahahaha...

i was never photogenic, i sometimes dislike taking photos, cus i know the image of me will be blek, BUT... with the professionals & their super duper keng-chau DLSR, the photos of me will surely turn out nice (shiok sendiri here)

recently TWOPIXELS Photography turned 1 year old & they are giving out a free photo session to at least 3 lucky bloggers & i really hope i might be one of them

oh pixel fairies, please please please gimme this golden session with Jazzmint & Sue for an amazing 1 hour of great photog moments!

last but not least, we wanna wish TWOPIXELS a very happy 1 year old birthday, may you guys prosper in year 2010. and please pixel fairies, choose me, and my little family can ah? hehe...

30 December 2009


when the 1st movie came out, i was bitten. after the 2nd movie came out, i was strucked. hahahaha... sampat-nyer! i was contemplating to buy the books or not, think & think for so darn long. and when i finally decided to get the books, it's out of stock! walaoeeeeeh! can die...

i went to popular bookstore, i went to Kinokuniya book-heaven-store, all
tarak! hubs' cousin was searching for book 3 & 4 which i happily told her i can get it for her from Kinokuniya, which i goes to everyweek. i simply love being there. books makes me happy. sekali asked, no stock. sad!

then 1 sms arrived on christmas eve @ 8.26pm, hubs' cousin already bought me the books! from bangkok. hahaha... that is so cool. on the happier note, it's cheaper compared to getting the books here, and got additional discount some more.
waaaaah. great!

i got the books from hubs' cousin yesterday, happily hugging it. lil missy was messing with it, till hubs told her to be careful before mommy bites. hehe! when i saw the price tag, written for age 13 - 15 years, gosh! i feel young. hahahaha! i need to find time to read these darlings. probably on this weekend but i got a facial to catch, a dentist to visit & a lil missy to be taken care of. hmmmm... wish me luck!

28 December 2009

busy bee... not really!

we have done so many things over the weekend, well... i think we did. we saw 3 movies this weekend. hehe! lil missy really enjoyed the squeakquel, she don't really enjoy sherlock holmes, probably a mistake to bring her to watch it in the 1st place. bad idea i know, we were thirst for a movie, hence we dragged her along. i know, my bad. blek...

but we the parents truly mesmerized by AVATAR. we saw it in 3D minus lil missy, went to watch avatar with uncle rob. it was truly amazing, perhaps for us movie of the year. hubs even told me he dreamed about it. hahaha... siao fella! u guys really need to go watch it. please.

on xmas day, we popped over to hubs' aunt's place for a xmas lunch party. as usual, every year, the house is fulled to the brim, with lotsa people & food. i don't have to eat it, im already full by staring at all the food.

lil missy got a christmas present too, from hubs' aunt. it was a electronic music keyboard. it has a little mike that comes with it too. she was so happy, she could not let go of the mike the whole day. we gotta think of so many ways to make her let go of the mike for us to pack it back. phew!

after our Xmas lunch party, we went over to pavilion to experience the pretty Xmas decor, which i read in some of the blogs. too bad we could not visit that place at nite, as we were heading back to melaka on the day itself. over at pavilion, we bumped into elaine & her family. what a nice surprise, as we were walking past the loaf, i heard ppl calling my name. was looking everywhere till i spotted a familiar face with a sleeping kiddo on her lap. hehe...

the mall was super crowded with people. we nearly went off after half an hour rounding at the car park waiting for vacant place, as we were about to exit, we found one. at that moment, hubs was getting restless, so was I. we managed to spend an hour or so in pavilion, got what i wanted, snapped a few pics & off we went to melaka

we also attended hubs' cousin brother's wedding in melaka. it was a family affair, we all enjoyed our self. stuffing ourselves with the good food

and lil missy was enjoying herself too, by running up the stage with other kids playing with the bubbles machines. gosh, the kids really caused havoc. haha... lil missy & her cousin sis, Ashley went up to stage as side kicks for my MIL too. she was singing away, while the 2 lil kiddos dancing away *faint* we were having good time laughing about it :)

i managed to squeeze in a session of foot reflexology together with hubs, bro in law & wife. it was good, paid to be tortured, but i still can tahan! then it was some quiet time with all those running about in home sweet home. wai kong seen here accompanying lil missy singing & messing around.

oh well, this will be the last week towards a brand new year. what have i achieved this year? nothing i guess. boo hoo hooo. oh well... a better new year for me & all of us in 2010 i hope.

