25 February 2010


you guys should go out to your nearest magazine store & grab the latest copy of Cosmopolitan March 2010 edition. wanna know why? not only cuz sexy.licious Megan Fox is on the cover, there is another hidden reason...

see how yummy is Megan Fox?

... cus yours truly punya muka is splatted on page 99!


gosh, i was browsing the magazine while waiting for a friend. turn, turn & read... then my legs nearly failed me, when i saw my face! hahahaha! this was the clarins workshop i attended last month together with cookingmomster & a fren of ours. paiseh sial!

ok you guys can stop laughing now...

24 February 2010

tenji oh

can someone organise a blogger meet
up & we lunch here?

22 February 2010

lucky us

we came back to KL on sat noon. then our car's air condition decided to stop working after we have sent off hubs' auntie back to setapak. hubs along with his cousin bro, went around setapak to find mechanics. he found two shops, and both telling him that the car's air compressor has died on us. siao liao. cialat. and both the shops quoted between rm900 to rm1200 to change a new compressor. when hubs told me, i was having cold sweat. sigh. we decided to get 3rd opinion. we drove home, without the air cond & sweat like nobody's biz.

we couldn't do anything as the next day was a Sunday. i was asking around for mechanic recommendations which frens can trust. as i know nowadays, they will "cut throat" whenever possible. sigh. my prayers were heard when cookingmomster called me up saying her hubby wants to speak to my hubs. then it is decided that they will pay a visit to a mechanic fren of sue2 on monday, which is today. so we still gotta wait, didn't want to drive out as the car has no air cond. torturing man.

then i msn my bro in law, asking if he is up for lunch & a movie. one hour later, he popped by to pick us all up & we proceed to IOI mall to have lunch & then watched Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Lighting Thief. we enjoyed the show, and i simply love the history of the Greek Gods & their beautiful names. it fascinates me. hehe! as for dinner, we had another couple frens who came over & picked us up & we head to oldtown. i dunno if any of your kids are having the same antics as my lil missy. recently, she refuses to eat her food. lunch or dinner, she will only takes a little & refused the rest. i tried forcing, coaxing, bribing & none of them will work! im at my wits' end. why won't she finishes her food, she used to eat well. sigh.

anyway, monday came. hubs together with sue2's hubs, Suki went to look for their mechanic fren. and here i was at work praying & mumbling to myself, the air cond compressor better not be dead, or i will be! dang dang dang! then good news came about! hubs SMSed me, told me the mechanic found something else was faulty & it only cost rm400 to have it replaced & fixed. the car's air cond compressor is still in good working condition! THANK YOU GOD! and more importantly, THANK YOOOOOOOOOU COOKINGMOMSTER & SUKI. if it's not for you guys, we couldn't have solve this problem soonest possible.

kamsiah kamsiah kamsiah!

21 February 2010

CNY 2010

weeks back i was so excited about trraaaak tuuuung chiang! and now, back to work tomorrow. why can't time goes a bit slower when we are having fun? aisey man. back to work, back to work! anyway, CNY this year was wooohooooo with only a sad case which was lil missy caught fever & flu on the 4th day of CNY, but recovered just in time for the last CNY party at my parent's home. hubs even bought tickets to Valentine's Day movie but we didn't go for it cus lil missy was feverish & i just couldn't leave her behind. sigh. i too was visited by flu & cough bug till today. if u happened to see a lady with a red nose reindeer walking by, well that might be me :(

CNY was all about fashion show for lil missy.
hehehehe! jes kidding!

CNY is all about decorations?

CNY is all about food?

CNY is all about fun?

CNY is all about being with family?

CNY is all about relatives?

CNY is all about brothers & sisters?

CNY is definitely about eating more FOOD!

hope you guys had a good CNY this year.
may the roaring tiger brings everyone
a "paws-perous" year ahead for all of us.

i still wanna watch Valentine's Day!
sob sob sob :(

11 February 2010

more colors

time really flies, i had one session during cny last year, then another session few months later. today after chatting with annieQ and admiring her pedicures, i decided to go do one session sempena CNY this year. it's gonna be expensive alright. yikes.

