05 June 2010

here comes the critters

initially today we were supposed to meet a fren over in gardens midvalley to do something, but end up she postponed it so we had no where to go. woke up in the morning, prepared lil missy for school. daddy drove her to school only to find out that today was a public holiday. *yikes* hahaha... turned back home, cus no school today. then around noon time, while we were deciding where to head for lunch, critterland came in mind. called up cookingmomster & asked if she has any plans for today. seems that she had facial at 2pm nearby mines, near to where we are heading. so she decides to bring both her kids to tag along with us. we were there earlier to walk around & have lunch at noodle house in heritage place.

then we found the water orb
only available during the weekends
cool stuf, but naaah... not my game

before heading to lunch,
we checked out critterland

awesome place, well for me at least
right after lunch, we walked about to digest

weekday rate is RM15 per kid
weekend rate is RM22 per kid

now they are having 30% discount
up till August, the lady at the
reception was nice enough to give
us some discount vouchers for
future usage till Aug 2010

they even have loyalty card,
buy 5 visits, free the 6th visit (^^)

we were there from 1.30pm,
and guess what time we
left the place?

we leave at almost 6pm!
keng or not?
the kids' batteries doesn't
seem to go flat even at the
point we were leaving

they just play non stop,
over & over again
till to the extend, daddy & i took
turns to check on them

good thing they have staffs around
the whole place to take care of the kids
me & daddy just end up sitting at
the sofa area playing our fons,
reading magazines, and even spotted
a lot of dozing off daddies

the kids were really playing till
the max. they even continue playing till
sue came & joined back after her facial
we even had time to go yamcha at
the kopitiam below the place

what a long day!

bye bye critterland
we will be back!


smallkucing said...

lucky ur phone tarak hilang

Tekkaus said...

A great place for kids to have fun. Wow...even have a loyalty card? :p

Merryn said...

i'll faint if spend THAT long in that place @_@ hahaha.. but the kids sure had fun eh? Kelvin looks like he had fun too! How come no pics of YOU in the ball pool? :P

Come on.. admit it... YOU love the ball pool! :D

Anonymous said...

這一生中有多少人擦肩而過?而朋友是多麼可貴啊! ............................................................

slavemom said...

Cool plc! Will def chk it out 1 of these days. Adults r allowed to play or not? :)

andrewjune said...

wah syok!!!
the place really rocks!
how come no critter land here???

ChloeRuoyi said...

That place looks awesome. Jom go again one day!

Mummy Gwen said...

Cool place for the kids. Wah, got a new mall called Heritage now.

iamthewitch said...

My goodness! From 1.30 to 6pm??!! *gasp* Really salute the kids! But well, at least they had fun, and you had some time off for yourself to have tea! :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sounds like a great place to bring the kiddos!

Jacss said...

tks for introducing this place.... looks cool but not for my big boys lar....err, actually i think they dun mind jumping in too, haha
u no go facial meh :P ?

Zara's Mama said...

Opposite Mines one is it?

I should bring the kids and work from there.

mNhL said...

wow...cool! I love the pool of balls. Of course the kids battery won't go flat. So much fun!

Annie Q said...

where is this place la, it look cool. I am so outdated. :(