27 June 2010

how old are you?

lil missy said this to me "mummy, i am 3 years old, how old are you?" hehe... three of us were on our bed, daddy playing street fighter on mommy's ifon, while mommy was kacau-ing lil missy. then i answered her "mommy is 30 years old"... whoa... 30 man, then it struck me. hey, lil missy is 3 years old, mommy is 30 years old and daddy is 33 years old. nice. somebody pls go buy toto 3333 ok? ignore me, that came out of no-where! haha!

we attended cookingmomster's daughter, le-ann's birthday party over in critterland on Saturday. we were the 1st to reach there almost the same time as the birthday girl. we then registered ourselves and the kids just got so excited, they quickly put on their socks and ran into the playground. what the parents did? we start chit chatting away lor. daddy & mommy even took a power nap in between too. hahaha... its was so cosy there it's kinda difficult not to fall asleep leh. we called it quits at about 530pm cus lil missy was getting tired, can see from the 'lembik' face.

today we were suppose to go meet up with this mommy and then go over to her 2nd home to meet elmo, but we got lazy as we got up late, and this that, plan failed. now a bit the regret cus lil missy could have been so happy to see elmo. she is a fancee of elmo. oh well, mommy's fault. sob sob! how nice if i can bring her to see elmo in September? hmmmm...

we end up going for a movie, then walk-a-thon around the mall. mommy here can't help it but to snap a picture of the giant Eclipse's standee! oh... i can't wait for the movie man! kept watching their trailer on the big screen as well as my lil laptop screen! anyway, after our movie trip, we went home to rest a bit and daddy brings lil missy for a swim together with our friends who stayed opposite us. she had fun alright, cus she KOed after the swim. poor lil missy @_@

25 June 2010

it's the season again

to fall sick if your immune system is as lousy as mine. dang! earlier this month, lil missy was down with viral fever, which goes on for a week plus. the fever will only comes at night, by the day she will be her normal self. then when u have fever, the rest of the neighbour will come along, mr cough, mr phlegm, mr cold aka flu will also dropped by. dammit!

i think i caught the virus from her, or maybe i did not drink enuf water to keep myself healthy. sigh. i was caught with a real bad sore throat until whenever i try to swallow, it hurts so badly. double sigh. then i gargle with salt water, also some gargling solution given by my doc. the throat gets better, but soon there was phlegm, flu & then the ultimate cough came by! arrrrrghhhhh! i don't normally get sick u see, but once i gotten myself sick, that's it lah! gone lah! it will be so bad, till i gotta take MC from work. mind you, i have a clean attendance to work. i have checked recently, i only take 1 day of MC last year. haha... good leh *self praise*... perasan!

now i have a bad cough, so bad i gotta sleep separately from hubs & lil missy. i will be on coughing spree whole nite, waking up like a blur sotong. then go to work, cough & cough till my colik said "wei, balik rest lah!"... sigh. sien rite. dammit! now i can't enjoy my everyday spicy food. gosh... when will i be alright again? then i will also be making "wanton" nicely courtesy of mr flu who dropped by. arrrgghhhh!

i even got honey stored nicely on my desk, cus i add honey to my everyday green tea. looks like i need to bring lemon to work next week. honey lemon cure cough, no? i hope it does... dammit! please get well soon, i pohmise to drink more water, eat more fruits, sleep earlier, be a good girl

continuation from Harry H.Harrison Jr

no 364 - being a mom means you plan a
big night with your husband -- only to fall asleep at 8pm

no 366 - being a mom means looking for restaurants
with quick service because your child can only
sit still for fifteen minutes

no 371 - being a mom means putting your
child into a playgroup even though
you don't know one person

no 376 - being a mom means letting your child do it

no 379 - being a mom means having new
appreciation for plastic glasses, bowls, and plates

23 June 2010

irenelim fashion

i never shop online before for my own clothing, but i did it before for lil missy, and also to buy accessories. hehehe... those are the things i don't have to think so much, to measure myself here & there, thinking what would be the quality like, or whether it's worth it or not the price you pay.

i changed my mind when i come across irenelimfashion website more than a year ago, her online boutique was blooming. today she is a proud owner of a boutique in puchong itself. successful online business, her hard work really paid off well for her. hehe... if i were to purchase a dress from her online store, i would love this purple dress, it's not something i would normally wear, this is way totally out of norm for me. for real.

so sweet, yet simple

if you ladies are interested, hop over to
irenelimfashion to check it out. they are currently running a promo & giving out free dresses to fellow bloggers. quick quick before they change their insane minds. hehehehe...

20 June 2010

twilight fever

we were watching Toy Story3 in tgv yesterday nite. cinema was packed to the front row even. we didn't purchase the tickets in advance thinking it was the last day of school holidays, for sure all parents are at home prepping their kids for school the next day mar, sekali go cinema... wahseh, nearly sold out! luckily we manage to buy our seats still but the couple seats were sold out... hu hu hu... lil missy was into Woody the cowboy, so she managed to watch the entire movie.

daddy said the movie was so-so only
i enjoyed the movie, and i guess
lil missy did too... given she did not
cause any mischief thru-out the movie

for now, the ultimate movie im dying for is ECLIPSE. as i was walking after paying for the movie tickets yesterday nite, i was staring past the giant standee in tgv, i nearly knock into another guy who were standing nearby. hahahahaha... was too mesmerized by the romantic vampire's pair of gorgeous eyes (^^) ... daddy, if you are reading this, please remember to plan for this movie!

i saw She's out of my League last week. a romantic comedy, quiet funny but so-so only for me. and oh yeah, Happy Father's Day to all the great daddies out there. you need a pat on the back!

