27 January 2011

can't waaaaaaaaaaaait!

CNY cookies checked!

more CNY cookies, checked!

CNY pedicure, checked!

CNY clothes, checked!

one happy kiddo, checked!

to everyone celebrating,
may you guys have a blast!
to those not celebrating,
may you guys rock your holidays!

19 January 2011

a "not" so lazy weekend

cny is coming, it's a "bugs bunny" year, so let's get pregnant! hahaha... i'm kidding. just a silent prayer, not so silent now ey, ignore me, i'm a bit crazy. anyway, during one of those lazy-yeah-baby-no-need-to-work weekends, we had an impromptu drive to genting o.O

the day started of by crashing to the mines mall
for a lepak session, can't recall why
we went to the mines for. hehehe!

after our lunch, we popped by to feed the fish,
which was forbidden, but we did it anyway,
siap went 7-11 to buy a loaf of gardenia bread

after feeding the fishes, off we go to the rooftop, where they have this
splash park FOC for the little ones. always wanted to go, but never
really had the chance or we were too lazy. lil missy had a great time
running around, and we the adults just sat by the side to chit-a-chat :)

then it was time to head home, cus everyone was
getting lazy and tired. when we got home, we decided
to laze around by the poolside and hence this
wonderful picture taken! just love this shot!
everyone look sooooooooo blissfully happy ey?

then our close frens whom happened also to be our neighbour suggested we drive up to genting highland. so we all got home to get ready, a bit of rest, and off we go. firstly our frens dropped us off at ampang park for dinner as they have a wedding to attend that very night. so left me, hubs & lil missy having a quiet dinner by oldtown, and our frens picked us up around 10pm

it was a nice drive up, at first i thought it would be a scary drive up to genting cus being so late already and all, but i was wrong. there was so many cars going up that very night. probably cus it was the 1st weekend school started so less crowd? i was wrong again! we parked at resort world to have a cuppa at the coffee bean, only to find that it was so fully packed, people mountain people sea, queuing right to the door step! i managed to even joke with the baristas, as they were so tensed up, hahahahaha... poor fellas!

it was so darn cold, and i got to find out the next day, the temp was 14degrees! wahseh, no wonder it was freezing, it was awesome! hahaha. lil missy enjoyed herself so much she zonked out on our way back to kl after spending few hours up there. it was truly enjoyable, hope we will get to do more impromptu trips like this. hehehehe...

14 January 2011

do you discipline your kids?

that was the question mix.fm DJ duo was asking on air today morning. it's a very interesting subject, and a very funny one too, when u get the public to call in to feedback. one guy called up and said that he was spank during his younger days, and now that he is a father of his boys, he never wanted them to get spanking like he did. the DJs asked him, so how are your kids? he answered "monsters"... hahahahahaha! then they all laughed, ending the conversation with they guy saying "ok, I'm gonna whack them when they are monsters"... hahahaha!

actually, its very subjective to parents, whether they wanna use the soft side or the cane, yeah? for me, i boil easily, so it's the cane or THE HAND. i tell you, when lil missy go all whiny & become monster, i don't give face wan, even in public. though embarrassed, but who the heck cares, she is my kid, and if i don't discipline her, who will? correct? i remembered when i was younger, me & my brother always get whack cus we were always fighting day & night, i know it droves my parents crazy! hehe... now i'm getting it... hu hu hu...

my cousin sis is a classic, she would have all sorts of colors, you know those balloon sticks? then when her boys misbehave outside, she will then look them in the face and asked them, which color you want, i let you choose when we get home ok? waaaaah, classic wei! hahahahahaha!

i always try not to show "the hand" or "the cane" but sometimes, it just makes me go nuts when lil missy misbehave. why can't my child be an angel? if she is always obedient & sit still, i would worry then wouldn't i? haha... esh esh... then right after i spank her, i will regret, aiyaaaah! breath in breath out... this will always forever be a debate on child discipline

do u discipline your kids the "cane" way?

pics courtesy of www

06 January 2011

a brand new year

how was your new year? betcha it was awesome right? 2011 and rabbit is coming, did you make any new year resolution? i don't normally do any resolution cus i know i will fail *faint* our new year's eve was spend in Jonker street, Malacca, mom wanted to see the singing show going on to usher the new year, so we all went there to squat till countdown. hahaha!

then the unexpected happened. i ter-kick the steel leg of those big market umbrellas, did not see where I was going, lil missy was in front of me, thank God I was the one who got into this mess and it was not her, if not worse. Skin peeled off, whole chunk below my 1st toe, its was bloody sight. thank GOD my brother's girlfriend who is a nurse by profession, at that time was beside me. so she got my dad to buy a bottle of mineral water, and some plaster. she then cleaned my wound in the middle of the walkway and made me feel all better, but i was still in pain :(

the real deal, my ugly feet :(

and u know the first thing that came across my mind when i saw the wound, i was like "oh crap, how to do CNY pedicure lah?!" my mom wanted to slap me already, hahahahaha! for now the wound has entirely dried up & getting better, so looks like i still can go for a session of pedi :)