10 January 2010

tea time!

we planned to meet for a long time, but never seem to had the same weekend whereby we both will be in town. either im off to melaka or she is off to seremban. hahaha... our weekends never seem to sync until yesterday

the meeting place was Palace of Golden Horses hotel's Grand Salon lounge. memang grand. very comfy, very nice place to lepak. surprisingly a hi-tea stand here is very affordable

the 2 lil missy warmed up & play along well
the seats we chosen was the best, overlooking the green landscape
outside the lounge

the food was ok
there was chic boxing, potato pizza thingy, cakes, scones, puff
and tarts. not too bad, it comes with a pot of tea for 2 person

both lil missy was playing with the toys we brought along, to keep them occupied so the parents can chit chat without disturbance. hehehe...

after our tea time, we went to take a stroll at the hotels's compound. we also went over to their swimming pool & when i saw the water slides, i was excited for lilmissy. imagine putrajaya marriot's slide, this was 5x times better! hwei li, we gotta plan to come again!

it was so nice to finally meet her & her family. very nice people, so polite, so "si man" unlike me. paiseh hor! and lil missy too active lah. kenot sit still throughout the tea time, running around bugging other guest! aiyooooo... merryn & family was supposed to join us this time, but they could not make it last minute. anyway, another time woman. all 3 of us shall hang out again!


Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..you met Hwei Li ah. So nice. Wow...good food wor. Making me hungry lah.

Looks like the kids had a great time too. :)

BTW, how much is the high tea wor?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yeah, at last! So happy to have finally met you. So happy until I was smiling in my sleep and dreams, really :P

Mummy Gwen, the tea set was RM23nett (after discount using our privilege card) Quite reasonable right?

Tekkaus said...

Where were the tea? How come all I saw were foods and foods and more foods. Haha :D

Merryn said...

And here I am wiping away tears as I read this post.. coz I was already half way there and yet.. sigh... next time.. curve or 1U ok? lol..

Cynthia said...

hehehe.. nice outings!! the food make me drool.. and Chloe is a nice girl.. too bad that day I only manage to see her for a while.. :D

LittleLamb said...

i got this funny feeling that ChloeMummy got time share in Golden Horses cos everytime also go there eat n sleep one ;p

Pet said...

@@ I want to have a nice tea-time at this place! It's beautiful!

Zara's Mama said...

How much ah? for tea?