31 March 2009

tiring weekend

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC was awesome! i watched it on Friday nite together with my brother. we were late (my bro lah!) and i missed the 1st 5-10 mins of the show. i need to watch it again man. me & my bro really enjoyed the movie. we laughed till the leg all also ternaik-naik! hahahaha. it was about 2ish in the morning after the show, on the way back we stopped for dim sum. oh the yummy lor mai kai & dim sum! yuuuummm....

'cheng meng' is around the corner, where we all gather to pay respect to our elders. the fact that is 'cheng meng' whereby we gotta feel sad cus our loved ones left us, i was also in happy mood cus this time around, all cousins will all gather together for this prayers :) on sat morning, i followed my parents to pay respect to my late grandma together with my relatives. 1st group of us arrived earlier and while we waited for 2nd group to arrive, we all sat around the graveyard to chit chat & joked. what a sight man. haha! u can imagine a group of 10 adults & kids laughing & talking to kill time. with all due respect, i seriously apologies to those around us that time. all we could see is gloomy faces. finally we did spot some other bunch of happier peeps around.

no sight of 2
nd group, we all walked down towards the malay stall nearby to have a feast. well not a FEAST feast, just some yummy ikan pari, nasi lemak, lontong, roti canai & a group of jokers. what a morning. after the prayers, we went back to freshen up & head off to our late grandma's hse over in machap baru. the house was packed & im loving it. uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces & nephews. it was also Earth Hour day, and mind you, i did try my best to convince everyone to switch of the lights, but only managed to switch off a few. its a
kampung lor, so u can imagine la hor.

on sun morning, i woke up around 730am crawl out of bed slowly & hubs came by to pick me up for IL's side of prayers. we din bring lil missy along cus i just don't want to. she was sleeping like a baby & moreover the hot sun, the walking, the naik bukit part already sum up the word TIRED! the prayers finished about 12noon & i went home straight away knocked out for few hours. lucky lil missy was well behaved along with my parents so i got to sleep.

after my nap, lil missy's nap, hubs came by to pick us up & we head back to KL. on the way, we dropped by to hubs' normal hair saloon to get a hair cut & me, being the crazee me, went & cut my hair and end up with this!

my colleague took this pic using his new expensif DSLR

omg, super short laaaaaah! i had a hair cut just like this before years back and... whoa, i didn't know i wud get it again lar. adoi. a bit too short, my mom disapproved it. too short she said. oh well, cut already lah. i kinda like it. no need to comb my hair. haha. hubs loves it. lil missy called me 'daddy'. walaoeh. some of my colleague asked me if i ter-cut wrongly. jokers. my boss said nice. some of my frens told too short. some said i looked like 18 years old now. i wished. so many different opinions but most important is im ok with it. haha... im consoling myself here leh :)

27 March 2009

Confessions of Shopaholic

from the book to the movie... nyek nyek! i haven't even read the book yet. sei mou? im going back malacca tonite. and hubs is going to bring back lil missy to his house to take care for a nite cus tomorrow i'm following my parents to go for my grandma prayers. not bringing lil missy along, so that means... i have tonite free! apa lagi! straight away i called my movie coordinator which is my brother, to reserve seats for the movie Confessions of Shopaholic! haha! im watching 11.40pm tonite & i already imagining my mom shouting at us to wake up for the prayers tomorrow morning. hahahaha... me & my brother can sleep like a log & not move even my mom or dad come shouting at us! bad hor :)

yesterday nite, we managed to watch this movie, Marley & Me. the world worst dog. hehe... marley is so cute & very evil. a movie about life after marriage, kids, commitment, responsibilities, love, sacrifices. a good movie.

