26 July 2009

hari harimau :)

today we went over to zoo negara. we did not plan for this trip. we just woke up in morning & decided. hahaha... we went for a quick lunch & off we go! lil missy was napping in the car on our way to the zoo. when we reached, she didn't even wake up, just continue sleeping till i behtahan & woke her up. she opened her eyes & saw monkeys. hahahaha... imagine what she must be thinking... "yoooor, i woke up & see a monkey, i wonder what will i see next?!" hehehe...

overall, it was a good day, thank goodness the weather was good & a lil bit windy. overall a good crowd. the animals was a bit pitiful tough. like very sien liddat. and we spotted a kangaroo in midst of emu birds. only 1 leh. so sad. then there were orang utans, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, elephants & their dungs :p oh well u get the idea, it's the ZOO!

25 July 2009

where are you?

I :: "hey im here already, where you?"
M :: "me ah, in anakku. ethan watching elmo"
I :: "hmmm... ok. i come look for you"

after awhile...

I :: "errr... where exactly is anakku? hahahaha..."
M :: "there... in front of MPH"
I :: "mana MPH nie...."
M :: "errrr... i pun tak tau"
I :: "walaoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh"

at this very moment, hubs can be seen rolling his eyes. hahahaha. we come to this area like once every few months, how la to ingat exactly where the shops are man. pening. then we meet. my 1st impression, OMG, she so cute wan. she really does look more like ethan's sister than mommy (compliment here ok, woman) probably cus of her petite size. kecik kecik cili padi this mommy :)

finally we met up. been chatting a lot. was hoping this other mommy can join us, but too bad, she balik kampung. oh well, there will surely be another time. after the intro & all, we went to have lunch in ikea. the food was so so, probably i ordered the wrong thing? hubs seems to be enjoying his choice. blek. maybe next time, i will order the other dish which i initially wanted :)

we walked around ikea, wanted to get something, but that something is always temporarily out of stock. chey, apa nie... then we came across popular booksale in ikano. wah, bukan main happy me, but with the kids around, we were really having difficulty browsing the books in peace. my lil missy was really noty today, throwing tantrum... dunno why. probably passed her nap time kua. lil ethan, was an angel man. he is so well behaved, me & hubs was so impressed. serious. no wonder his mommy can handle him all by herself. if me, leave me alone with lil missy? i failed... sadly :(

after spending few hours together, merryn left as her hubs was already here to pick them both up. didn't had the chance to say bye bye properly cus i was too bz checking out the books. sorry woman, next time we meet somewhere else. haha... after we bought some books, we went to harvey norman as hubs needs to buy a external hard disk. managed to get one finally. he is a happy man, means i can shop in peace. hahahaa... we went back to curve, check out daiso but came out empty handed cus the items we wanted, couldn't be found. yikes. then went over to mothercare to get some a gift for a fren's 1 yr old birthday party next month.

i was walking around in peace as hubs was watching over lil missy having a whale of time playing at the lil playground in front of mothercare. she was having so much fun with other kids around. after that, we walked around a bit. then back to ikano & called it a day. we left about 6ish. lil missy was in la la land from ikea to home and continue till 9pm+, that's how tired she was :)

ps :: thank you so much for the cupcakes merryn. yummy!

24 July 2009


this is one of the reason im fat. blame it to this yeah, not the person whom is tam chiak wan. wakakakaka! this nasi lemak stall we frequent when we go back malacca is located opposite MGS skool, klebang. its operated by a malay family which i believed most of her customers, i think 60-70% is chinese. each time we go, ppl are Q-ing i tell you, and they don't go back with 2 or 3 packets, they go back with 20 or 30 packets. yah man, im not bluffing, cus we also go tapao that much before. haha... each time got party or makan2 at home, we will surely go tapao this & its very laku wan :) very sedaaaaaaaaap oh... and it's only freaking RM2!

22 July 2009

slow & steady

the last we saw MIL was last weekend, and she is doing well. still looking very tired, but getting better. SIL came back from Singapura too, to accompany MIL for few days after MIL being discharged from hospital. SIL told me they went out to do some shopping, so meaning MIL is A OK already lah, can go shopping. hehehehe!

on the other hand, lil missy is growing up slow & steady. poopie biz is getting better. normalize a bit. no more crying & fussing when we asked her to sit potty. she is basically diaperless anytime when she is awake, unless when we go out or bedtime. i wonder when can we go all out diaperless for her once and for all leh?
my goody fren sotong has came back & gone off. her holiday back here seems so fast. macam tak cukup langsung. hope to see her during CNY 2010 then, hopefully she will be back without the boyfren. now each time lil missy sees her picture, she will say "cheh cheh & kor kor leh?" hehehe...

we also let lil missy tried some ice cream lately, but she seems not too keen eating it lar. aiyor. kids don't like ice cream? got ah... haha... maybe not now, probably she will like it as she grows up kua. she only go nuts seeing one item. lollipop! walaoeh. i tell you, each time we go supermarket, or watson, while Q-ing at cashier to pay, they have this lollipop tree, she will go "please please please" till you get her one of it. if not... adui... then she will eat it nicely, quietly & we will have peace of mind, but never will finish it & it always will end up with me. esh esh!

