25 June 2010

it's the season again

to fall sick if your immune system is as lousy as mine. dang! earlier this month, lil missy was down with viral fever, which goes on for a week plus. the fever will only comes at night, by the day she will be her normal self. then when u have fever, the rest of the neighbour will come along, mr cough, mr phlegm, mr cold aka flu will also dropped by. dammit!

i think i caught the virus from her, or maybe i did not drink enuf water to keep myself healthy. sigh. i was caught with a real bad sore throat until whenever i try to swallow, it hurts so badly. double sigh. then i gargle with salt water, also some gargling solution given by my doc. the throat gets better, but soon there was phlegm, flu & then the ultimate cough came by! arrrrrghhhhh! i don't normally get sick u see, but once i gotten myself sick, that's it lah! gone lah! it will be so bad, till i gotta take MC from work. mind you, i have a clean attendance to work. i have checked recently, i only take 1 day of MC last year. haha... good leh *self praise*... perasan!

now i have a bad cough, so bad i gotta sleep separately from hubs & lil missy. i will be on coughing spree whole nite, waking up like a blur sotong. then go to work, cough & cough till my colik said "wei, balik rest lah!"... sigh. sien rite. dammit! now i can't enjoy my everyday spicy food. gosh... when will i be alright again? then i will also be making "wanton" nicely courtesy of mr flu who dropped by. arrrgghhhh!

i even got honey stored nicely on my desk, cus i add honey to my everyday green tea. looks like i need to bring lemon to work next week. honey lemon cure cough, no? i hope it does... dammit! please get well soon, i pohmise to drink more water, eat more fruits, sleep earlier, be a good girl

continuation from Harry H.Harrison Jr

no 364 - being a mom means you plan a
big night with your husband -- only to fall asleep at 8pm

no 366 - being a mom means looking for restaurants
with quick service because your child can only
sit still for fifteen minutes

no 371 - being a mom means putting your
child into a playgroup even though
you don't know one person

no 376 - being a mom means letting your child do it

no 379 - being a mom means having new
appreciation for plastic glasses, bowls, and plates


Tekkaus said...

Yupe! It is the dreaded dangerous season again alright. :p

ChloeRuoyi said...

Yes, honey lemon is good. You can also try lime... make some warm air limau (without sugar) and gargle. After gargling, just swallow haha. I do that quite often and it helps :)

Little Kit Boy said...

Yes.. try hot hot honey lemon for your cough. it works for me.

hope you will get well soon. take care and have a nice weekend.

reanaclaire said...

sigh..me also sick Irene.. i wanna drink a glass of ice honey lemon tea.. hope u get well soon!

smallkucing said...

wei rest more la. Drink more leong sui lor. hope you get well soon

MeRy said...

Get well soon..

Merryn said...

it's 1.32am now and i still see you online on MSN! wat happen to your pohmise? lol.. tak leh pakai!

Merryn said...

for once lah kan, you are on a coughing spree instead of shopping spree! :P

and after all this is over, you can maintain the lemon part. get a slice or two lemons and sumbat them into your water bottle. Drink that water the whole day, your wish to be slim wing will come true! serious.. and it gives you the boost of Vit C too :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Honey plus lemon is a great combo. Get well soon. Take care.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

sometimes honey makes it worse. it irritates the throat. so if you feel you are not getting better then don't take honey. get well soon.

Lybil said...

Hopefully when I make my comment now, you are in the road of recovery . Take care Irene :)

slavemom said...

Really seksa to be coughing like that huh. Hope u're all better now.

Mummy Moon said...

by now u sure already 100% fully recover joh! :P