22 March 2009

time really flies...

weekends came & went off pretty fast nowadays. here we are again, another weekend. going to the malls for kai kai-ing. how to avoid also we will end up in the malls. hahaha... sei mou? and moreover, practically everywhere is having the word S-A-L-E, so how to avoid?

finally we went to the mph stock clearance sales in PJ on sat. went around 3ish & the weather was really hot. there were fans at that place but still damn hot. lil missy was soaked in sweat and her cheeks, no need blusher man. au natural! seeing her like tat also no mood to check out the books already, so we faster got some books & left the place. i bought like about 10 books for only rm88.70. mostly hard cover books & also an elmo vcd which lil missy is hooked on at the moment. elmo is so cute! the next thing on my mind when we left that mph sale was IKEA! hahaha... but we were too tired to go so, forget it lah!

then today, we went over to IOI mall in puchong. the new wing is up already and more basement car parks. good. then i saw the word DAISO big-big outside the building & i shouted! haha! hubs rolled his eyes and sighed. walaoeh. damn sampat. there was a brands outlet store side by side with padini concept store. got sakae sushi & TGIF, where we had lunch in. then got san francisco coffee, CROCs shop, bossini & whole lot more. some are opened, some still in the midst of preparing for opening. so those who wants to go DAISO, i think they should open by next month.

then we went over to the old wing, got popular book sale. great. i managed to get a nursery rhymes cd for lil missy. mostly sold there are chinese books so off we went inside jusco instead. went to the kids section & bought a 'laptop' for lil missy since she likes to terrorize daddy's poor laptop. it was rm69.90 & was on 50% off. lucky i got jusco voucher so it was sort of like free. hahahaha... making myself feel better here for spending. then we let lil missy run wild in the playground section. paid rm6 for unlimited time in a huge play area. daddy went inside with her while i walked around jusco.

oh yeah, we also let her ride the carousel which is inside IOI mall too. no need to go genting for it, haha... rm2 for a ride, which makes me dizzy i tell u. i think it's the weather. it hasn't been raining for the past few days, probably that's why we get tired easily & headaches too. or it's just me?

15 March 2009

this time...

around, we didn't go any shopping malls at all! hahaha! what a great weekend! but then we did go to south city for dinner & bought some things at giant... so still consider ok lah. serious, no go out, save money!

on saturday nite, my cousins planned a surprise birthday party for the dad & we joined in the fun. we arrived right on time, but the father suddenly arrived home earlier than expected so it was a 'failed' surprise party. hahahaha! nevertheless, it was still a good party with all the relatives joining together & can see my uncle beaming that nite. we did surprise him with the cake though :) i was in charge of switching off the lights when the cake came out! hehe!

it was a good party, with lots of kids running around. surprisingly lil missy was not as 'wild' as i thought she would be cus i think the other kids were much older & running around faster. so i think she would have thought "aiyah, just sit with daddy & play with my toy better" hehe!

then today afternoon was supposed to meet up with some friends over in sunway pyramid, but hubs' aunt called the night before to go over their house for steamboat. then i informed my friends to meet up later, but she told me its ok to meet up next time cus she don't want me to drive all the way there just to have drinks. kekekeke... so thotful of her isn't it? hehe...

so off we went to aunt's place in setapak & lil missy just enjoying herself playing with the piano. lucky there was lotsa of people, so u can hardly hear her playing all the noise. phew! if not, i will faint.

maybe next time can enrol her into piano classes? or taekwondo classes? or ballet classes? or... or... think later la hor, after all she is only 2 years old, but then seeing all the current kids, with their tuition classes when they are only in kindergarten, really scares me off. like my cousins' both boys, there are only 5 & 4 respectively, their rest days is only tuesday & sunday! how man? so young already so bz? what happened to climbing trees?

14 March 2009

MPH stock clearance

hmmm... the ones i normally go last time is always warehouse sale. now it's stock clearance promotion. is there any difference ah? normally when they mention stock clearance, normally bad condition wan le... hmmm... how ah? to go or not to go? pls lemme know if any of you went to this ok? thanks!

12 March 2009


my favourite song!
i love this song!
i love jason mraz!
i love colbie caillat!

