23 January 2009

Happy Moo Moo Year!

wishing everyone a "happy moo moo year"
hope you guys have a gr8 CNY celebration with your loved ones
those travelling, have a safe journey!

love :: irene + kelwin = krystal

20 January 2009


my lil missy been having fever on / off since this episode & i dunno what to do now but to pray for her speedy recovery. she will be OK by daytime & the fever will kick in by midnight normally around 4-5am. im really worried as of why is she experiencing this for more than a week already. from last tuesday till today (she was OK during the weekends), she hasn't recover completely.

there is no rashes, she only vomited once on last tuesday, she has runny nose, cough a little, little phlegm, she still eats her porridge, drinks her water, playful, demanding & cranky. hopefully no dengue symptoms, or hfmd symptoms. her temperature varies from 37+ degrees to the highest 39.5 degrees. the 1st visit to the pediatrician, we were not given antibiotics. however, we were given it today, when we paid the pediatrician another visit. doc checked her breathing, told that lil missy's throat is still reddish, got a lil virus there, must give her lots of water. no cold drinks, bla... bla... the usual stuff. but why is she still having fever?

the last i checked, i could see her a molar coming out, probably this is causing her fever? sigh. im really stressed now. i no longer can see lil missy's chubby cheeks. that's a goner. im so sad. CNY is coming. what i can do now is only to monitor her & keep giving her medicine to keep the fever away, but i know giving too much medicine is no good... but what else i can do? we are going back to malacca this friday, if lil missy still is still having this fever marathon, i might want to bring her to pantai melaka to see her paeditrician there, have her blood check or something. and i seriously don't want to do that.

... : (

18 January 2009


as kimora lee always says "fabulousity is the way of life"... yah yah, her life that is. when u have the ka-chings, u can have every possible fabulousity!

anyway, thanks to Agnes for giving me this fabulous award

as part of this award, I must now list 5 addictions and then pass on to 5 more fabulous blogs

My addictions:

1. shopping

2. buying books

3. surfing the net

4. hugging lil missy

5. green tea frap

would love to pass this 'fabulousity' to everyone on my blogroll!


thanks to these lovely mommies, fussy mum, slavemom & bonnie for giving me this sweet 'awards'

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
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5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award

not going to nominate anyone cus most the blogs i read has received this !

feel free to grab it anytime bloggies :)

14 January 2009

moms little treasure box

i ordered few bracelets from Dinah over at her lil treasure box & it's finally arrived at my lil office cubie. of cos it's not all for me. hehe. i managed to 'advertise' Dinah's treasure box with all my 'kakis' here & few joined in with me to get the bracelets.

nice leh?

jus saw some really nice keychains in her blog, hmmm... would make perfect gifts, she can even custom made upon your special request :)

13 January 2009

just the 3 of us...

1st i caught the flu bug then i passed it on to lil missy & daddy got it from his lil girl. adoooooooi. im was so stressed up yesterday nite. after the last time when lil missy was not well, im very scared to deal with all this again. duh!

yesterday towards late afternoon, i received a call from bbsitter telling me that lil missy vomited. her milk intake, her porridge for lunch, all came out. i was a bit shocked & was pretty upset. haih... im lousy lah. i quickly then called hubs & told him the bad news. he told me he has got an important meeting with his bosses & he can't go yet. u can imagine at this point, im already boiling. never mind, i told him to come pick me up as soon as he finishes. meanwhile i keep calling bbsitter to update myself. it was already around 530pm & lil missy had just finished a bowl of porridge & playing a bit. after some work around 7pm, hubs was still stucked in his important meeting. i was already cursing like mad woman.

i took a walk to isetan to get some bread & just waste time cus i can't sit in the ofis looking at the PC & thinking about lil missy at the same time. then i called up my mom & rant. sigh... my mom told me i can be very scary when im angry. walaoeh, lagi boiling. so went into isetan supermarket to get some food stuff & proceed to the cashier to pay off. while Q-ing, i was observing this lady in front of me, LV bag, coach purse, starbucks take away & a perfect pedicure. vy nice :) after paying, i waited for hubs at the side entrance of isetan.

