30 November 2009

moon-ing over...

the movie, new moon which i sempat watch over the weekend with 2 men which i coaxed non stop, talking non stop, sms-ing non stop to till they gave up & painstakingly tag along with me. thank you hubs & Rob for the sacrifice you guys made. wahahahaha!

don't they just look so yummy-licious? i feel 18 watching tiz movie i tell you, the love, the vampires, the romantic scene, the abs, the werewolves... wow. we all need to feel 18 once awhile kan? no harm what. hehe...

we arrived late to the cinema, think i missed out first 5 mins of the show or something. that 2 fella la, Q-ing to get popcorn & drinks, taking their own sweet time walking. esssssh! on my left, Rob kept whispering "gay" throughout the movie, and on my right, hubs laffing all the way, i think i shud go and watch tiz movie AGAIN! arrrghhh! though lots said that this movie didn't do justice to the book, just enjoy it lor. books is always better than the movie tie-in mah. don't compare with LOTRs or Harry Potter le, Twilight has it's own charm. enjoy it.

23 November 2009

it's coming...

i know, the lil lazybug bite me. lazytown is in da house. have not been blogging for near to 3 weeks now. been "cooking" taiwanese series everynite, so u know-lah! hehe... we celebrated my dad's bday over simple lunch. then the usual makan here, makan there & lepak here & there with my family. everyday see lil missy say things which suprises us. past few days kept saying "astro boy, astro boy" and we didn't even teach her that :)

over the weekend, we saw 2 movies. kena mengambil kesempatan to watch whatever cartoon there is showing, so can enjoy popcorn. hehe. lil missy was enjoying both movies, especially her astro boy. even me & hubs likes it

other than movie-thon on last weekend, we also checked in for a nite over in Marriot, Putrajaya together with tiz sexymama. she is one super fast blogger, check out her blog to find out more of what we did. i will blog about it later, till i sort out the pics. if you see duplications of pics in both our blogs... cus i took all her pics! hehehe...

this weekend will be another weekend to look forward to, cus extra day off. yippppeee! and im goin for new moon. the much awaited movie of the year! for me that is.

03 November 2009

Kin Kin lat jiu pan mee

my bro in law introduced this place to us many many years ago. and ever since then, we are hooked to it. each time we think about this place, we will be swallowing our saliva (hahaha... yeah man, that bad!) the chili pan mee served here is one of its kind, so far of all the others which we tried, this KIN KIN place still da best!

i remembered the 1st time we makan here, we became hero. put soooo much of the chili flakes till we behtahan, i think we drank 3 glass of ice drinks each of us. wahseh... bombastic! hahaha! so very the spicy, top up with the hot soup.... shiok nyer! and once we waited more than an hour for our pan mee, yet we still come back for more

the one we normally frequent is the branch in chow kit. and they have another branch in Pandan Indah which we will check out soon. nearer to us in fact, no need to brave the traffic jam towards chow kit on a weekday after work. gosh. for the love of this chili pan mee, we kena go thru hell of traffic, but... but... its soooo worth it!

Kin Kin restaurant
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Chow Kit)

Kin Kin restaurant
6-G, Jalan Perubatan 4, Off Jalan Pandan Ilmu
(Directly opp Pandan Indah police station)

02 November 2009

good weekend

we were back to melaka for the weekend. wanted to go jonker street but it was raining on & off. on sat, went out with my parents & lil missy for lunch at this yong tau foo place at malim. oh sedap, till i forgot to snap pics. we also had char kueh teow & wan tan mee yang sememang-nyer yummy for tea time (aka early dinner) melaka food is always nice, no matter which corner u end up in, or maybe the corners i end up in is always nice. haha!

i went for a good 2 hours traditional massage, only rm68 which is so much cheaper than KL. wahseh, heaven! paid to be tortured. crazy man. my female masseur is a 28 yr old china lady, pretty & muscular. veli the strong! each point she pressed on my body, i felt the pain, which is not good. sigh. each time she went "oh tian ah, tian ah (oh lord, oh lord) ... everywhere pain" she said im too tired, need to sleep early, drink lesser cold water. do more exercise... bla bla bla. i say, i will come visit you often then. hehe!

this massage place is just opposite Equatorial Hotel, just in town. they have 60 masseurs working & that place is really big. different sections for male & female, they even have fish spa. will go again in my next trip back to melaka. so need it man. till today, my back still aches a bit, but i feel better.

since it's all about food, this was our dinner yesterday. our favourite makan place called Xi Men Ting, a taiwanese foodie, small lil restaurant over at South City Plaza. we like to come over here cus lil missy loves the rice here, she can finished a bowl of rice, which im really happy, so means i don't need to cook. im so lazy & a bad mom, i know. don't judge me. blek.