30 September 2010

sawadekaa! @ Day 3

aaaaaaaaaaaum! day 3 in bangkok, and i already felt like a pro in shopping! hahahaha! who am i to kid, not enuf money lagi tu! seifor... today we are gonna skip shopping & move on to some sight seeing, but we will be walking around so... even walking around, there are things to buy in every corner! hubs said he needed to blind fold me so i would not stop every time i see something. hahahahhaha! yeah, that bad!

after jason arrived at our hotel, we then started our walking spree to meet up with my cousin & her hubby over in some train station. 1st destination, the Grand Palace. we decided to take the boat instead of a taxi to reach the palace, so it was nice

once we reached the place, my cousin & her hubs got in the palace while me, hubs & jason went to a really nice cafe opposite the Grand Palace to relax. hehehe... i did not visit the palace as i have visited before, in my younger days *ehem*

the weather was killing me softly as it was so damn hot! to be able to find a gorgeous cafe like tis at that hour was a total bliss! so frenchy the cafe, so cosy and the prices was so affordable! u can never find such cafe like this in our country with that kind of pricing

so we started cam-whoring, till my cousin
& johan are done with their visiting

after the cafe, we walked around the area checking the local shops, local crafts... then it was time for lunch & we settled in a small old shop. the noodles served here was yummmmmmmy! and cheap, cheap, cheap!

after our yummy lunch, we decided to move on to kaoshan road, they called it the backpackers' haven. again, soooooooo many things to buy, BUT... i didn't buy anything, cus the lady would not wanna gimme more discount so i also jual mahal! hahaha!

again, we were so tired of walking, and of course the weather, jason took us to a gem place, a nice cosy starbucks outlet in kaoshan road. it's a hidden mansion somewhere behind the shop lots, walk thru an alley and you will find the yellow mansion :)

it's one of the prettiest starbucks in bangkok, one of the prominent ones in the world, probably because of the beautiful traditional thai house. i don't see any traditional in it le, i see it more to of an english house le... cosy & comfy

after our coffee session, time to head back to the city :)

once we reached the town area, we decided to have dinner at the roadside, at a noodle's stall while sipping on coconut drinks. it was already quite late, so my cousin & her hubby head back to their hotel, left 3 of us sitting there deciding where to go next. what else, massage lah! muaaahaahaaa! we went to a nearby massage place, 5mins walk from hotel, we then opt for 1hour of foot massage. it was full house that nite, guess everyone is tired from walking too much huh! hehe... it was so good, we continue for another hour with body massage!

sawadekaa! @ Day 2

our 2nd day in bkk was a day filled with more walking & shopping of course! woke up around 8.30am. breakfast was included in the hotel room reservation so it was really nice. small cosy lil coffeehouse, but it was full of people, mainly malaysians or singaporeans, a few westerners, and japanese. the breakie served was the usual american & continental food

our fren jason was on his way to meet up at the hotel but we told him we will be walking towards platinum mall, and lets meet there instead. so we head over to platinum mall again! this time i was more prepared & ready to shop till drop! we were at platinum around 10am plus & hubs head straight to black canyon coffee place to wait for jason to arrive. me? busy shopping lor...

platinum mall consist of 6th floors, mostly on woman's clothing, few on kids & man's wear. i spend a good 2-3 hours shopping there and i finally gave up. too many too see, very little money to spend, so i head down to swensen to join the both guys. the swensen here is so affordable & yummy, only around rm5.50 for a scoop of yummy ice cream, and drinking water is served for free! unlike here, drinking water is chargeable everywhere!

after our sweet treat in swensen, i got a call from my cousin who has arrived from belgium together with her husband. so happened they are heading to bkk a day later than us. i have not meet her for few years already since she has moved to taiwan for her studies & then married off to belgium, so it was really nice for us to be able to meet again after so long. my only regret was i did not visit taiwan when she was there, if not free tour guide services! hehe!

we meet over at siam square area, then proceed to check out the retail shops. one particular retail outlet is Boots, which sadly is not available in malaysia. gosh, how i love their botanic stuf. on the 1st day, we spend almost 1800baht and i got a free toiletry bag from Boots which i heart so much. we shud have spend another 200baht and got the bigger toiletry set! my cousin went in and did some toiletries shopping & i bought another big tube of body wash. i just love the smell!

after Boots, we walked around and end up in a nails salon! hehehe... apa lagi, me & my cousin settled in for a pedicure for myself, and manicure for her. it was so affordable compared to kl, how nice if kl has this pricing. the guys end up in the same massage place that we went over on day 1 to have another round of oil massage. life is a bliss in bangkok! hehehe...

after siam square, we decided to head down to chinatown! the trip to chinatown seems like forever, all i can remember is we walked, walked & did more walking, one train station to another, we arrived in chinatown.

then more walking till i really wanna give up, haha! till i saw the big big pintu gerbang, lots of neon lighting, and i know we have arrived! hahaha... and not forgetting the traffic jam!

we then head to a seafood restaurant, which was packed. business is so good here, means only one thing, food must be damn good too! thanks to jason, we got to experience really good thai seafood that night over in chinatown

there were 5 of us with 10 different kind of dishes. there is fish, crabs, prawns, oysters, veges, tomyam & others. it was superduperyummylicious! and guess how much was the meal for 5 of us? 1500baht only! what a good deal rite? you gotta know the right place, with the right food, and the right crowd!

after chinatown, time for us to head back to
hotel as it has been a loooooooooooong day!