24 December 2009

mommy's bday

today my mom came up to kl for a day trip together with my aunt & my cousins. my cousin bro wanted to get a more canggih PC for his design works for his studies hence hubs was the IT consultant for the day. my cousin bro proceed to low yat to check out his PC stuf, while my mom, my aunt & my cousin sis starts their shopping spree in sg wang. i took 1/2 day off from work to surprise my mom. hubs was already in chinoz waiting for me, while having beer in the middle of the day with uncle rob & gang who happened to come by kl today as well. i then rushed hubs to go off to low yat asap. i also bought some flowers for mommy :)

once we reached low yat, i called up my cousin bro to check out the situation. we then walked to sg wang & searched for my mom's location. they were checking out some clothes while i sneaked in nearby. hubs & my cousin bro walked in and behaved like normal cus they are supposed to be there. all of the sudden, i just jumped in front of my mom with the flowers & started singing birthday song. hahahaha! others in the shop was staring & smiling at me while i was dancing & singing like a mad woman in front of my mom. my aunt was giggling together with hubs & my cousins. every verse i sang, my mom said "sampat, sampat, sampat, and sampat"... hahahaha!

after all that, we started to shop. hehe. i know my mom was very happy cus each blouse or dress i showed her, she will tell " nice ah, u like it? buy lah"... wakakaka! that's not how she react to me le, normally. hehe. and my aunt, she is one shopping queen. we walked from shop by shop, she pulak run from shop to shop! fully utilize the time she mentioned. tabik!

i bought a few blouses & dresses which i hope i will wear, cus they are not the ones i will buy normally. hope to wear them often if not they will be sitting in my wardrobe for a long time till i give them away. haha! dang! after all the shopping, i bid goodbyes to them as they have a bus to catch to melaka. me & hubs then proceed to meet up with rob & gang. hubs & uncle rob then move on to check out gadgets & stuff while i rest my feet in starbucks with 2 other frens.

today was truly a tiring day. im so tired, im falling asleep writing this, and it's christmas eve already! woohooo... merry christmas from me again!

23 December 2009

surprise suprise!

hehehe... life is good at times, when IT IS good to you. having great friends around will certainly makes it breezier to go thru by each day. though i don't celebrate christmassy, but i still received gifts *grins*

came to work this morning, and a lil box of gift awaits me. waaaaaaah! so sweet. this came unexpectedly & that's the best part. and recently another fren also bought me kinokuniya book voucher, cus she knows i love buying books. aren't they the sweetest ladies on the block?

gladys & karyna, thank yoooooou! muaks & hugs, God bless you!

22 December 2009

shopping again? no lah!

today & tomorrow is Jusco Cheras Selatan's JCard member sale. hehehe. i went look see look see only. more chaotic than Midv JCard sale man. maybe cus this Jusco is smaller compared to Midv branch. it was chaotic. u hardly can move freely. it was kind of stuffy. u can see mountains of people. crazee. i dropped by to get some fruits but gave up after seeing the Qs, but i managed to grab 2 blouses from padini which was on sale. nyek nyek!

and people telling economy downturn. save $$ and here u see all the people buying like mad. good for the economy also, in a way? christmas & CNY coming soon, so guess its time to pile up the new clothes & gifts, with the extra discounts

oh well, hereby me & my lil family wanna wish you guys who is celebrating, or not celebrating, a very happy joyous Merry Christmas! it's the season of giving, so go out & give your love, your attention, your presents, your time to those who meant a lot to you.


21 December 2009

grandma's 85th birthday

wordless post boleh?

eating spree

we went for Disney's The Princess & The Frog over the weekend in malacca, thanks to uncle Rob who helped purchase the movie tickets earlier. cinema was full house. watching a disney cartoon somehow feeling like im watching a bollywood movie, cus they always singing wan. hahaha... but im not complaining, cus i like it. we went to watch a 330pm slot, which collides with lil missy's nap time. she was wee bit cranky & end up sleeping halfway the movie. maybe not much action in this cartoon, so she wasn't really interested. oh well, i enjoyed it :) next movie to watch, definitely AVATAR!

on sat, we head over to a housing area hunting for food. japanese food that is. uncle Rob told us, the makan place is located in a house itself. it's like your next door neighbour, they are serving japanese food. keng hor, never seen anything like it, oh well, the food was good, and their pricing was not too bad. 6 of us makan till rm200+ so ok kua. sashimi, salmon, tempura, sushi & lots more

all the yummy food, especially the salmon terriyaki & sashimi :) oh sedap sedap! will surely be back for more, but i forgot how to get there... adoi!

