31 March 2010

i was away...

last week for a 6D/5N tour together with my dear parents. minus lil missy & hubs. they went back to melaka while i was away. the holiday went on well, a bit of rush but it's all good. mom said, one of the good tour she has joined so far, cus the whole group was able to get along well, and mostly were crazy bunch which makes it even better & shiok! there were total of 30 peeps in the tour group. big huh... it was alright.

Day 1 was Kuala Lumpur - Macau - Zhuhai

we board the air asia 1.45pm flight if im not mistaken, kenot recall. and i paid rm37 for the above food. lucky it was good. if not... esh esh. cekik darah!

then we landed in macau, go thru the custom, and all we see is people mountain people sea. we then went for dinner & later checked into a local hotel in zhuhai

Day 2 was Zhuhai - Shenzen. right after breakfast, we proceed to shenzen. we went around touring to local tourist attraction & we visited the Splendid of China with Folk cultural village.

i remembered i came here before in 2005 also with reliance tour & we walked the whole place till our legs surrendered. this place is huge! this time, everyone was smart, and we board the in house choo-choo train to take us around the whole park :)

on & off the train will stop & let us down for picture time. my mom kept asking me to snap anything & everything -_- nasib, it's a digital camera. aren't we lucky? if not... sei for lor

we went on for 3 shows inside this same place. two shows was outdoor, and another one was indoor. the shows was spectacular!

i told my parents, i think all the leng luis of china is in shenzen. the men practically drooling over the beautiful ladies performing cultural dances. gosh, they look like supermodel ala victoria secret!

the lighting, the music, the performance was breathtaking! though this is my 2nd time watching, it is still superb!

Day 3 was Shenzen - Hong Kong & Disneyland

i was so excited coming here. and i was thinking about lil missy all the time when i was here. i gotta bring her here when she gets older. i Q almost 40mins to take a pic with mickey & minnie and it was worth it!

then i went on to take pic with goofy & donald. missed winnie the pooh & daisy though & lots of other characters. sob. me & parents walked around trying the rides, watched the 3d mickey & gang show & was snapping away.

mom said, u playing behalf of lil missy izit? or u revenging cus you don't get to do all this when you were younger? haha... a bit of both i said :) we managed to also stayed back till 730pm for the amazing fireworks over the castle in fantasyland. i took a video of it & i just remembered i haven't show it to my lil missy. hehe! gotta show her, she would love it. when she saw the pic of me & mickey mouse, she told me she want to follow mickey. hahaha...

stay tune for my next post for the remaining 3 days of the tour :)

30 March 2010


please bring your kiddos to watch How to train your Dragon in the cinema near you. no regrets. satisfied guaranteed! i love it soooooooo much & so does lil missy. hubs saw it twice, once in 3D which he mentioned even cooler than 2D while i was away on my trip, BUT tiz 2D version is good enough for me! lurve it!

the night fury dragon named
'toothless' is so yau yeng :)

and if you are in for some heart breaking moments, go watch The Lovely Bones then. make sure u have a tissue box near you when watching. i cried a little, only a little. ok, i lied. so heart wrenching when you see a parent who just lost their kid. sigh.

17 March 2010

technology & skincare

im always lousy in title-ing my blog post. entah la, my england not so good wan. i only hantam when i blog. no wonder nobody want to let me do paid post lar. aiyah, what to do. no luck lor. hehe...

we went out for yamcha session with 3 of my cousin sisters & 2 little nephews of mine. hubs was the IT engineer for the nite. 2 laptops & 1 ifon to rectify. hehehehe... one of my cousin sister will be flying off to cambodia for work, so i thought we meet tonite before she fly to cambodia. i wish my cousin sister, a good year ahead & a safe trip over there.

as usual, my lil missy was naughty. behtahan! sigh... i recently got a comment from a fren, telling me "wah, u never teach your daughter wan ar?" crap rite? he also have a daughter whom is a month older than my lil missy. i will blog about that in another post. keksim only. sien.

anyway, tonite was a good nite. to be able to meet & chat about everything & anything under the sun & the moon. with the kids running around, sometimes sitting around on ifon. haih... kids nowadays, so attached to gadgets. whose fault? parents lor... sigh!