09 March 2009

happy birthday again!

long weekend it has been, thanks to a PH given to us. we went back to malacca for lil missy's Pneumococoal jab in Pantai Medical centre & bye bye rm280. goodness. then ms paeditrician also let us in some future jab for lil missy and more ka-chings there. oh, i was told about a new cervical jab for women or something. need to check with gynae on that.

on sat after
lil missy's jab, hubs drove lil missy back to ILs place & im a free woman! muahahaha! i then rushed my bro to get ready & off we went for a movie. we managed to catch "LOVE MATTERS" though we were late 15 mins. i recommend this movie to all married couple with kids. go watch, go grab the dvd, go watch it. after the movie, i managed to take a 3 hour nap. shiok man! around evening, my fren malini came pick me up & off we went to shopping & yamcha session with my close frens over at oldtown kopitiam till my dad called me & asked "the shopping mall haven't close shop ah?" walaoeh... haha! dad oh dad!

the next day, my family & my ILs went over to a restaurant in melaka raya for the belated birthday lunch of lil missy. no big party whatsoever, just a table of family members enjoying lunch on a Sunday afternoon. lil missy was a bit cranky cus she was due on her afternoon nap but as soon as she saw the cute lil ice cream cake daddy bought for her, she was excited! hehehe... then the restaurant played a birthday song & we all sang for her. she blew off the candles before the song finishes & cut the cake herself! hahaha... krys oh krys :)

today we came back to KL after lunch & reached early around late afternoon, luckily there was no traffic jam. phew! then we went over to mines & we had Kenny rogers for dinner & hubs tried their new fish dish. not bad & the bill came up to rm70.40 for 3 of us. i was like wtf. stopid rm10 already for taxes. sigh. cialat. hubs wanted to get DVDs & BIL wanted to buy a new wireless mouse & he bought one at freaking rm219! can u believe it. crazy fella! it's the new Microsoft technology wireless arch mouse. siao man!

another weekend came by & gone. hope u guys had a nice weekend!

06 March 2009

TGIF peeps

sien loh, hubs gonna be late again. got some work to clear off before coming over to fetch me. itellyou. i very sien lah. i wanna go back malacca lah... sob sob!

anyway, i still got some episodes to catch up on le. currently watching this, Ms No Good with rainie & wilbur. never have the time to sit & finish this series. i love to watch rainie's series, even better if Mike He is in it man. i just lurve watching this 2 acting together, they look so good together. if they kahwin rite, i bet their kids sure very the lengchai lenglui wan! hehe....

in this series right, rainie's role is really very annoying. the way she speaks makes u wanna cekik her, but she is so pretty! can't help it. u know, one of my wish is to visit Taiwan. i always dreamt that one fine day, while walking on the busy streets of Taiwan, i would bump into Mike He. piuu-weeet!

oh my dear lord! fuhlamak! i will sure pengsan. hahahaha... walaoeh, siao liao lah. hubby, faitit lai pick me up lah!

05 March 2009

happy birthday lil missy!

i never knew i could go thru the labour when i was giving birth. i was so worried when the time was nearer to pop. i will be thinking for THE day all the time, but anyhow, i did it. hehe... with the help of "laughing gas" & the ever so motivating midwife, nurses, gynae & of cos my parents & my hubs who was with me from starting. i still remembered my mom kept walking in the labour room to check on me & the nurses will shoo her out. i could see she was more stressed than me! haha!

then with a blink of 365 days, she turn 1 year old & we had a birthday celebration for her :)

with another blink of 365 days, she turns 2 today!

yesterday nite, i bought a piece of mango cake from secret recipe sajer wanna sing birthday song to her & let her blow the lil candle. she was smiling till kenot see her eyes already. hahaha... my noty lil missy. she also enjoyed eating the cake & playing with the cream. noty noty!

happy birthday Krystal, may you grow up healthily, happily & be a good girl :)