29 January 2010

clarins & sg wang

my very first time attending this kind of event. past years, i have seen all these invites over in the magazines i bought. so out of curiosity, i asked cookingmomster if she was keen to attend this, and she said why not, let's go! so 3 of us, including her fren sammi, attended this clarins talk in marmalade cafe in plaza mont kiara. not too bad, the breakie served was yummy!

then it was yakking time, yak & yak... we paid rm30 for entry fee which comes with a door gift. then we top up another rm38 to get more products which till to-date, i have not use it yet. blame it on the lazy bug. we were entitle for a facial at rm74 as well, at midv metrojaya, clarin's counter. just quote our name to get the special price. hmmm... not sure if i wanna go do that.

then after the talk, suesue & sammi wanted to go shopping in sg wang. hmmm... dangerous place for me. very dangerous. hahahahhaha. we had lunch in crystal jade before heading to sg wang. lucky hubs was OK with me extending my kai-kai. hehe...

thank GOD we didn't have much time to go around shopping, only landed in few shops on top floor. suesue shopped like there was no tomorrow. all she did was buy, buy & buy! she really can shop man, scary.

must try to go one of the shopping malls one of this weekend after checking out this woman's blog. seems like she has gone thru most of KL & Selangor's shopping malls to capture pics of CNY's decor. must bring lil missy out to check out the lanterns in town :)

26 January 2010

the blind side

i saw this movie yesterday, and i cried on the first 1/2 hour of the show. first time man, i tell you! i cried so fast in a movie, all my hubs' fault! @$@%#@! he was giggling at the side looking at me crying. and my lil missy was staring at me, blurry. i like this movie more cus i like sandra bullock, she is just natural

i can never imagine, there is still a kind family, i mean as kind as this, as accepting as this family, who all of the sudden, can accept a kid, of different race & color comfortably into their family. this is based on a true story you know. and this person, Michael Oher, is one hell of a lucky person. very damn lucky person. to have meet this kind lady, Leigh Anne Tuohy who not only accepts him & also adopted him as his own son! talking about kindness, this lady is above all man. and it helps la, that this family is rich. hehe...

the real people behind the story

21 January 2010

the letter after O

you will never understand how im_ortant
something is when you finally lost it.
for my case, it is my my mini dell which is causing
me much _ain in the butt. u see. all of the
sudden my some al_habet just decided to die on me

_lease for GOD sake, hubs, can u _lease fix this!
its driving me nuts! _engsan ok!

can u already figure out which al_habet is missing from here,
which one i dearly missing...
sam_at le!

some pasar pagi

first it was BIL who stumbled upon this stall during his visit to oug for dunno what. then he bought a pair for lil missy. then next hubs got itchy, and went to that stall again together with BIL to look see look see.

after look see look see, this is the damage done. hehehehe... now i got same crocky with lil missy. paiseh le, wanna wear together-gether. hehe!

hubs told when they first arrived at the crime scene, it was like the picture below, full of crockies. after few hours, all sold out. keng man! its like going FOS buying all the rejected clothes, and this was going to a street stall buying rejected shoes. hehe... its rejected from factory wor, so to claim by the seller la!

i was telling hubs, nasib the last time we only
bought one from the crocs warehouse sale.
anyway, here is us looking at ya!

happy happy!

i can't stopped myself from posting this. haha... after ms sotong's ROM few weeks ago, i received the pics from the bride herself. the pictures were so lovely, although can see from it, the snow & all, how cold it was on that day, but i sure felt the warmth from the special moments and the people surrounded her for her big day, sigh... wish i could be there

check out her boots beneath the
white pretty dress she is wearing!
haha! kesian-nye!

the lovely couple

my favourite picture of the day!
sam & jeremy, may you guys be happy forever in love,
just like edward & bella from twilight. hehe!

13 January 2010

babysitter service

our babysitter has been down with flu & cough for the past 2 days. on monday, when we went over to fetch lil missy, our babysitter was already wearing mask to avoid lil missy getting the bad germs. yikes! then we decided to let our babysitter take rest a day or two

so how le, when babysitter take MC? who is going to take care of our lil missy? i got to work & it's too early of the year to be taking leave (i feel lah!) so... that leaves my dear hubs! hehe... he volunteered himself, of cos-lah, he works from home! so hubs was the bbsitter for yesterday & today. & hopefully our original babysitter is better by tomorrow. fingers crossed!

hubs just mms-ed me this pic, after their dimsum lunch together with bro-in-law. my bil just came back from cambodia & got lil missy this liverpool jersey. so tomboy-ish!

recently hubs bought a game control device (i dunno what u called it) konon-nye wanna let lil missy play online games from the Playhouse Disney website la. then only to find out, they don't allow using the controller, only mousey. so now what they play? car racing! *slap head*

11 January 2010

my fav pants!

after our tea time with hwei li & family, we head to somewhere then went home after quite a tiring day. so as usual i did my laundry & after an hour i discovered this! punya la keksim yang terlampau. super sad! never before i had encounter this before. sigh!

my new giordano khakis pants which i bought last month!

sakit hati ok! hubs' favourite white shirt terrorized. lil missy new white shirt gone. my favourite shirts. super duper stopid mistake. i din realise actually, a dress which lil missy wore back from bbsitter house. it never occur to me, it will "lat sek". dammmmmmit! i actually cried you know, till hubs so kesian me & told me, go buy new lo. wahseh, green light. hehehe! but still, damn keksim!