29 September 2010

sawadekaa! @ Day 1

i booked our bangkok trip early this year, and have been counting the days since i clicked the submit button at airasiago. i still remember i was chatting with 4 of my friends on msn at one window, doing the holiday booking in another window. this is my 1st time booking my own holiday! hahaha! *shake head*

anyway, our flight was 8.20am in the morning, cus i kiasu, i want to reach bkk early in the morning & start my modus operandi without wasting any minute! hehehehe! we left our home around 5.30am and was driven to the airport by our dear neighbour fren (whom is our close fren b4 he became our neighbour) we reached lcct before 6.30am & did our self check-in & also to check in our luggage. i did not pay for additional luggage on our way there, luckily both the bags was weighing nicely on 15kg cus... the green bag was an empty bag! muaahaahaa!

we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport around 10.30am & was greeted by our close fren Jason. we then took the airport rail link to our hotel baiyoke boutique, and guess how much was the train fare? rm1.50 per person! crazy deal rite? hehehe... think it's still new, that's why the fare still rocks! the journey took around 20mins or so, i didn't really keep track of the time cus i was too happy that im in bangkok! once we reached the station we are heading to, it took us around 10mins walk to our hotel, how nice was that! we are definitely coming back to this hotel if we decide to go bangkok again, as it's very convenient. we checked in & told the receptionist that we will be back for the keys as the room was not ready & left our luggage with the concierge.

we then started to walk around the hotel area, baiyoke sky was just in the front, the tallest tower in bangkok. our 1st destination was platinum mall, which was 15mins walk away. i have seen pictures online how it would look like, what to expect and all so i don't get culture shock, but failed cus i was grinning like a silly cat, and my dear hubs already shaking his head. hahahaha! aitellyou! IT WAS SHOPPING HEAVEN OHMIGOSH! i told hubs & jason that please go ahead and have your lunch, i will proceed with my shopping but of cos, i was dragged to lunch! haha!

we have our lunch at the top floor, where the food court is located. food was of cos yummylicious! after our lunch, i zoomed off to check out the shops. hubs & jason was following me but i shoo-ed them off saying that please let me shop in peace! hahaha... then they disappeared & went to have coffee downstairs. i can go on & on & on about the clothes & shopping but i will bore you, so i shall just skip that part, hehehehe... if you love to shop, please go to bangkok! you will be amazed, but then again, pls plan your trip with a group of girls, cus they are wholesalers here, the more you buy, the cheaper you get per piece! average clothing was from rm10 - rm25, from t-shirts, to blouses, to dresses, to jackets, u name it, they have it!

after few hours spent in platinum mall, we walked towards siam square which i really love. there u will find lots of retails outlets & cafes. we had foot massage here, and hubs had his oil massage for 2 days straight here too! it's so darn affordable! rm30 for an hour of footie massage & rm50 for an hour of oil massage. ladies, if u want your hubs to be happy, bring them to massage and continue your shopping after that! confirm no charcoal face, wakakakakaka! after siam square we then proceed to mbk mall. we only head straight to the gadgets floor, searching for all the foncovers. for my blackberry & hubs' iPhone covers, also for other frens. i was speechless when i saw the place, covers everywhere... walaoweeeeeei! crazy... as usual, when it gets crazy, my mind go freeze mode. hahahaaha! sei mou, failed!

after mbk, we walked around back to siam square & then our fren suggested we head to suan lum nite bazaar. again, shopping... don't you guys get tired, u ask? hahaha... indeed we do, our legs are like breaking, our body so heavy, body so sweaty! it was really very HOT in bangkok! piercing sun right thru your skin, hot hot hot!

aaaaaaah... BUT shopping comes 1st! muaaahaaahaa! there is a huge food court in the middle of the nite bazaar, comes with a big stage with free entertainment with singers & dancers, was too hungry to notice, and it was really loud & i don't understand what they singing lah!

after dinner, we then decided to take a tuk tuk back to our hotel which i think, it was quite a mistake! the tuk tuk driver was confirmed high, so hyper it worries me sick! he was driving so fast my 2 bodyguards was holding to the sidebar like clinging to it! hahahaha... me? i was holding my shopping bags tightly of cos! hehe!

we reached hotel near to 12am plus, took the key from the front desk, head to our room, took our bath & feel FLAT on the bed snoring! yeah... i could hear the man snoring... i was asleep minutes after i closed my eyes, imagine how damn tired we were, walking non stop the whole day, this is more tiring than working man! haha!

so that was our 1st day in one of the amazing land in thailand ;)

17 September 2010

im a bit worried

cus she eats like thisand she loves drums!
how ah?

