29 November 2008

i din see it coming...

today hubs was working, so i was home alone with lil missy. as usual the normal routine, bathing her, preparing porridge for her etc. then i wen made myself a hot milo to go with the hup seng biscuit (celup2 the biscuit in the milo or tea & yum yum)

she was eating the sausages which i boiled while watching TV. so i kept doing my work la, then suddenly i heard "oooh ooooh" & turned around with this in front of me.

imagine how my blood was boiling! ooooommmmmgggggg! my table cloth which i just washed 2 weeks back. my hot milo, my bag, my stuf! i so wanted to shout at her but nothing came out from my mouth, cus i was just thinking to myself "thank GOD the hot milo didn't pour on her!"

she was clean, not even a milo drip on her. pheeeew! then i went over to hit her palm, 3 times! quite hard le, but then she didn't even cry or whine. which is to my surprise. i can see she can sense that she did something wrong. after that, i asked her to go stand at one side & don't move. she quickly ran to the sofa & climbed on top of it & sat quietly.

here i am standing, lecturing her, telling her what she did was very wrong, the milo was HOT, HOT, HOT & yadda... yadda... yadda... she was looking down at the sofa, not even a sound came from her. wahseh! she understand la wei. hahaha! i was trying hard not to laugh at the same time. hehe. jahat kan this mommy.

after few minutes of loud scolding, i was cool. seeing her feel bad also breaks a lil part of my heart. then i told her, "come hug hug"... bukan main cepat she climbed down the sofa & hugged me. hahahaha! i was all thankful the hot milo didn't end up on her but my stuf instead.

sigh, more cleaning to do.

27 November 2008


terima kasih to fussymom for this all-about-4 tag. hehe!

Four places I go over and over:
- my home, melaka home, office, Jusco
Four people who email me regularly:
- hubs, colleagues, friends, cousins

Four of my favorite places to eat:
- my parents' home (mom cooked food), nandos, oldtown kopitiam, tai-chow near my home

Four places you’d rather be:
- home, australia, united kingdom, japan

Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
- ugly betty, gossip girl, my taiwanese series, anthony bourdain

Four people I think will respond:

Creation or Evolution?

A little girl asked her mother, "How did the human race come about?"

The mother answered: "God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so all mankind was made."

Two days later she asks her father the same question. The father answered: "Many years ago there were monkeys, and we developed from them."

The confused girl returns to her mother and says: "Mom, how isit possible that you told me that the human race was created by God and Papa says we developed from monkeys?"

The mother answers: "Well dear, it is very simple. I told you about the origin of my side of the family, and your father told you about his side.

26 November 2008

8 random things about me

thanks to slavemom for this tag. hmm... let's see...
  • im from a small family, only my parents, myself & my younger brother
  • i came to KL to continue my studies in hotel mgmt right after SPM, even b4 getting the results. ended up my parents had to collect my SPM results on my behalf. hehe...
  • i have worked in a hotel as front desk receptionist for almost 3 years, truly enjoy the working experience, get to meet a lot of beautiful ppl from around the world & made lots of cool friends
  • i have dated chinese, indian & malay guys! wakakakakaka! multi racial country le :)
  • im a friendly person but don't let me meet a 'lansi' person, the fella will get the 'lansiness' back from me
  • i love watching movies, me & hubs use to frequent the cinema weekly till the lil missy comes along
  • im super duper close to my mom. i called her everyday just to chat for fun. can never keep secrets from her, we even check out lengchai together wan :)
  • im glad i joined back blogspot cus i make quite a few frens which i can bug wen i need advise (i had a blogspot back in 2005 but i deleted it & move on to multiply instead)
not tagging anyone, seems like most mommies also doing this already :)

feel free to do this tag peeps!


kamsiah to ms bonnie for this tag yah :) paiseh hor, been keeping it so long b4 posting it up. wakakakaka...

A. Attached or single?

B. Best friend? yes, ms sotong

C. Cake or pie? cakes definitely!

D. Day of choice?

E. Essential item?
eyebrow pencil, specs & mobile phone

F. Favorite color?

G. Gummy bears or worms?
gummy bears

H. Hometown?
good ol' malacca

I. Indulgence? errr... eating? hehe :)

J. January or July?

K. Kids?
yes, a lil missy

L. Life isn't complete without?
family, friends, love, money!

M. Marriage date?

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?
only reader digest, some im buying off the shelves

O. Orange or apple?

P. Phobias? fear of heights

Q. Quotes?
"the ultimate motivation is the dateline"

R. Reasons to smile?
errr... happy then smile lah!

S. Season of choice?

T. Tag 5 people?
no one, all seems to have tis

U. Unknown facts about me?
read the next post :)

V. Vegetable?
yes, i like veges

W. Worst habit? i clean too much

X-ray or ultrasound?
ultrasound for baby

Y. Your favorite food(s)?
spicy food

Z. Zodiac sign?

24 November 2008

had a nice...

dinner with hubs & my elder bro in law just a while ago. went for a spin in BIL's new Nissan SYLPHY. solid man. smooth driving. of cos smooth lah, expensive car better be smooth man.

we went over wongkokcharchanteng for dinner, just the 3 of us. MIL is in town & she offered to jaga lil missy for us tonite, so we gotta let loose a bit. tot of going to catch a movie, but nothing nice was showing. so we just had a nice dinner & chatted. there this drink on the menu, "stocking milk tea". errr.. use socks to perah the drink kah? wakakakakaka! my baked cheese tuna rice was yummy! im stuffed!

we went back to melaka again over the weekend. didn't do much, just wen shopping with my mom & lil missy, 3 of us. dinner, strolling around, chit chatting, chasing lil missy here & there. wen oldtown yamcha with aunt & cousin, just doing the relaxing stuff. it was nice :)

19 November 2008

need to...

know some info from you fellow mommies
  • what's the hours of babysitting? 10 - 12 hours?
  • what's the rate that you are paying?
  • location?
if it's nursery that you are sending ur kids,
  • what's are the hours?
  • what's the fee you are paying?
  • location?

terima kasih...

thanks to bonnie for this power blog
award. i like it!
so cute :)

thanks to fussymummy for this
i certainly likes to scribble!

