me, myself & irene

im a simple person, but sometimes i don't think im that simple cus i tend to worry & think a lot of the simplest stuff. hmmmm... maybe im not that simple after all. anyway, im trying to have a simple life. with a simple family. doing simple things. eating simple food. buying simple stuff. hehehe... u get the idea.

im a friendly & talkative person by nature. i can strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime. i was called 'mak nenek' or lawyer buruk when i was younger, cus i just can't stop talking. i love being around with friends. being with my family. i have a dear hubby, a lil missy whom is currently driving me up the ceiling every now and then & hopefully i can add another lil one soon to our simple family ;)

i love to read, used to have lots of time to read. i can finish a thick book just sitting reading it the whole day if i want too without moving an inch, but now i simply can't. probably im getting lazier by the day. i still love to buy books though. books makes me happy!

i started this blog to bond with other mommies to learn about raising yr kids by example i read from others. so far so good. many have been great friends. hopefully more to come! oh yeah, i also have another site of mine is mainly for me to post of pics. so check it out if you want.

u may contact me at zekerene(at)hotmail(dot)com >.<