lil missy did not eat any of the sushi cus she don't like it. hmmm... maybe she will when she is a bit older? i hope so, cus we love jap food. i brought porridge from home which my mom cooked so it was ok. while we were busy digging in the food, she was busy yam-seng-ing with all of us with the green tea, non stop! hahaha...

after our jap dinner, hubs send me over to my cousin's place. my nephew was celebrating his 21st birthday with some makan-makan. i was too stuffed from the earlier dinner, i was just there to meet up with them to hang around yakking whole nite. my parents were there too so i head home with them. we stuck around till 11pm+ till we all were tired & decided to call it a night & let the younger ones continue. im old. blek.

the next day, we had lunch over in a restaurant at the jetty near Holiday Inn Hotel celebrating hubs' grandma's birthday. will continue that in my next post then :)

18 December 2009

did i delay too long?

i still have not bring lil missy for her Hep A jab. i remembered i gotta bring her when she hit her 2 year old birthday or something. now im thinking, did i delayed too long, izit too late to bring her for that jab now?

im starting to get worried now, cus she is going to be 3 year old soon le. when im worried, i start to google. i came across this article from parenThots. a quote from the article "While parents can delay getting their children immunised, Dr Sanjay advises against too long a delay"

i gotta plan for her Hep A jab early next year, don't delay lagi! sob sob...

16 December 2009

tiring but a happy day!

i took off from work today, just for fun. yeah, u heard me, for fun. wasted kan, my precious leave. hubs had work going on in cititel hotel, so i tagged along. we reached Midvalley mall at 815am. imagine that, i helped MidV open the doors today. haha! hubs went on to settle his work, and i went for breakie alone at a kopitiam. after breakie, i walked around & i came across a big banner outside JUSCO saying "J CARD Member Sale"... whooooaaaa! (matikudasai lor)

Jusco opened at 9am & i happily walked in grinning to myself. damn sampat rite? i know. there wasn't much crowd cus it was the 2nd day of the sale, so i was shopping comfortably with no one next to me within 1 metre. heaven! as u can imagine, Jusco member sale can be scary with the crowd.

i was suppose to get another panel of curtain which i missed out the other day i was in another Jusco, buying only 1 panel, im such a blur woman, i need 2 panel curtains mah. i could not find the design here, but i ended up buying another set of new curtains, with other design. talked about impulsive buying. can't help it, it was on SALE. the word SALE really devil-ish. cashier counters were everywhere, there wasn't even any need to queue. bliss! then i went on to buy clothes for myself, lil missy & hubs, for my dad & bro. till i saw 5 missed calls from hubs. yikes, my bad. too indulged in SALE.

we reached home around 1pm, rest a bit, clean a bit, then move on to fetch lil missy from bbsitter & off we went to Mines for the real reason why i took the day off. to see Alvin & Chipmunk live show. the super cutie pie chipmunks are currently performing in Mines till xmas day if im not mistaken, everyday at 3pm & 6pm, or was it alternate days, can't remember.

there were 2 MCs, a lady & a guy. there were calling out all the kids to practice the chipmunk dance. then suddenly, they requested 5 kids to go up stage to perform together. i asked lil missy, do you wanna go stage & dance, and much to my surprise, without much thoughts, she went up stage right away before i can finish talking to her.

whoa, this dotter of mine, very daring oh! she was the youngest among the 5 kids, that's for sure. she made me so proud, i was on the verge of crying. she was dancing, singing, laughing. gosh... sweet! to me at least. hahaha... i was shiok sendiri-ing with hubs, grinning at our dotter. unfortunately, lil missy wasn't picked as the winner, but she was one in our hearts! a boy walked away as the winner, with Crocs voucher worth rm200. lil missy & the other 3 kiddos walked away with Poney voucher worth rm20. not too bad. lil missy made me soooooo proud. eeeeeek!

after the lil dancing spree, alvin, simon & theodore came out finally! they were super cute! they performed for about 30mins or so, or was it more, at least 5-6 songs & chatting away.

after their cute lil performance, patrons were given a chance to take picture with the chipmunks if you purchase rm100 above from any shops in Mines for the day. luckily hubs was helping his fren to buy a hard disk, and we got our chance to get up, close & personal with the cuties! lil missy was smiling till kenot see eye :)

after all the cuteness, happiness & tiredness, off we went to dinner & head home. a tiring day, but indeed a super happy day.