17 November 2008

so many things...

to write about. but too lazy to write it. nyek2! ok, lets see. hubs was away for a whole of last week for his training in awana resort, genting. lil missy was "deported" to melaka for a week as my mom offered to care for her, to give me a so called mini break :) kekeke... i missed them so much, but it was really nice to have a quiet week. man! i need it.

mom brought out the mini bicycle for lil missy to try out. more like to occupy her for a minute without whining! haha... nowadays, all she does is whine, whine & whine for something. it seriously drives us nuts!

see the lil kepochi helping my dad to fix the mini bicycle. this lil ride was given by my cousin who has outgrown it for a long time. it was kept nicely all these years & was surprised how new it look when she 1st gave it to me. oh well, gr8! we don't have to go get a new one when the time comes!

then it was my dad's 57th birthday. we went to this restaurant in melaka called 'Bei Zhan' to have dinner. and we were really lucky they have a table for us cus we walked in instead of making reservation for this dinner. this restaurant is always packed. very very busy. dinner was really good, and we kept lil missy occupied with toothpicks. wahahaha! this lil missy even walked to next table, to a mummy with another lil girl & played with them. the other mummy even feed my girl. i wanna pengsan sometimes, tis lil missy of mine can get too friendly. adoi.

oh yeah, i also went to watch madagascar 2 with the brother of mine. come to think of it, we never watch a movie together u know. his reason to ask me to go with him for madagascar was that im a crazy sister. and i will laugh with him in this movie as none of his frens are as crazy as me. walaoeh. like dat also can?

we came back to kl in the evening, reached around 8pm, bathed the lil missy, cleaned the house a bit, did some laundry & it was already 10.30pm. then i conned hubs to go oldtown kopitiam. told him i sabar-ed for 2 weeks oredi. i need my milk tea. so off we went with my hyper lil missy for about an hour. came back home with still a hyper lil missy. and here i am blogging. hahaha!

better go to sleep now. its really late. tomorrow is monday, a brand new week. sigh, please let it be a good week ahead. thank you GOD. may you guys have a gr8 week ahead urselves! weekend shall come, so rilek ok?

12 November 2008


home alone... & this is my dinner...

yes, im a fat piggy, i can really eat!

and im watchin
Anthony Bourdain cooking on TV & the glorious food he makes.


05 November 2008

duno why...

im bored...
im sleepy...
im lazy...
im... i duno what i am...
hahaha... siao liao :)

02 November 2008

we did not...

go back to melaka this weekend as hubs has a whole day training yesterday. how sad man. me & lil missy were at home, waiting for him to come back so we can go kai2. there was 1 point that lil missy was standing at the front door crying & crying wanting to go out. i was like blur for awhile, duno whether wanna cry with her or laugh at her. hahaha... this lil missy more keng than her mom, always wanna go kai-kai!

then hubs came back & we head off to mines for dinner. end up in sushi king cus hubs been craving for it. and lil missy was just waiting for me to order the bento set, cus yakult comes free with it mah. as soon as she sees it, fulamak... she was excited. haha! then i told hubs, i wanna go oldtown kopitiam to have my fav xi mut tea but it was too late oredi & 3 of us were a bit tired, head home & zzzz-ed.

today we went over to midvalley just for fun. long time din go oredi mah. upon reaching, we were a bit surprised cus there was so many parking space the place we normally park, the office building next to midv. was it IGB tower? kenot remember. u say lah, got parking complaint, no parking lagi complaint. wakakaka... mad! we spent few hours there only cus hubs need to rush to cyberjaya mmu as there was a training there & we tagged along. he needs to go there & show face wor. was telling hubs, i wanna go oldtown kopitiam for dinner le, mana tau received a call from hubs' aunt & we end up in setapak to pick some stuf from hubs' aunt to pass to my MIL whom so happened to came to KL for day trip. we din know also, all last minute. haiyah... sien.

it was raining quite heavy & we tot after setapak, we can go to our favourite bak-ku-teh in chow kit area, the place called mungo jerry, but the rain was getting heavier & we decide not to, cus hassle le, raining, lil missy was sleeping. we end up in KLCC. im thinking to myself, mad woman. everyday come to KLCC for work, sunday also wanna come ah!

knowing hubs, so willingly agreed to go over to KLCC, ada udang disebalik batu. he wants to get the new LG KS360 mobile phone. not bad you know. rm699 nia, rm120 4GB memory card. aiyah, ok lah. since he has been using his current PDA phone for like more than 2 yrs+ de. i have a feeling after few weeks, he would wanna exchange tis phone with mine, cus mine more canggih! im using SE W960i le. wakakakaka!

after getting the phone, we went to chili's grill & bar for dinner. din know kids below 12 eats for free. wahahaha! cantik! i order grilled chicken & vege for lil missy & surprisingly she likes the chicken, but not the vege though. tsk tsk! we spent too much this weekend. sigh. gotta save, recession is coming. kenot spend unnecessarily le. adoi. pokkai-ed de. sei lor.

how was your weekend?