11 June 2010

movie time!

these are the movies i watched
over the week... my favourite was
this - WHEN IN ROME, cus i'm a
sucker when it comes to
romantic comedies... sweet!

When in Rome

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Losers

and time to hit the cinema,
2 movies to catch over the weekends...

The A-Team cus i just like to
watch Bradley Cooper, he is such a
cutie pie & lots said this is a good movie,
better than The Losers

Karate Kid, son of Will Smith,
why not? lil missy been
mimicking his kung-fu stand (^^)

09 June 2010


is one of my luckiest day. damn damn damn lucky. if you guys are my FB friends, then maybe you have come across this status of mine i posted few days ago.

till today, the feeling, the trembling, the silent and how hubs drove vigorously back to the place still stay fresh in my memory. we were already out of the alamanda mall & going towards the main road. all of the sudden i have chest pain. omg! i know i'm damn lucky that i got my fon back. if i lost this, it will be my 2nd time losing my something which is very expensive to me. the 1st time i lost my then nokia e71 happened in oct last year. dumb mistake of mine. so this time, i was like ready to kill myself if i lost this fon of mine.

seriously, i was trembling in the car. my fren Yudeen ran so fast back to the oldtown. i was behind him & i saw him stopping at the table taking his out his fon. i was like die die die, gone already. i thought he was trying to call my mobile instead. sekali see, he was taking a picture of the sofa, where my fon is still lying there! thank you GOD! the table was not cleared yet, that's why the fon is still safely sitting there! all these happened for a good 20mins or so.

this pic taken by my fren,
who ran to our table... see how visible was
my fon lying there! omg!

i thank GOD for allowing us to get it back
i thank GOD for the staff in
oldtown for working so slow
i thank GOD for the not so crowded place
i thank GOD for giving me another chance to appreciate my
i thank GOD for my
fren, Yudeen
i thank GOD for everything

i know you must be thinking it's just a blady fon, so who cares. well... i do, i love gadgets u see. and losing something precious & expensive to me is not funny! uwaaaaaaa... dammit! now im very alert when using my mobile or where i left it. my fren told me to hang the fon on my neck, kenot lah... a bit heavy... phobiaaaaaaaa!

08 June 2010

ifon 4

iPhone 3G & 3Gs owners, the free iOS4 software update
with over 100 new features, lets you do some amazing things

whoaaaa... can' wait, this will be cool ;)

05 June 2010

here comes the critters

initially today we were supposed to meet a fren over in gardens midvalley to do something, but end up she postponed it so we had no where to go. woke up in the morning, prepared lil missy for school. daddy drove her to school only to find out that today was a public holiday. *yikes* hahaha... turned back home, cus no school today. then around noon time, while we were deciding where to head for lunch, critterland came in mind. called up cookingmomster & asked if she has any plans for today. seems that she had facial at 2pm nearby mines, near to where we are heading. so she decides to bring both her kids to tag along with us. we were there earlier to walk around & have lunch at noodle house in heritage place.

then we found the water orb
only available during the weekends
cool stuf, but naaah... not my game

before heading to lunch,
we checked out critterland

awesome place, well for me at least
right after lunch, we walked about to digest

weekday rate is RM15 per kid
weekend rate is RM22 per kid

now they are having 30% discount
up till August, the lady at the
reception was nice enough to give
us some discount vouchers for
future usage till Aug 2010

they even have loyalty card,
buy 5 visits, free the 6th visit (^^)

we were there from 1.30pm,
and guess what time we
left the place?

we leave at almost 6pm!
keng or not?
the kids' batteries doesn't
seem to go flat even at the
point we were leaving

they just play non stop,
over & over again
till to the extend, daddy & i took
turns to check on them

good thing they have staffs around
the whole place to take care of the kids
me & daddy just end up sitting at
the sofa area playing our fons,
reading magazines, and even spotted
a lot of dozing off daddies

the kids were really playing till
the max. they even continue playing till
sue came & joined back after her facial
we even had time to go yamcha at
the kopitiam below the place

what a long day!

bye bye critterland
we will be back!

03 June 2010

sushi anyone?

happy teacher's day

yeah yeah, i know, cikgu day been over long time already, but lil missy's kindy is celebrating this friday. so better late than never. those teachers needs a pat on the back too yeah. not easy to handle lil kiddos who drives you up the wall at times. phew... nasib me not kindy teacher! hehe!

anyway, im not as talented as this mommy,
or this mommy doing cute lil cuppies,
or creative as this mommy,
and many other mommies...
so i thot i just simply create something
simple yet not costly! *cough*

mostly are recycle stuff *paiseh*

use my floor tiles as 'ruler' to measure
and cut into smaller pieces for me to
wrap up some lil gifts for the

i used to buy lots of earrings
& bracelets from bali years ago,
and it's been sitting nicely inside
my drawer... so why not!

simply wrap up, they are new
though in case you are wondering.
i never use them before (^^)

then throw in some styrofoams,
some sweets, and chocolates...

then time to make some
simple cards...

some scribbles here & there
im already lazy by the time
i get to the cards... so hence the
yucky writings! haha...

the final product. why lah lil missy has 7 teachers! gosh... my lil gift are fit for kids more than teachers lor, dunno what else i can put inside so i thought i put sweets & chocs to make the teachers more sweet mah (^-^) hope the teachers will like this simple gift...

no 351 - Being a mom means teaching
your child to whisper

no 352 - Being a mom means buying
goody bags for the kids who
attend your child's birthday party.
Dads does not understand this

no 357 - Being a mom means
teaching a three-year old to share

no 360 - Being a mom means
making Mickey Mouse pancakes

no 362 - Being a mom means being
whacked in the back by little plastic sword
and not knowing whether to laugh,
cry, whack back, or tell Dad