3 little cousins

very into the games

the gang for the nite

today i also went & burnt a deep hole in my wallet. sigh. i start to realise that the freckles on my face is getting more obvious by the day. skII, clarins, l'occitane, all i went look see, wahseh, too expensive for me & i don't want to spend that kind of amount. my daily routine of face care is cleanser & moisturizer. that's about it. no eye cream, no night cream, no eye lifting, no whatsoever. so after bugging annie on her regime, i went to skinfood & got the above. the reason why i bug annie is cuz i see she has really fair & nice complexion. lenglui lor. i also want. vain rite? have to jaga a bit already, if not when i get older, kenot save the face already, so i better start now. gotta be hardworking man... cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer & sunblock lotion everyday! step 1-5! omg!

15 March 2010

it will never be the same again...

for me, when i cut an apple that is. hehe! last weekend when we popped by at ikea, i bought a few items, one of it was this red cute lil cutter. call me jakun, nevermind, i'm happy i bought this lil fella. makes my life waaaaaaaaaay easier. im thinking to go buy another one for my dad. merryn, tolong yah, ikea tu your 3rd "home" :)

a) get an apple or two

b) slice of the skin

c) aim nicely, be careful, very
sharp end oh...

d) wallaaaaaa... slicing an apple
has never been this easy

e) for super lazy people like me

how creative can people get huh!

go get your own CHARM apple slicer for only
rm9.90... sorry for this sot-sot post i just gotta
voice it out here. it's so coooool for me!

13 March 2010

i'm in wonderland

today i was abandoned by hubs during my dental appointment which he chickened out. that fella i tell you, after our last visit to the dentist, he said next visit, next year. i came back cus i got a tiny weeny filling to carry out. it was a quick procedure, done by a cute dentist. hehe... he kept telling me "bear with me yeah, thank you, a bit more, thank you, are u ok? izit pain?" such a polite dentist. hahahaha... I wonder if he would've given me a discount if I acted like I was in a lot of pain. Health care can get a little expensive, imagine if you don't have insurance. Take a look here if any of you are shopping around for insurance.

after that, i walked to dataran pahlawan & shop around all by myself. it was nice, to be able to look see around without charcoal face beside me. haha... if u know who that charcoal face is. jes kidding dar :) i went FOS, Padini Concept Store, Brands Outlet Store... all my favourite. i very the SABAR i tell you, i kept telling myself "don't buy, kenot buy..." fuh! memang sabar. have to save some extra coins for my upcoming trip :o)

i was SMSing hubs, asking if he wanna go catch Alice in Wonderland later & he said ok. so off i went to the cinema to purchase 4 tickets for another 2 frens to tag along, whom ffk later telling they wanna watch it in 3D :( nevermind, we asked my MIL & hubs' aunt to join us for the movie and they both jumped to it. they have not been to the cinema for 30 years already! omg. keng!

we enjoyed the show. maybe cus Alice has been in our childhood memories and to be able to watch it in movie, that's nice. and johnny depp, a must watch le! he is a mad fella. i like that. haha! even lil missy was watching the movie without over slept in it. needless to say, both my MIL & aunt enjoyed it even much more than us i think!

right after the movie, we popped by over to ZEN for some supper. i ordered choc indulgence & green tea cheese. i wallop the choc cake all by myself & left the green tea cheese cake as it was a bit too keng of a taste. overall a good nite out. hubs' aunt told him that we should bring her to another movie soon. hehe!

another movie i like to recommend is the book of eli, by denzel washington. though gruesome, and some mind upsetting scenes, overall i would say a good watch. denzel very "yeng" in this movie, so go catch it!

11 March 2010


i was chatting with my group of girlfrens, our normal nite conference via msn. then the topic of cartoons came up. coincidentally today, mixfm was discussing about cartoons nowadays vs cartoons those days. my favourites are the below, might want search for these & introduce to lil missy

they are so cute!

lagi cute!

yeng leh!

la la la la la la... hehe...

what's your favourite cartoons eh?

