14 November 2011

the day has arrived!

many asked why don't wait till the special date --> 11.11.2011

I also dunno leh, most probably I'm afraid that the hospital would
be overwhelming with mothers in labour? haha... what a funny thot...
or maybe I was too anxious to have my baby out to meet us? so we
have decided to come in earlier to induce and have our baby!

the induce machine... ooooh scary!

the mission has started. waiting game.

daddy oh daddy, sleepy oh daddy!

his "best friend" came to accompany him
during the waiting session :)

and of course, my most important "friend"
thru out my labour journey
mr laughing gas o_O

so after 3plus hours of not so pain, and
after 3plus hours of excruciating pain,
to hell and back, pain which we can never explain
in words, pain which is like O_O tremendous pain,
I can go on and on with the pain, but let's
not bore people with it yeah ;)

Thank YOU almighty GOD as I've safely
delivered my precious lil boy
Presenting to my friends, my little Kayden :)