03 June 2010

happy teacher's day

yeah yeah, i know, cikgu day been over long time already, but lil missy's kindy is celebrating this friday. so better late than never. those teachers needs a pat on the back too yeah. not easy to handle lil kiddos who drives you up the wall at times. phew... nasib me not kindy teacher! hehe!

anyway, im not as talented as this mommy,
or this mommy doing cute lil cuppies,
or creative as this mommy,
and many other mommies...
so i thot i just simply create something
simple yet not costly! *cough*

mostly are recycle stuff *paiseh*

use my floor tiles as 'ruler' to measure
and cut into smaller pieces for me to
wrap up some lil gifts for the

i used to buy lots of earrings
& bracelets from bali years ago,
and it's been sitting nicely inside
my drawer... so why not!

simply wrap up, they are new
though in case you are wondering.
i never use them before (^^)

then throw in some styrofoams,
some sweets, and chocolates...

then time to make some
simple cards...

some scribbles here & there
im already lazy by the time
i get to the cards... so hence the
yucky writings! haha...

the final product. why lah lil missy has 7 teachers! gosh... my lil gift are fit for kids more than teachers lor, dunno what else i can put inside so i thought i put sweets & chocs to make the teachers more sweet mah (^-^) hope the teachers will like this simple gift...

no 351 - Being a mom means teaching
your child to whisper

no 352 - Being a mom means buying
goody bags for the kids who
attend your child's birthday party.
Dads does not understand this

no 357 - Being a mom means
teaching a three-year old to share

no 360 - Being a mom means
making Mickey Mouse pancakes

no 362 - Being a mom means being
whacked in the back by little plastic sword
and not knowing whether to laugh,
cry, whack back, or tell Dad


reanaclaire said...

wah..nowadays mommies all do this ah? pity my kids' teachers those days, i never did anything for me.. paiseh, paiseh...

Little Kit Boy said...

Nice gift. Most important is the 'heart' that counts.

Btw, nowadays, not only kids are lucky, but also teachers bcos of you all, all the thoughtful mommies.

wenn said...

i like the last quote..whether to laugh or not..

coffeesncookies said...

wow..i like the works. well done Irene. .. ..
and I've been reading your quotes.. keep it up !

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah... rajinnya u! Looks like you've caught the creative bug too. The gifts are so nice and presentable :) C's kindy is also celebrating TD this Friday cum last day of school party. I don't even know what to prepare!! :(

Wonderful Life said...

This week is teacher's day?? Oops... i didn't know also... :P

Merryn said...

I think the teachers will love the sytofoams BEST! lol... NICE work there Irene.. can I feature this in my craft blog? :)

I paling salute the part you use the floor tiles as ur ruler! lol... u have great brain :D

mom2ashley said...

well its the thought that counts right?
which reminds me...ashley said she wants to make a card for her teacher.

smallkucing said...

lucky teachers :D

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Lucky teachers. :D

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Very rajin wor......nice touch! Got some more earrings to give me? hahaha

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice gifts wor. Those earrings and bracelet are very pretty. You did a great job wrapping them. :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

very nice and creative. the teachers must be very happy :D

Mummy Moon said...

Yan Yan school got no Teacher day celebration, If got, i dont think I will be as rajin as you... Crys teachers must be happy! didnt post your HK hair clip geh

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Irene, how you doin'?
Allow me to add re being a mom.
Being a mom is one of the highest salaried jobs in any field, since the payment is pure love.
And a good mother is worth a hundred teachers.
Have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

cleffairy said...

LOL... I receoved cutesy stuff from my students too this year. :D

slavemom said...

Wah... like that call not talented or creative kah? The gifts r nicely wrapped, with special card samo. Well done!

Jacss said...

wuah...so yao sam ahh you!! i'll be happy if i'm the teacher lor

Zara's Mama said...

wa.. so good.. give teachers so many things..

But if I was the teacher I won't be happy loh.. b'cos I don't like the dangling earings! hehe.

Mommy Ling said...

Wah..these are sweet. Nicer than mine...clapped clapped hands