31 May 2012

si budak so active!

my lil missy is 5 years old this year. she can be an angel, and she can be a devil. depending on her mood. sometimes super manja. sometimes super stubborn. isn't all kids liddat kan?

she is super active. she can talk non stop from the moment she wakes up until she sleeps off at night. nowadays, when we go back to hometown, i can't really leave her home with my mom when I go out, cus my mom can't take it, gives her headache she said. hahahaha... poor grandma kena "torture" with the usual, who, what, where why but don't get us wrong, grandma still loves her to bits! i think her little brother is getting there soon, lawyer buruk no2 in the making ^_^

my mom & my aunt still laughed at me sometimes, always saying that they can't believe I am a mother of two kiddos. oh well, I myself can't believe it too as I was a lawyer buruk myself... hahahaha... gosh! time really flies when you are so occupied with everything and anything. especially when you come back home and want to have a decent quiet dinner cus all you do at work is listening to people complaining about anything and everything, you have this lil missy come up to you asking you to spell anything and everything, you know what i mean? hahaha... gosh, it's really taxing to be parents huh?

i wonder if when we were younger, are we like this? asking our parents about anything and everything? or we sit quietly and mind our own stuff? hmmm... i gotta really blame it on the DHA of those milk powders, what do they put inside? super talkative potion? or a spoonful of super activeness? above all, I am thankful I have one lawyer buruk in da house and one upcoming lawyer buruk in the making

till then, be good

23 May 2012


Wuahseh, I have abandoned my blog for almost half a year now. hehehe… blame it on super-lazy-awesome-ness! I don’t even know if anyone still reads but what the heck. Dear hubby of mine been asking, why u no longer blog wan? Hehehe... lazy lah… oh well, it’s never too late to start again this time, with our newest addition, well… not that new anymore when he’s already 6 months old 

Kayden was taken care by my relative back in hometown for close to 6 months and we decided to bring him to KL so we all can be together and we could watch him grow up & bring me high blood pressure and of cos a smile on my face when I watch him sleep

His sister lil missy is 5 years old now, which I felt we have actually wasted time and thus both siblings has a big age gap, but when we are all together, I am also relieved that his sister is actually 5 years old. lil missy is all independent by herself and we can pay more attention to the lil one as he is the little one u see. hehe! And lil missy being a big sista, is always so helpful and cooperative, and I truly THANK GOD for her being there to be my eyes and ears at times... still I felt big age gap... oh well nothing can be done now

So I am currently back to being zombi-fied as lil hero is bullying his mom, by waking up once or twice middle of the night for his milky way. And yesterday I sprained my hand for carrying him too long. arrrrgggghhh! wanna whack his buttock! I shall be patience and wait till he is a bit bigger for the ultimatum buttock whoop-ass! muahahaha... I know, I've gone crazy... blame it on the lack of zzzzzz

And also, we have a helper at home now,  so no more "permanent" housework for me. of course i still do some housework lah, that's is my only form of exercise leh. hehe... i hope she is here to work for us many many years *prays* cus she can cook and we are having home cooked meal now, save us a lot of time and some $ there. really hope she won't leave us after 2 years lor...

oh well. till then. be good