29 April 2010

not too bad...

after my 1st attempt of beautify-ing the fruits for lil missy to eat, i did my 2nd & 3rd attempt. yesterday i only had apples & i was able to do mickey & minnie out of it. lil missy was happy when she sees them, but she was not interested in eating it!

aisey man! she was asking "where is the mango?" there was a few pieces of mango which i myself have finished up. aiyoooo... eat too much mango not good rite? got "angin", the mango. then some of it end up in hubs & mommy's big tummy. and some gone wasted *sigh*

today i bought a small papaya & some bananas. i did all the shapes again, and even marie kitten & miffy bunny :) and lil missy finished all of it. hubs ate her 2 lil mickey apple though. not too bad. my effort today did not go down the drain *phew*

the close ups! im wondering now, what kind of
fruits can we use next time, which is big
enough for me to 'stamp' the shapes

see the leftovers?
who's gonna eat this u tell me!!!!

lets see how long im this hardworking, doing all this...

28 April 2010

down with love

u know, im crazy over taiwanese drama & this is my latest, Down with Love, thanks to my dear ter-sayang for getting it for me. i know he is reading this :)

2 nites ago, i watched this series till 4am. stoned man, the next morning. even woke up late a bit, luckily lil missy woke us up, cus she wanted to go skool. yikes! i know, i know. baaaaad mami! but... but... im too immersed in the show... lum sei ngor laaaaar... at one point, hubs woke up from his slumber to scold me. the conversation goes like this...

hubs : eh, u siao ah, what time edi ah?
me : errrr.... *giggling*
hubs : u ah, pls lah, grow up can or not!
me : *still giggling*
hubs : u continue like this lar, i donwan to get series for you edi!
me : don't like that lar *giggling*

if you are wondering why i was giggling so much, is because i was in dreamland. tengah lum sei by the romantic series. wakakakakaka! i finished watching 25 episodes in 3 nites. not everynite 4am lah. siao meh.
sorry dar... i don't mean to lar, so pls get more series for me ok? hehe!

muaks muaks

it's about time

i have a box full of bento tools. till today, i still have not create any masterpiece with it. i really should not buy them, compulsive buying! aaaaaaaarghhhhh! then lately, hweili has been bento-ing for her cutie pie. gosh, it triggered my senses. wakakaka... not that serious lar. i only felt that it's a waste not to use the tools to create such cute foodie stuff.

and moreover lil missy was really excited when she saw the fruits which i shaped up. she was standing near to me when i was cutting the fruits. she was like "ooohhh ahhhh star, love, moon..." yadda... yadda...

cute lil presentation on the fruits can really motivate lil missy finished up the fruits le! no wonder the moms in japan are always bento-ing. so much effort to bento, no joke. unlike other pro-bento mommies out there, mine consider sap sap sui lah!

daddy also got his fair share of fruits, but no cute cute shapes lor.
if he doesn't finish his fruits, he is gonna geddit from me. nyek nyek nyek!

see lah, sapu habis except the strawberries. she don't like it at all. these are korean strawberries which my fren gave me. all ended up in my tummy already. when i cut the fruits, there were so much access which was not required, so this mommy have to eat them up lor. the nice part give lil missy, the not so nice part, mommy eat lor. sacrifices we moms made huh. haha!

27 April 2010

apa story?

anyone need to buy cooking oil?
don't forget to check this out in giant hor...

then hor, if interested in getting a cute bike,
giant also got, not bad le... till the lil missy
shiok till donwan to go back o.O

yesterday, lil missy came back with the below mag,
the teacher told hubs that lil missy won it from some
quiz session. we asked lil missy where you got
the book from, she said "auntie give"
maybe there was a birthday party or something,
someone's mother gave during games? hehehe...

i was on cloud 9 knowing she won something
not bad hor, though is just a mag. hehe!
nowadays, we must get lil missy to read more,
instead of playing games or watch so
much tv... we must be diligent ok?

come let us read more!

