10 October 2008

i tell u...

aiyor... for the pass 3 nites, lil missy has been giving us crying drama in the middle of the night. cry n cry non stop. give milk 1st time doesn't want, give the 2nd time only wanted. in between, cry non stop. sigh.

then yesterday nite, it was all pleasant. she was sleeping thru-out till i woke up around 5am to check on her. duno why, since she is with us, i never had a knock out sleep. i will always "terjaga" wan. then i wen cayang her & felt her warm body. i was taken aback for a bit there, i thot she was warm & i double the fan speed. she woke up & i asked her if she wants "nen nen" & she smiled back and say "nen nen" back to me. she drank her milk & slept off back. i have a feeling something was wrong & i woke the dad up. he also felt she was a lil too warm from normal. then i realised "oh crap, fever!"... this is my 1st time dealing with feverish lil missy, all this while i have the privilege of MIL's help as lil missy was taken care by MIL from 2 mths old till lil missy was 15 mths old in Malacca.

i faitit got myself ready & we drove around SK area to check out the clinics & even the 24 hrs clinic also closed. imagine my disappointment. dammit. then we finally found one clinic which is available but it's not under ING coverage, so i gotta pay off myself. we never even register & straight away wen in to see the doc. he was 1/2 asleep, very obvious. sigh. he came to lil missy, felt her head, and told me "ya, she is having fever".. o.O .. then he wen n got the ''butt pellets'' & i asked him "don't you wanna check what's her temperature like?" & you know what the doc told me? "it's obvious she is having fever" wtf!!!! i insisted & he took out the manual thermometer & lil missy was moving so much i doubt the measurement was correct, doc told she is on 38 degrees. then doc insert the med & surprisingly lil missy din kick up a fuss. prob she was too "blur" to feel anything. doc then gave fever med & antibiotic. i told i have paracetamol @ home so i don't need his med, his "black" looking med.

everything happened too quickly & i paid rm55 for all the above. @#$#%@... the antibiotic doc gave is this, have u guys seen this b4? im kinda reluctant to give to lil missy cus more over this doc like blur2 then also not a paediatrician. anyway, after the visit to doc, we head to bbsitter house cus time for us to go to work loh. so so sad. sigh. lucky bbsitter was understanding. got a call few hours later telling me that lil missy's fever has subsided. what a relief man!

im sure a lot of you mommies would have think i over reacted. haha. but it's my 1st time & i haven't got myself the ear thermometer yet. comtemplating to get the digital Braun, Woodwards or just a manual thermometer. it's not cheap man. looks like i better go get myself 1 ASAP. i also got myself some tips from fellow mommies whom i've been bugging since morning over msn. been complaining how stopid i am. went & feed lil missy paracetamol after the doc gave the "butt pellets". it's like double dose of meds. omg. im the worst mom! arrrrghhhh!

thanks mommies whom i have been bugging. im so sorry with my nenek story. you all veteran to all this already, im still a newbie so bear with me ok. if i sms any of you tonite. please layan me ok?


Mummy to QiQi said...

normally our antibiotic is the Poured out type. so can't see the original bottle.hope your baby gets well soon!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Oh dear hope she's feeling much better now. Yup best to invest in a thermometer at home. My 2 boys love to kena fever in the middle of the night one....

slavemom said...

Hope lil missy's all well now. Do spare some suppositories ("butt pellets") at home - for those vy hi fvr in the middle of the nite cases. And yes, do invest in a good ear thermometer. At least u know how hi's the temp, fast n accurate.
Btw, u've been tagged!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

haahaaa..no problem...any time, my friend. glad that she's better now. luckily you didn't give her the antibiotic :D

angeleyes said...

It is okay to have paracetamol and the suppository together. There was once Darrius has a really bout of fever that we have to gave that to him over 2 days.

Next time you keep cool even she has fever. Just gave her the normal paracetamol and wait till morning before go to the doc. Unless her fever is really very high then no choice you have to send her to the doc immediately.

That bottle of watever does looked kinda suspicious... hehehehe never seen it before!

Anyway, hope your lil missy is all well now.

Btw, I saw my GP using this thermometer strip (just paste it on the forehead) which is quite handy and fast and he told me cost about RM5 or so. maybe you could get that one 1st. :)

LittleLamb said...

middle of night, the fever usually comes back. so wear light clothes.
fever usually gone 2-3 days. just continue to feed the pink color medi n he should be ok. no need antiboitic one. cos if u put her on antibiotic, then she must finish the whole course :(

till today, i m still waiting for guardian sale for Braun Thermometer.

jacss said...

for 1st timer, think yr reactions are understandable la... but just gotta be careful wif d dosage next time!! and u gotta hurry to get a termometer la my dear.... it's important ahh!! finally, also advisable to always keep some spare fever medicine in d fridge!!
it's ok to buzz me...am veteran edi ma...so ma gotta share lar!!

wen said...

hopw ur missy gets well soon. but usually even doc knows kids have fever, he will still get the temp first right..?
so now u know, next time must stand by all the med for emergency like this

allthingspurple said...

a ear thermometer is a lifesaver for the soul, if not anything but to ease our worries. Braun is a good brand.

I am actually quite reluctant to use antibiotic on kids too. Am suprised your dr prescribe them. Mine normally dont

Hope the little one gets well soon

Anonymous said...

i don't know if the bottle he gave you is good or not lah. in western countries, it's more normal for babies to get butt pellets instead of the liquid meds. the liquid ones have too much sugar mah