there this place where they have benches for patrons to rest. and i saw the same lady there again, so i went sit beside her. i can't help overhearing her phone conversation. seems like her lil daughter is also feverish & her husband is late! omg. i duno whether to laugh or to cry at this moment as im still very much angry with my hubs. i was sms-ing my brother, my frens to curse. then suddenly out of the blue, i just turned to her & blurted out "hi... im very stress, i need someone to talk to"... imagine her reaction to that. she was shocked. haha! sorry lady, im very 'gila' at times. she was smiling at me & we chatted away. her daughter is currentl
y with bbsitter while her elder son is with her ILs having dinner. she also told that her husband is always late, bla... bla... blaa... told me not to worry, kids having fever is good, cus they are fighting off the infection... bla... bla... bla... at this point, i was already very cool & relax. very much thanks to this nice lady i met. and she happened to work in the same building as me! now that's a coincidence isn't it? hope i will bump into her again... soon her husband arrived & so did mine.

the journey back to my bbsitter house was a quiet & fast one. hubs was driving F1 style. when we got to lil missy, she was lying down at the sofa looking like... a sad no energy lil missy. sigh. paedi already closed around 9pm so we had to go to a normal GP. so both lil missy & me saw the doc & was given meds. i was having flu for the pass few days & sore throat.

today morning, me & hubs took a day off & we brought lil missy over to the paeditrician nearby our home to "open file" :( once she saw the play area in the clinic, she just can't sit still. well better active than sitting quietly rite, that would worry me more. im a lil happy to see her a bit active than yesterday nite. after the paedi checked, we were given paracetamol & flu med. no antibiotics. good! tat cost me a good rm43 & i forgot to ask for receipt for me to claim! aaaaaiyah! shoot!

then we sent lil missy off to bbsitter around afternoon & we proceed to go mines to buy the ear thermoscan from guardian. finally i was parted away with my rm269 for this piece of technology which suppose to make me feel at ease in knowing that my lil missy's temperature is not more than 38 degrees.

11 January 2009


oh goodies. can't recall when the last time this sexy mama told me about a company called Teik Senn who selected some of us to do a simple review on their company products. their foreign products are imported from America, Arab Saudi, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia & are being distributed throughout Malaysia in most of the major supermarkets nationwide. huge bizness eh. was supposed to meet up with Min Hui to collect the goodies but we never had the time to meet each other. finally, a staff of hers came to KLCC to meet me & jacss to pass us the goody bag. check out what we received.

SunSweet prunes, Sun-Maid raisins in big & mini packs, Tulip pork luncheon meat, Diamond zipper storage bags, a recipe book & an apron. i tot it was a tshirt at 1st. i usually take SunSweet prunes (ahem, when i *cough* have bowel *cough* difficulties... haha!)... i love luncheon meat but its been ages since the last i had luncheon meat. so lucky we were given a can of it, cus i won't purposely go to the supermarket to buy them.

when my lil missy saw the mini pack of sun-maid raisins, she was excited. hahaha... good. i let her try & she loves it. double good! after we finished this packet, im going to go & get myself another new packet cus its really convenient to bring them around & just pass a the mini snack to lil missy. not only its healthy, its convenient (for lazy mom like me!) hehehehe... the goodies came with a clear folder of recipes too. cool huh. din know we can cook pork stew with prunes. nice!

thanks to Min Hui of Teik Senn, ap
preciate this goody bag.

