05 June 2008

Petrol naik lagi! @$#%#$@

seilor, have to buy bicycle cycle to work liao lah like dis. or buy a scooter, or get a small viva or kancil loh. like dis how to survive? wahpiang.

a total of 78cents in petrol hike, meaning now im spending rm70+ for a full tank, it's gonna be rm100+ for a full tank? walaoeh. seilor. was telling hubs, why not we get another 2nd smaller car, drive to work with it, then the bigger car use it as weekend car, but will this solve the problem? sigh... don't think so, another burden on another car is more like it.

soon everything else will increase on pricing, food, public transportation (which sucks in many ways) and god knows wat else. sigh. not tat they decrease the tax we ppl have to pay lah. where the money go? where? to subsidy their "shopping trips" or the "melancong sambil belajar" trips?

Are they gonna send another someone to space again? cis bedebah!

HOW lah wei? wats the govt gonna do about all dis? For a country tat produce oil, and we the ppl is suffering. wat a joke man. sigh. still saying our petrol is the cheapest in Asia, don't compare ok mak datuk. see how much their earning power is lah, ours is peanuts ok. omg.

Are they gonna increase the petrol again in Aug this year? if yes, isit gonna be like rm4 per litre? walaoeh, that wud really kill a lot of ppl. seilor. no more shopping leisurely, no more Chillies on normal days, no more luxury meal, eat bread lah & drink H2O, veri healthy, God save us!