25 April 2010

finally a picnic!

this weekend we have been really good i think. never really go any shopping mall far far away from us to spend money. hahaha... since im so broke already, might as well stay put nearby. yesterday was a fun day, with all the swimming & book time...

and today we had lunch over in xi men ting again, our usual makan place. popped by over in giant to do some groceries. i had a $50 voucher with me which i redeemed of my credit card points so i thought i better use it up before its expires. i can be very forgetful of late. damn.

went home, lil missy & hubs took their looooong nap while i blog-hop. then my buddy msn-ed me informing me that it's raining in bukit jalil park. told me it's thundering & windy. im like... sei for lor, how lah now? so i SMS-ed this mommy & another mommy whom is on the way back from seremban to kl to check if they still ON or NOT... they say ON wor, so ON lor...

lucky it was ON cus it was fun! lil missy had so much fun she kept wanting more when we were on our way home. and she was in her best behavior thru-out the whole time. phew! my lil missy can be a wee bit of samseng at times

it was really nice to be able to to this. hanging out in the park instead of going to shopping malls. we really gotta make more effort to go to the park. to have walks, swimming more often, a healthier lifestyle. maybe what i can foresee is, saturday is for shopping malls, and sunday is for outdoor activities. yeah... hope this works. haha!

tiz pic is taken by my ter-sayang. so lousy!
esh esh... anyway, nevermind lah. do re mi...
im the fattest, uwek!

24 April 2010

what a day!

after we checked with the teacher yesterday that it was sand play & craft day, we decided to send lil missy to kindy for half day today. she is really keen to go to school now. every morning she will be singing some nursery rhymes & get all hyped up about going to school. hope just not 'hangat2 tahi ayam'

after putting her at her kindy, off we went to have breakfast in oldtown. upon reaching our destination we didn't realise we were actually very early! waaaaay early, cus as you can see everything also 'gelap gelita'. after waiting for half an hour finally we get to go in & sat for almost 3plus hours.

Breakfast in oldtown ü

Foot reflexology after that ü

after our long breakie, we then shoot off for a session of foot massage in the place we frequent. it was heaven being tortured & be paying for it. hahaha! i really need it. maybe the next session, i want to have 2 hours foot massage instead. warao, siao leh!

BookXcess in Amcorp mall ü

i have been contaminated by smallkucing for quite some time now on the books she bought. i even have a long list of books which im interested in getting from bookxcess, so i coaxed my dear hubby to drive us all the way to PJ to buy books.

Bought a few books only ü

as this was the last min decision, i did not bring my list along, and there were too many people. and lil missy was super cranky, i decided to just grab whatever & pay for it. next trip, next trip :) after the book-buying session, off we went to sri suria to have lunch. their spicy sambal fish rice is oh-yummy-licious. next time can go eat again if pop by in amcorp mall :)

Swimming ü

lil missy was asleep on our way back from PJ. she continue to nap till evening. when she got up, i asked her if she wants to go swimming, of cos lah want! so off we go! this mommy was too lazy to even dip inside the pool so i was the photographer kepo-ing around. must bring her swimming more often. and i must learn swimming o.O

mines mall ü

then at nite, it was dinner in mines, brief meet up with an ofis buddy, bought some stuf & off to home sweet home. today is really a tiring day. feels like we did so much of walking, but the actual fact not really leh. i think im getting old. sigh. or i need more massage. hehe...