so right after work, hubs dropped me off in mines mall & i went to the nail salon which i often passed by. as expected, it was full house! sigh. then i rushed to nail parlour upstairs to find they still have space available. yay! but it was really really really expensive. prices was hike up another $5 & then the usual pedicure doesn't include dead skin removal... bla bla bla etc. the main reason i wanna do pedicure, besides getting the nails all nice & neat, it's for the removal of my dead skin around my foot. it's really bad i tell you. so i added the service and this session alone burned a BIG hole in my pocket. doing once here, can do twice in another nail salon. sigh. what to do, last minute!

shiok when the lady did some
massage & removing the dead skin on my foot :)

then hubs came by after picking up lil missy & he actually left her with me! i didn't know he walked away to check out some IT stuf. i thought he was right outside when lil missy walked out & asked where is daddy. my feet was in the tub & the nice lady helped me to chase after lil missy! OMG! at that moment, i really wanna strangle my dear husband! i nearly had a heart attack when lil missy was out of sight. i quickly called up hubs & thank GOD he was nearby already looking at lil missy from far. gosh!

this is my after session. nice? i hope so, i realised last year i did blue color, and this year the same again. hehe... oh well, i like blue. do u ladies likes to play with nail colors? i love it, always putting on different nail colors when im in the mood or rajin. i have quite a few collection myself. mostly i get it from the faceshop or skin food :)

10 February 2010


today we had a surprise visit from
Dato Lee Chong Wei,
our national badminton champion

he came over to our office to autograph some memorabilia.
so we all took the opportunity to take picture with him.
hehe... im not really into badminton, just took this picture
to show my parents "see i met Dato Lee"... wakakakaka!

and im in the mood for some colors for this festive season. im soooo in da mood man! i did this over lunch time at skinfood counter. hehe! tell me which colors u guys prefer... all so nice rite? i like no2, no3 & no4... hmmm tough!

09 February 2010

movies & makans

we went over for a movie, The Tooth Fairy with lil missy over the weekend. she was A OK thruout the movie, slept for awhile & woke up continue watching The Rock in action. overall a funny movie, family entertainment kind.

then hubs suggested i watch this as well. very funny movie. hilarious. and i suggest if u guys have the time, go watch It's Complicated too :)

had lunch in breeks cafe located in IOI mall, they were having promotion on set lunches @ rm19.90 which came with a drink & either soup or ice cream. the food was really nice. oh maybe cus we were hungry. i think it was nice.

hubs had the cajun fish spaghetti while i had the cheese mushroom dory fish spaghetti. lil missy finished almost the whole piece of my dory fish & a bit of the spaghetti. im happy she likes the food here, means we can pop over here more often :)

i also attended my company's annual dinner over the weekend. a last minute decision in fact. was too lazy to pan leng leng to go. so after our movie session, and it was close to evening, i just popped over to Jeeps retail store & got myself a pair of jeans & pepsi blouse, while hubs got some new clothes as well. still deciding to go or not, finally changed in the car & pop over to annual dinner. hahaha... the theme was silver screen saturday, and i was telling myself to dress as bella in twilight. jeans & shirt. unfortunately failed of cos, as bella is so pretty & she has long hair, oh well... what the heck! the rest of the ladies was dressed to kill, i don't even dare to move about. hahahaha... paiseh siot!

reached home around 1.30am, got locked out of the apartment as i did not bring my house keys with me. was calling hubs like mad think i killed his ifon. my ifon was down to 13% battery life. called my BIL who was staying in another condo away to standby to pick me up over to his place to crash for a nite if hubs STILL doesn't wake up to open the door for me. i was SMSing him non stop, just kept pressing the Send button till he was woken up by the SMS alerts. sigh. i knew i could get him by SMSes, but not the crazy 25 missed calls i gave him. arrrghhhh!

so ladies & gentleman,
always bring your house keys with you
you will never know when u gonna
get locked out of the house! dammit!

07 February 2010

C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea

lil missy finished her dinner in super fast mode
know why? cus i displayed these
drinks in front of her...
a bit of motivation mar... hahahaha!

