31 March 2009

tiring weekend

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC was awesome! i watched it on Friday nite together with my brother. we were late (my bro lah!) and i missed the 1st 5-10 mins of the show. i need to watch it again man. me & my bro really enjoyed the movie. we laughed till the leg all also ternaik-naik! hahahaha. it was about 2ish in the morning after the show, on the way back we stopped for dim sum. oh the yummy lor mai kai & dim sum! yuuuummm....

'cheng meng' is around the corner, where we all gather to pay respect to our elders. the fact that is 'cheng meng' whereby we gotta feel sad cus our loved ones left us, i was also in happy mood cus this time around, all cousins will all gather together for this prayers :) on sat morning, i followed my parents to pay respect to my late grandma together with my relatives. 1st group of us arrived earlier and while we waited for 2nd group to arrive, we all sat around the graveyard to chit chat & joked. what a sight man. haha! u can imagine a group of 10 adults & kids laughing & talking to kill time. with all due respect, i seriously apologies to those around us that time. all we could see is gloomy faces. finally we did spot some other bunch of happier peeps around.

no sight of 2
nd group, we all walked down towards the malay stall nearby to have a feast. well not a FEAST feast, just some yummy ikan pari, nasi lemak, lontong, roti canai & a group of jokers. what a morning. after the prayers, we went back to freshen up & head off to our late grandma's hse over in machap baru. the house was packed & im loving it. uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces & nephews. it was also Earth Hour day, and mind you, i did try my best to convince everyone to switch of the lights, but only managed to switch off a few. its a
kampung lor, so u can imagine la hor.

on sun morning, i woke up around 730am crawl out of bed slowly & hubs came by to pick me up for IL's side of prayers. we din bring lil missy along cus i just don't want to. she was sleeping like a baby & moreover the hot sun, the walking, the naik bukit part already sum up the word TIRED! the prayers finished about 12noon & i went home straight away knocked out for few hours. lucky lil missy was well behaved along with my parents so i got to sleep.

after my nap, lil missy's nap, hubs came by to pick us up & we head back to KL. on the way, we dropped by to hubs' normal hair saloon to get a hair cut & me, being the crazee me, went & cut my hair and end up with this!

my colleague took this pic using his new expensif DSLR

omg, super short laaaaaah! i had a hair cut just like this before years back and... whoa, i didn't know i wud get it again lar. adoi. a bit too short, my mom disapproved it. too short she said. oh well, cut already lah. i kinda like it. no need to comb my hair. haha. hubs loves it. lil missy called me 'daddy'. walaoeh. some of my colleague asked me if i ter-cut wrongly. jokers. my boss said nice. some of my frens told too short. some said i looked like 18 years old now. i wished. so many different opinions but most important is im ok with it. haha... im consoling myself here leh :)


Ann said...

Was trying to look for a photo of you before the haircut!

hahaha...dpn't worry it will grow again very very soon!

and now I want to watch the Confessions of An Alcoholic...I mean Shopaholic too!

mommy to chumsy said...

nice haircut. hopefully didn't cost a bomb ;)

Fussy mum said...

Ok wat your new haircut...very refreshing look! Dun worry, it will grow again very fast...but one thing I hate about short hair is - regular trimming.

Annie Q said...

Wah! Nice new hair style, yes, u look very young and more fresh!!! Aiya, now very "heng" short hair ma, everyone also cut their hair cut, me the other way round, i keep it long. hahahhahahahahha

hehehe, about "cheng meng" part, my in law side lagi shiok, go "cheng meng" like going picnic. Stay tune for my post. :)

wen said...

must go watch the movie already since u said its so funny

slavemom said...

Short hair is the in thing now. And u look vy trendy! Btw, I LOL when I read Krys called u "daddy". kekeke

Bonnie said...

Nice hair..but if me, sure I cannot accept and doesnt suit me.. too short! hehehe..

And man, I want to watch that movie with hubby too, but he got no off! damn!

jacss said...

see lar...missy also call u daddy edi so fai tit keep it back long, more lady ma, hahaha
too short is just not my taste sorry ya!!

zara's mama said...

Love that shot of yours..

confession of the shopoholic.. hmm must go and watch.

Wei, for someone who has a young daugther, you seem to be watching a lot of movies wo..

I probably get to watch only 1 or 2 in a month, when the girls are asleep.