23 April 2010


jennifer lopez, need i say more? hehehe... i love to look at her, cus she is just so pretty & cool. love her movies, though they aren't blockbuster, but yet... her movies are like a good chic-lit book to me. will always feel good after watching her recent movies. those 'i-hate-you then turn to i-love-you' movies kinda thing. u know...

we watched the the Back-up plan & it was nice. love it very much & had a good laugh. it's about a woman who doesn't seem to trust any man in her life, who decides then to get pregnant by goin thru sperm donor. then... she met the guy of her dreams & hoo-haaa... hilarious. there was also scenes of water birth which i think was a lil wee out of the norm. too funny and scary at the same time!

overall a good watch, next movie to look out for ----> Leap Year

19 April 2010

life has been a lil nutty...

but we are all hanging there. i have not been blogging or been blog hopping to my favourite blogs for weeks already. i do read once awhile but not been commenting. entah lah, no mood. tarak pun PMS, but... just not happy enuf. for one, work was getting hectic. just found out a colleague is leaving, means double workload. sigh.

this is the smile that we miss alot nowadays
as she has turn gloomy most of the time

and lil missy has just started kindy & daycare, which was a last minute decision cus our bbsitter told us she wants to rilek edi, so don't want to take care of lil missy edi. double sigh. oh well, we will survive! therefore we have decided to send lil missy to a kindy nearby our home, WHICH by the way is soooooo convenient for us! BUT... lil missy caught a fever bug for almost 5 days. it was her 1st week in kindy & she got the bug. adoi... to make matter worst, she cries everyday telling us she doesn't want to go to kindy. we were so stressed up by her, cus she totally changed from a happy lil missy to a sad lil missy.

this is when you tell her that
she is going to skool tomorrow

she was no longer friendly to anyone, no longer want this mommy, only sticks to daddy like UHU glue. super sticky too. she is just not the lil missy we know. BUT... someone told me it's just a phase she is going thru with the new environment & all which i prayed is true, cus we missed the happy lil missy. it's not really all that bad. her teacher told me she is progressing well in kindy. ready to mingle around, independent, and doing ok. then how come she is so quiet when she reaches home? this is only the 9th day she has attended her kindy & hope to see her change for the better lor. hubs told me today, that lil missy was happy when he picked her up, so fingers crossing here...

this is when you tell her
we are going to Jusco

another change was, we took up food catering. so no more eating out on weekdays, no more reaching home at 8pm or 9pm. hope the food is cleaner & healthier for a start. then maybe i will learn to cook, one fine day... i can smell it. hahahaha!

and this is our 1st catered
home cooked food :)

other than all the madness going around in our household, i should say everything else is in place. hehehe... the sun is shining a wee brighter now on my side, i can feel it. i hope it stays that way. will be blog hopping more now... soon! by the way, while i was away, did any of you feed my hamster? hehehe...

02 April 2010

the war

after watching the lighting thief sometime back, watching the Clash of the Titans seems natural. this movie was a remake of 1981, a fantasy film based on the son of Zeus, Perseus :)

it's about Perseus, a demi-god (mom human, dad was Zeus, the greek GOD) who challenges the Gods then. war between humans & Gods. very entertaining and cool graphic. there was also Pegasus, my favourite! hensem horse.

go watch, go... go... go...

01 April 2010

my loots

if i tell you i did not buy anything from my holiday in china & hk, would you believe me ah? hehehe... after the "refugee" tour as hweili put it, it was tiring but it was all fun. i actually like "refugee" tour, cus for a lazy person like me, i feel at ease going to a stranger's country knowing someone will guide us everywhere. no need to worry about anything, cus all are well planned up for you. just pay, be hardworking & enjoy yourself. hehe... anyway, that's just me... and hweili. hahaha...

there were soooooooooooooo many shoes to choose from. and the dungu me only bought 2 pairs out of hundreds of shoes being displayed in front of me. no time! too rush! too many distraction! i saw the scarf in klcc selling for $29.90 for each, and i got for $10. i even paid $7.50 for one!

so many choices, so little time!

ladies' blouses is everywhere!
omg. behtahan oh! and all so cheap!

and the accessories! i was happy when the shop lady told me the pricing. and of cos after i bargained right to the end, i nearly pengsan too! hahaha.. it is very cheap! ifon covers, rings etc. on top of all these, i also bought royal jelly from a local bee farm, some jewelry from a local factory.

when i got back home, looking at my treasures, i realised i bought too little! dammit! not enough time & not enuf $$$ loh... esh!

away... away...