C2 are made from 100% Natural Green Tea (not from powder & concentrates of green tea). what makes me interested was these drinks are brewed & packaged fresh on the same day. we also know that green tea has the least caffeine & the highest amount of health benefits. it has powerful anti-oxidant, and it's definitely a much healthier choice to carbonated soft drink. i do drink green tea in office everyday, if i could tahan not making coffee or teh tarik lah! hehehe...

hubs & i really like the drinks. and no need to mention lil missy lor, she has been sipping non stop from all 3 bottles. a bit here & there, but 3 of us has our own favorites C2 :)

Forest fruit flavor

Apple flavor

Lemon flavor

another thing i like is that C2 comes in a small convenient 350ml reseal-able PET bottle that you can 'sip & seal' & 'drink on the go'. it's fitting nicely in my bag. if you wanna try C2 the Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea, you can now get it from jusco, mydin, giant, 7-11 or your nearest mini market :)

06 February 2010

cny with doraemon

in mines :) i have never seen a giant doraemon before & well it's not something u see everyday, so i was more excited than lil missy. and this weekend, got special appearance from nobita & shizuka! hehe... dunno if doraemon is coming or not, can't recall what i read from the notice board

then we window shop a bit, and i came upon this blouse. nice rite? if not nice, just say it's nice please. haha! blady hell, price tag put $29.90 sekali go cashier to pay, $34.90. how i wish i can maki the ppl there, but i really like this blouse, so i makan my words & paid for it. damn, behtahan myself siot! then the usual kiddy rides, if not lil missy will go nuts on us, so have to layan her a bit there.

came back home lipat the new cny clothes i washed yesterday. u see this pic, 70% is lil missy's clothes, 20% mine, and poor hubs, only 10%. hahahaha! and i did a blunder again to a new shirt of his from my last mishaps! shucks! hubs new yellow polo shirt with dark blue striped gone. the dark blue color lak sek la! omg! stained the whole yellow shirt. walaoeh, i bought from Jusco & it's not cheap also lo, got it for about $40+, aiyaaaaaaaaaaaah! but i thank GOD also cus the rest of the load was SAFE. if not i will really jump off the building!

04 February 2010

mini hotel

if anyone decide to pop by to lil MELAKA, and got
no place to crash, check this place out...
its near town area & convenient, its new,
not too bad, HASH HOUSE HOTEL

room rates are OK

plasma screen in room le, but then not that you gonna stay in the room & watch TV all the time lah, then what for come to MELAKA right? hehe... that's not my point here, another choice for you loh, IF you don't mind simple hotel room. if you want 5-star hotel, this is not the place for you. go Holiday Inn or EQ ok? oh btw, this wan not paid post, this hotel owned by MIL's fren ;)

trrraaaaak tuuuung...


03 February 2010

gongxi gongxi

its getting nearer!
check out the varieties of angpao packets
available in market now

thinking to get the lil cheongsam for lil missy like
how Ashley has tonnes of cheong-samy kind
of baju. hmmm... but then, she probably will only
wear during cny, but they are really cute!

trong-trong-doraemon-chiang in
mines shopping mall, so cute!

02 February 2010


this was final weekend back to melaka before trong trong chiang! waaaaaaaweeeee! can't wait loh! shiok nyeeeeeee! im very the happy, like a kiddo, cus all we did during cny is... nothing! hahaha... ain't that nice? but... but... lil missy will be all over the place. gosh! terrible 3 in coming!

we went over to our dental check up on sat after dropping lil missy & my mom over at my aunt's salon. thank god we did not bring lil missy along, cus the whole thing lasted nearly 3 hours. we waited for a bit, then i got in 1st for my cleaning, after that it was hub's turn. he told miss dentist to be gentle on him. i did that too. hehe! after we are done, we made another appointment in march for some tooth refill. yikes. i blady dread the sounds the equipment makes. why can't they make quieter ones? why must they be so noisy. gosh!

after our dental visit, we were so hungry. on our way back to the salon, we stopped by to pack some yummy wantan mee & char kuey teow, melaka style! yummy-licious!

after all that, before heading home, we went to buy curry powder for my office fren as i owe her for so long oredi. this shop probably exist for ber-abad already, by looking at the state of the place, but it sure smells good. the curry powder is fresh, siap got curry leaves some more.

the next day, we went over to dataran pahlawan, to walkabout with my parents, aunt & cousin. we end up in oldtown kopitiam to have drinks till late night. lil missy was showing no sign of tiredness at all. super active all nite long.

on sunday nite, we popped by at jonker street cus we were thinking that the crowd should be ok, better than saturday which can be a killer. lucky us, the crowd was bearable. the trip to jonker was really tiring according to my mom, not because of walking, but becos of chasing after lil missy.
T I R I N G! my mom said, no more jonker street with lil missy. kenot take it!