my newer giordano khakis pants which i bought last night!
(yeah, im wearing a 28, im fat, i know!)

on a happier note, lucky me, thanks to mnhl i get to go to a free facial from Clarins. yeeeeeee-haaaa! thank you woman, thank yoooooooou! have to go once before CNY :)

10 January 2010

tea time!

we planned to meet for a long time, but never seem to had the same weekend whereby we both will be in town. either im off to melaka or she is off to seremban. hahaha... our weekends never seem to sync until yesterday

the meeting place was Palace of Golden Horses hotel's Grand Salon lounge. memang grand. very comfy, very nice place to lepak. surprisingly a hi-tea stand here is very affordable

the 2 lil missy warmed up & play along well
the seats we chosen was the best, overlooking the green landscape
outside the lounge

the food was ok
there was chic boxing, potato pizza thingy, cakes, scones, puff
and tarts. not too bad, it comes with a pot of tea for 2 person

both lil missy was playing with the toys we brought along, to keep them occupied so the parents can chit chat without disturbance. hehehe...

after our tea time, we went to take a stroll at the hotels's compound. we also went over to their swimming pool & when i saw the water slides, i was excited for lilmissy. imagine putrajaya marriot's slide, this was 5x times better! hwei li, we gotta plan to come again!

it was so nice to finally meet her & her family. very nice people, so polite, so "si man" unlike me. paiseh hor! and lil missy too active lah. kenot sit still throughout the tea time, running around bugging other guest! aiyooooo... merryn & family was supposed to join us this time, but they could not make it last minute. anyway, another time woman. all 3 of us shall hang out again!

jeng jeng jeng jeng!

my best buddy ms sotong, also my lil missy's "kai ma" has finally tied the knot. though i can't be in leeds physically, i was emotionally with her. hahahahaha. if i got the $$ to spend, i sure go leeds to attend her ROM wan. dang! we witnessed her ROM signing via a website she given us earlier. family & frens from afar get to witness together this wonderful day of 2 lovely people signing the marriage contract

i was screen capturing every moment in order to keep this lovely memory. im so happy for her. finally, she has found her prince charming. dunno whether they will come back this year to msia for a holiday or not like last year. now they will come back as hubby & wifey, then lil missy got her "kai yeh" de lor? hehe...

07 January 2010

this is weird

if u see the top picture of an Avent milk bottle, there is nothing wrong rite? looks like a normal bottle, but if u see clearly & squint your eyes a bit, see both the arrow pointing towards the numbers. the bottom part, u could see the numbers clearly but not the top part.

no matter how many times i wash, rinsed & soaked with hot boiling water, the top half part of the bottle is always oily from the milk stain. no matter how i scrubbed it each day, it will turn out same. im really wondering what the heck is like this! weird leh!

updated - this is a new bottle, just changed earlier this month, no matter how i wash, still oily!

06 January 2010

is this a common sight?

in your home?
that's daddy washing lil missy after
she did her "big" bizness
gosh, my hubs is so sampat!

03 January 2010

holiday mood

on the last day of the year, ofis was quiet, everyone was in a holiday mood. even my boss let me off early from work. so nice. i had lunch with 3 super mommies over at california pizza. it was so nice to finally meet paik ling together with jacss & elaine, the birthday girl. they were talking about labour episodes as ms jacss is due soon. listening to all the stories, im having goose bump!

then at nite, we celebrated new year's eve over at cookingmomster's home, same like previous year in 2008. no more energy to go "pekchek" in town with the whole kampung to celebrate new year with fireworks and all, which i think would be nice, naaah! too lazy!

we were just having fun yakking & yakking & eating non stop and i realised i only took few pathetic pictures. hahahaha... cookingmomster even worst, never even take out her camera. malas giler!

few days back, when i saw barbara's post on the zara sale, i wanna laugh, she so funny lah! then i went check it out, chaotic man. people really buy the clothes like they were dirt cheap, well it's not, not to me anyway.

then off we head home to melaka. i tell you, we have been going back to melaka basically every weekend cus it was extra day off. come this month, gotta go back lesser, stick to KL a bit. time to ronda the shopping malls again, hubs not gonna be happy when he read this! haha! all you mommy bloggers, come lets plan for a meet up, beramai-ramai!

while i was in melaka, i went to order a new spec for myself. after 2 years wearing the same one, time to change a new one for the new year. hope this one will turn out nice. after specky hunt, me & my parents along with lil missy head to dataran pahlawan to kai kai & we end up in a char chan teng to have dinner before head home. lil missy was enjoying the cold drinks we ordered. no good i know, but not always, ok la :p

then before you know it, the weekend is over & back to KL we went. today we fetched along my cousin brother to sunway cus he has way too many things to bring back to KL after his holiday. kesian him, so we send him back together with his new canggih desktop which we helped him to get it over on my mom's bday weeks back.

i was so hungry when we reached sunway pyramid. once stepped foot in the mall, we searched for food & we end up in Xian Ding Wei, a taiwanese restaurant. not bad place. nice ambiance. probably we were early, service was fast & food was nice

i really enjoyed my food, and the pricing was ok. not really cheap but ok lor. hubs was complaining so expensive, i told him we are paying for air cond and the scenery ok. haha! next time when im in sunway pyramid, i know where to go for makan.

hope you guys had a real good weekend, a brand new year, a brand new start. back to work, no more PHs de.... uuwaaaaaa! and back to blady traffic jam. omg. sien maximum!