10 January 2009

lots to write about...

but too lazy to do so. too tired, too sleepy but still can go shopping. hehe... well, here goes... as jacss would put it, 'rojak' post ahead peeps. in my case, mini 'rojak' post... not really lots to tell, but lots of pics to show :)

we went over the mines on friday nite to grab dinner. prosperity chicken from McD is a must to have every year when chinese new year is near. its so spicy but its good! then we went to Giant to buy a pair of crocs style sandal, made in malaysia! hehehe... no $$ to buy real crocs so buy asadi lo. very nice, love it. after getting the sandal, daddy went over to top floor as usual la, check out his IT stuff. forever. normal lah, ladies check out clothing, guys will check out gadgets. while daddy was upstairs, me & lil missy wen over to FOS. its huge! hellaluyah! wakakakakaka... got lil missy 2 tops, think it was around rm 17 & rm26 each or something. can't recall. after FOS we went over to another clothing shop and met this arabian couple. the mrs was "borrowing" lil missy to try on a dress, prob the mrs wanted to buy for her daughter or someone. at first lil missy was reluctant to let the mrs carry, then after awhile ok, this daughter of mine, alomak. the mrs also told the husband to take picture of both of them, so i also take lah. nyek2! after their thank yous, we went over to reject shop and got this cool tshirt below! cute leh. loving it. its still too big for her, but never mind, let her wear at home 1st :) can't resist getting it, think it was rm19.90. a good buy.

finally today, i managed to coax daddy to drive us to IKEA. to get there, it takes us at least 1/2 hour to 45 mins depending on traffic & the amount of toll we gotta pay, sigh. but what to do. we only go IKEA like few times in a year. met a fren of mine there to pass the Tupperware i bought on her behalf. then off we go! was so excited to finally go to DAISO in Curve. haha, so "jakun" man me. i could camp in DAISO whole day man. and the great thing was, lil missy was sleeping while we spend like 45 mins inside DAISO. muaaaahahaha. we just took whatever we fancy & b4 paying, we run thru the things again cus donwan to simply buy unnecessary things. so in the end only bought like 9 items. DAISO oh DAISO, i just can't wait for you guys to open in IOI mall, puchong. so much nearer for me :)

see the pic on top left, it was taken in IKEA, kids' bedroom section. oh such lovely bedroom they have, my dream bedroom for lil missy. so so lovely. so sweet. while we were at Curve, their 2nd floor is full of babies/toddlers' shops. and i managed to locate the safety harness for toddlers. its was an elmo harness, in red, very cute & it was selling at rm35.90. was contemplating whether to buy or not for the longest time. daddy told me its good to have it but im not so sure whether im ready to use it & let ppl stare. sigh. now i regret i din buy it. aiyaaaaaaah! saw another pink one in mothercare for rm59.90. shud have purchase it.

after all the walking around, we finally went for dinner at this place called Seri Penang in ikano. errrmmm... im not sure if anyone of you tried that place before, but the food there was nothing to shout about. we ordered their penang nasi lemak (melaka has nicer nasi lemak), penang special fried rice (my mom's fried rice better man), sausage & chips aka "Tom & Jerry" as in the menu, penang mango ice, a dessert which daddy likes. i had jasmine chinese tea which is refillable but how much can one drink anyway. the bill came up to rm48.95. we shud have just gone downstairs to Uncle Lim's. too late. was too hungry tat time. oh well.

we then bumped into daddy's aunties & family & chatted away. fated man i tell u. they even parked their car just right behind us. what a coincidence. after yakking, we decided time to go home cus it was already like 9pm+ but how can i go home without visiting the padini concept store & the brand outlet store leh? hahahaha... bought a pair of sandal, those slip on ones, rm39.90 @ 50%. im a happy woman! daddy was rolling his eyes & showing me faces at this point already. then wen over next store & saw a padini top & it was at 50%, really like it but didn't buy it. probably i was thinking, i don't need it or i have already spent too much for the past 2 weekends! sigh.

i need more $$... who doesn't u tell me?