Day 4 was Hong Kong - Shenzen - Guangzhou cont from here

the next morning, we had dimsum breakie in hong kong before we proceed to shenzen & then guangzhou. we went to a famous park in guangzhou, can't recall the name though. the whole place was so calm and beautiful. it helps too with the cooling weather most of the time. ah bliss! those who doesn't wanna go up the hill, stay on downhill to enjoy the quiet time. i captured the picture of the signage cus it was so weird. everything seems to be emergency. haha!

we then proceed to shang xia jiu street if im not mistaken for a 2 hour shopping! it was GREAT. too little time, and too many distraction! gosh... but i still prefer shopping in shenzen & zhuhai. it was so good, i really wanna go back again! im still regretting not buying enuf shoes, accessories & clothing! arrrghhh! too little time, too little money, too rush! dang!

we also joined the nightseeing cruise tour along zhu's river in guangzhou. the view was really breath-taking. the lighting, the scenery was awesome. and it was so cold. think it was on 15c that night. ooooh shiok!

Day 5 was Guangzhou - Zhuhai

we visited a few tourist places, including the 5 rams statue. and then we proceed to Chen Jia hall (i think!)

this place is the place where scholars use to come for exams. so all the smart smart people from last time used to graduate from here. i think. hahaha... didn't really listen to the tour guide yakking away, cus i was thinking about shopping! hehehehe....

and hakka clan very powerful here lo. im a hakka. does this mean that this one of my ancestor's place? hehe... dunno lar... dad didn't mentioned anything also.

the view of the place was very nice. and the place was very well maintained too. toilet very clean also. hahahaha... one thing i can't really take it, is the toilets around in china. it's acceptable lar, but i miss my home country when it comes to wee wee time. blek!

next we went to visit a hakka village. the host was so pretty & cute! here they sell tea leaves, and herbs. i didn't buy any tea cus i blew my $$ buying royal jelly from an earlier bee farm. dunno why i bought it, gosh. less money to shop! eeeeeeeeek!

and i gotta mentioned this. shopping in zhuhai is GREAT! it was sooooooooo good. i really wanna go again. it was so funny at one time. i was on my last dose of rmb41 and i showed the shop lady. i told her, this is my balance of $$, do you want it? she took it & i got my blouse for a very much2 cheaper price! wakakakaka!

Day 6 was Zhuhai - Macau - Guangzhou

after breakie in zhuhai, we proceed for macau day tour. we visited the famous ruins of st paul's cathedral. as we were late for our lunch, we stopped by the shops here for some light snacks. the egg tarts. the curry fish balls. the pork chop bun was oh so yummy! i wonder if it's cus we were all hungry. hehe...

then we proceed to visit a few temples & tourist spot. by this time, i was already tired. really really tired of walking & walking.

our last destination was the Venetian. hotel & casino. was looking forward to this place cus this is the place where the famous BOYS OVER FLOWERS shot some scenes here! aaaaaah! the leng chai was here before! hehe... mom said i was nuts. i agreed.

the hotel area is very nice, with the man-made sky and all. the whole place is really grand.

we proceed to walk around. major brands outlets was here. huge shopping place. we then went over to the food court to have early dinner before we head to the airport. our flight was 930pm so long time to go. i paid hkd48 for this claypot rice of chicken & mushroom *faint*

our flight was delayed an hour. reached lcct kl around 2am, reached home around 3am, slept around 5am, and got up the next day at 10am. lil missy was asleep in the car when hubs arrived to pick me up. she opened her eyes when she we reached home & called me mommy. gosh, bliss. i missed that. i hugged her to sleep that morning. then we brought her to movie & popcorn treat. on that sunday, we even went for foot massage cus i really need it badly.

till today, im still in blur mode. after the almost 1 week holiday. my mind is still slow, but steady. hahahaha... think i will recover by next week! hehe!