12 July 2009

wat a weekend

i had our weekend all planned out. we are to go watch ice age3 on sat morning, go meet my cousin bro over in sunway pyramid to have dinner, or perhaps some paddington pancake before dinner comes along. all this din happen though, read along to know why...

so rise & shine over saturday morning, off we went to cheras selatan TGV for ice age 3. we were quite excited though, cus this is the 2nd time lil missy is going to the cinema. the 1st time was like half successful as she was asleep halfway while watching monsters vs aliens. we got the 12.45pm show as the 11.20am was already full. i managed to get the couple seat which is really comfy for 3 of us. then off we went to oldtown kopitiam for an early lunch. after our lunch, we loitered around the mall for a bit and off we went to our movie, with a bucket of popcorn in hand & 2 worry bit adults.

when the movie started, lil missy went "ephant, ephant"... hehehe... the nite before, we let her watch ice age 2, u know just to let her get the hang of it. lucky we did. i even bought her a mcd happy meal with manny the mammoth little toy :) with the bucket of popcorn, lil missy was seated happily munching away, enjoying the movie. the couple seat was comfy, just nice for 3 of us. next time must get couple seat again.
this is how she react when she sees Scrat & Scratte (saber-toothed squirrel) on screen. i duno why, when we were in cinema, she does it again. actually i don't like scrat too. he looks blek.

on a sadder note, MIL was admitted to hospital cus of dengue. sigh. we rushed back to malacca once we received the call just rite after our movie. we reached malacca, dropped lil missy at my parents home & rushed to hospital to pay MIL a visit. she looks tired, poor thing. luckily she came to hospital earlier. we asked her what happened. she told us she had fever 4 days ago, after visiting normal clinic, finished all the meds, still feverish. then she don't feel quite right & told my bro in law to send her to hospital for further check & it was dengue. sigh. i just pray she will be fine soon.

10 July 2009

good morning!

good morning
selamat pagi
guten morgen
chow ann
ohayo gozaimasu

this is my milk tea, my teh susu, the speciality from the kakak on my office floor, very verrrrrrry nice! im a tea person, and normally i drink teh O, but this... this blew me away... haha! im just in a happy mood :) cus its FRIDAY! have a fantastic weekend peeps!

09 July 2009

i saw something...

and i like it. think i saw the music video over in mtv & i shouted at hubs. I WANT THIS! GET ME THIS! then i kena "put lang soi"... hubs said "aiyah, what series you want some more, ur ugly betty, ur gossip girl, ur duno wat taiwanese series also u haven't watch, u want this?!"... cissssss... i want this! plsplsplsplspls.

if anyone of you have already watched Meteor Garden with F4, this is kinda similiar, probably the same. a fren told the storyline for this is even better. wahseh, cialat. i used to remember, i would stay up till 5 - 6am just to watch Meteor Garden, those were the days... so kancheong, must watch finish only kamwan.

this one is called Boys Before Flowers or Boys Over Flowers. haha... don't ask me why the name liddat, i also duno. shud name the show, Boys Beautiful Flowers, cus they look beautiful, especially the main actor :)

08 July 2009


cus was watching MJ's memorial service live from E! channel yesterday nite. me & hubs, with me ironing my bukit of clothes. luckily lil missy was already in la-la land, so we could watch in peace. hubs at least, i was still with the iron. the live telecast started from near midnite, our msian time towards 4.30am. i surrendered around 2am+ while hubs continue till finished. i don't think anyone can top MJ's legacy, his life, his performance & all, ever. poor kids of his. beautiful kids. hope they are in good hands, minus all the "fighting-over-chou-chan" soon.

MJ's gold casket covered in beautiful red roses

(pic source from zimbio)

MJ's 3 beautiful children

woke up today morning, surprisingly very fresh & not sleepy at all. after sending lil missy to bbsitter house, me & hubs went over for breakie. after the breakie, on my way to work, started lah the stone era! hahaha... cialat. then hubs can't stop talking, yak & yak till i doze off. i think. i know. i so the bad. blek. reached ofis looking stone, went in for a short weekly meeting. everyone was yakking out of topic, then the boss said "eh eh, come come, lets discuss this, before irene sleeps off, from watching MJ yesterday nite"... walaoeh, boss ah, you ah... you also watch what!

oh well, the king of pop, may you rest in peace