07 January 2009

get $$ by blogging :)

My first blog was back in 2005 and it was a blogspot. I can’t exactly remember why I deleted it and move on to multiply. I think probably because I can store lots of picture albums inside my multiply blog and I can make the pages private which only allow my frens to view. Then soon after I have Krystal, I was back to reading blogs, mainly fellow mothers’ bloggies, to which I can learn a lot from, on what to expect from everyday life with a baby. So I decided to start a blogspot again. Certainly no regrets after that as I made lots of cool mommy frens!

Nowadays, most of the blogs I visit are doing paid post to earn some extra pocket money. I would really love that. Extra pocket money, who doesn’t want that isn’t it? Believe me when I tell you, I tried registering myself in every paid post website which I can find, but my blog will always get rejected. It really upset me most of the time, because it makes me think that my blog is so lousy till I can’t even get it approved. So I gave up most of the time.

Blogs are really a good tool to get your messages across to everyone. It’s the fastest tool to market about anything at all, anywhere, anytime. The power of blogging is indeed very superior. Then I came across thru payingpost.com recently and just tried my luck again, just for fun. And guess what, they approved my humble blog!

I know I'm new to this, but I hope i really can earn the extra money by doing more paid post in future. So paid post pro bloggers, what are you waiting for? Go to payingpost.com & register away! I'm the happiest today as I'm going get paid to post :)

ps :: i know all of you pro out there, don laugh at me ok, im only a beginner

04 January 2009

niu ze xui...

here we come! been reading a lot about tiz place from several blogs & find it interesting. then i asked rachel whether she wants to go, cus we dono the way to get there. she agreed to go too. rachel's fren, irene tagged along as well. wen we shook hands, we both mentioned our name together, it felt weird. haha!

it's a nice place to chill, at the cafe or starbucks, but unfortunately with lil kids around, we can't do so. lots of shops selling unique stuff & lots of places to eat too. entrance fee was rm10 per adult & kids taller than 90cm is rm5. the tickets can be then use to redeem souvenirs. disney water tumbler at rm20, disney mugs at rm10, disney shirts at rm30 & also disney umbrella. i have chosen the disney water tumbler as house already have lots of mugs la. then it came with free coke. not bad.

and oh, we also met up with cookingmomster & her family. i was the one who pestered her to come along, but she came late. hehehe. below are the pics taken in the lil disney... more here

i think lil missy enjoyed herself. and i tell u, philip, rachel's son, is the most well behaved baby boy i have ever seen in my life! omigod. rachel was carrying him throughout the time, and he din even make noise. walaoeh. ms rachel, i salute you & im making you my sifu, my adviser in raising a kid! serious, ur so calm, so cool, so chill. im like the opposite man! *tabik* we gotta lepak more often ok?

01 January 2009

new year's eve...

was celebrated at cookingmomster's place. it was a small BBQ party with some of her close frens & i was invited too. u can expect lots of food when it comes to a foodie person like sue. by looking at them also makes me full oredi. forgot to take pictures of the food preparation le. too bz chasing the lil missy. very tiring oh. can check out sue's blog, im sure she will post lots of pics :)

my lil missy was super duper hyper active tat nite. omigod. behtahan her man. she was running up & down non stop for hours. din even sit down properly for like 15 mins! sue's kids, le-ann & ee-thern was so much well behaved than my lil krystal lo. i really surrender. then a funny thing happened. one of sue's fren came to the party late. as she stepped into sue's place, my lil missy was glued to her. i seriously dono why, she kept following sue's fren up & down till i also so damn paiseh man. alomak. kept pestering sue's fren to carry her, basically followed her everywhere thruout the time. u say siao or not. lucky sue's fren was cool about it man. phew!

then i gotta bathed lil missy in sue's place as it was near midnite de, i worried she wud fall asleep in the car on our way back. lil missy was like drained in sweat, chap chap man. see also behtahan. aiyoh... tiz lil missy of mine really keng la tat nite.

then today we went over to aunt's place in setapak to have lunch. lil missy's cousin sister was there too. as usual they enjoyed each other's company la. hehe... yet again we din go to any shopping malls. haha. tiz weekend must go already. probably check out Daiso in Curve :)