16 September 2010

walk-athon for us!

it was a public holiday for us, Malaysia day that is. 1Malaysia. any holiday is very welcome! please give us more. hehehe... anyway, we woke up late, laze around and then decided let's take the train to somewhere today, cus lil missy's been pestering us to take her to train since the day i mentioned it to her. kids... they really good at remembering promises huh?!

at first we decided to go to times square mall, cus there is a games area there. those fun kiddy rides, and stuff like that, but this lil missy didn't want to get down from the train and was fussing so we gave in. sigh. and we end up in klcc. haha! holiday also come back to klcc, really no life man, me... esh esh!

anyways, we walked around, drop by to SONY outlet to check out the new nex5 camera, which is a babe. prices also a babe. esh esh. then there this new Playstation move thingy which hubs can't stop talking about. luckily i'm not into games... if not... i dunno man, more money to spend.

we then decided lets go to aquaria since we are already here. its not always we come to klcc all 3 of us, so what the heck. let's check it out. come to think about it again, i could have spend that money to buy the Lego box set i saw in toys R us. sigh... oh well, hubs said we gotta at least go 1 time! just to experience it. Note to self - gotta bring lil missy to singapore's version of aquaria

for malaysians, the admission fee was rm35 for adults, and rm25 for kids 3yrs - 12 yrs old. gosh, expensive lar! haiyah, as hubs said not everyday mah... so go lor... cekik darah!

lil missy had fun running around going "oooooh aaaah eeeeek". we loitered around the front area of aquaria cus we were waiting for the piranha's feeding time which was 4pm. hubs was so looking forward to it, me? not interested haha! they fed some big fishes, and it took those piranha few minutes to whack the whole fishy. a lady even asked me "did they feed the piranha dead fish or live fish?"... it was dead fishes if you wanna know

i love the otters we saw, they were soooooooooo adorable. then we walkabout to see more insects, beetles, snakes, frogs, and not so cute beings. hahaha...

lucky thing we bought our cameras,
if not wasted man!

the sting ray was gigantic! awesome!

lil missy playing around

and soon it was time to go home. it was really a tiring day for us. it's like a walkabout practice to prepare us for the upcoming trip we are going... gosh, hubs said if it's like this next week, i surrender man! hahahaha... i told him, its double or triple the walk we had today, so be ready!

14 September 2010

me is alien

frens said i am an alien
a weird alien cus i changed my precious
iPhone 3Gs to a sleeker babe!

a blackberry bold 2!
i heart this berry of mine, cus it's small,
cun, yeng and i get my emails this instant!
but i realized i get stressed up when i get
my work emails on weekends
i guessed that's the -ve part of having a berry
you tend to read work emails, cus
so who is using berry also, come add me
in your berry talk!

and NOW! i want to sell of this pink baby of mine,
which i bought 6 months ago,
still looking good, any buyer interested
in this pink sleek baby of mine, Sony TX1N?
reason of selling is...

i wanna buy CANON G10 or G11 lor... hehe!

come come, contact me,
i give you a good price
for the pink baby!

13 September 2010

fun weekend

over the raya weekend, we went back to melaka as what we normally would, whenever there is a public holiday. this time around, a longer weekend for us ^o^ me & lil missy did not go to any shopping malls! can you believe it! i can't! hahahaha! probably when it comes to public holiday, melaka will be jammed up to the brim, mountains of people & cars everywhere, so grandpa & grandma also lazy wanna go out.

me & hubs, with uncle rob & sasha did went out bringing lil missy to a local fun fair! eeeeeeek, never thot i would kinda enjoy seeing the lil missy enjoy in places like this, dirty, crowded but what the heck, just go only lar!

the ferris wheel looks like not so safe, reluctantly i let lil missy go along, cus she was insisting for a ride in it. can see her face changes when the ferris wheel was turning kinda fast, and the nearby music was blasting like some techno disco! dammit! luckily she still can smile after the ride with sasha. phew!

then being the dungus, we went and spend some money to play few of the fun fair games, u know those throwing the rings, throwing the lil ping pong balls, hopping that it will hit the right number and us getting the fluffiest soft toy around! hahaha... never! instead we got some lousy stationery packs and some toys for lil missy! but... we kinda enjoy the moment, the moment we use to have when we were kids ourself coming to funfair!

overall it was a fun time over at the funfair

my mom decided to make steamboat for lunch cus everyone was around, so it was time for walloping food and more food. i ate so much over this long weekend, my tummy is getting rounder! omg... how laaaaaaaaah!

i manage to take a time out with hubs, and few other frens to catch resident evil : afterlife too, in 3D this time. the spec is really annoying for a specky like me. the movie was OKlar, a bit too much over yeng edi. hahahaha... nevertheless, milla jovovich is still a babe! after the late night movie, we popped over to a club to party the nite away, this time i got home around 3am cus my dad was already calling hubs. hehehehe!