10 March 2010

fun time

for the rest of the weekend this month, we won't be in town. gonna balik kampung every weekend. this weekend got dentist appt again, then next got "sekret", then the next is cheng meng. so will be only be in KL on april's 2nd weekend. so last weekend, apa lagi, begged hubby to bring us to ikano to lepak lor. apa lagi. call la this woman, and told her when im going there :)

my non-stop-hopping-around
lil missy, really non stop!
ethan also no eye see man

here & there
there & here

we managed to cause some minor traffic jam
in ikano as well. hahaha... small matter only...

then the kiddos went nuts on
mr spider & ms ladybug.
bouncing up & down.
here & there. pengsan!

and lil missy has been "fishing" often
nowadays, thanks to her birthday pressie :)

07 March 2010

wahseh, kautim :)

remember i went for tea time over at palace of golden horses in January tiz year? on the same day, i also went to mcdonalds to put in my reservation for lil missy's birthday party in march. and now... we ARE in march! hehehe... kiasu-leh this mommy. booked the place 2 months ahead. no lar, not kiasu, but excited. then THE DAY came. all said & done. i really thank GOD that all went smoothly on the celebration day, it even rained so heavily rite after most of our frens left the venue. phew!

i invited fellow mommy bloggers as i don't really have frens with kids. most of them are in melaka, and some whom i lost touch with. so my current group of mommies are these mommies i know thru blogging. rachel, sue sue @ cookingmomster, merryn & hwei li. so happy that i meet wonderful frens over in blogging world. i really DO WANT to invite more blogger frens but the venue really doesn't permit me to do so.

the manager of that place told me, maximum 50, and i already passed 50! our relatives, my parents, my IL came from melaka, & that place doesn't even have enuf chairs for some of us. a few other frens SMS-ed me on the day itself telling me they can't make it cus their kids had came down with fevers. wish them get well soon oh. if not you would see more familiar faces around here. hehe!

thank goodness i ordered the SR choc indulgence cake instead of their 3D cake which some of the mommies commented not nice wan wor. phew! lucky i made the right choice. and the cake look superb-ly awesome accompanied by cookingmomster's GORGEOUS cupcakes! i tell you, when she arrived with the cupcakes, the whole room was stunned looking at me taking out one by one to decorate lil missy's SR birthday cake :)

then the party begins. lil missy was so happy blowing the candles. hehe. think she waited really long for that part. i wanted to cry already when so many people sang her the birthday song. was a bit emotional. imagine this is only her 3 year old birthday, how am i gonna react on her 21st birthday? hahahaha... sei mou.

the hensem sean & scot, the cute lil ethan

lil chloe & my brother

all enjoying the SR choc cake &
also cookingmomster's cute cupcakes!

i hope the kids enjoyed themselves as well as their parents. i try to play a good host to everyone on that day, hope i did not missed out anyone. i was really stressed... phew.... cold sweat.

lil missy was exhausted by the time we went home. she did not have her afternoon nap, she did not take her milk also. she was playing the whole day, she zonked out at 8pm. then she woke up around 10pm plus to play with her birthday toys & continue sleeping few hours after that right up to the next morning. we were all really tired but happy this lil party went well.

THANK YOU all who came, for the lovely gifts, the ang paos & the wishes.

04 March 2010

tenji oh?

all of the sudden, i sooooo wanna go tenji to makan-makan. dunno why, maybe ter-gien after reading from few bloggers. or jakun never go before, then chatted with frens about it, i quickly round up a few kakis and made a call to tenji for reservation of 6 pax over lunch on Saturday. heard they are always fully book. lucky me, i got a table reserved.

then the day before, frens SMSed, last minute thing came up, kenot go. wahseh, disappointed. then i try calling other frens & cousin, all got hal. nebermind, i go myself! with hubs of cos. hehe!

had bbsitter took care of lil missy for few hours, and off we went to solaris, mont kiara for this yummy meal. and this awaits us. waaaaah... sedap oh. sungguh yummy the sashimi, ooooooo...

i think i had the whole year supply of salmon, oysters,
or whatever i had that day. haha... don't
normally eat jap food that frequent.

love the coconut drinks,
me & hubs oni had 2 of it each
for ourselves

we were sitting beside the dessert section
susah man, very tempting!
had tiramisu, a green tea cake,
baskin robbins & häagen-dazs

we eat & eat non stop & decided to end the makan spree after 2.5 hours. i don't think i can really eat leh. i skipped a few section in tenji, like the tempuras, the western side, the steamboat area. hmmmm... fail hor. anyway, i think i got my $$ worth with all that salmon & oysters i wallop!

after all the eating, we went for reflexology,
a treat from hubby :)