30 May 2010

short weekend

after our blunder at the cinema, we then proceed to dinner. being a shopaholic me, i always find ways to go kai kai a bit, to look see look see, not necessarily have to buy something ok? hehehehe... so i then coax hubs and the rest of the gang to jonker street ^^

that place is jam-packed-sardine! while the boys went to ringo bar to have some beers, me & a fren of mine, sasha walked around. she end up buying *cough* alluring undergarments from jonker street! walaowei... siao man! hahahaha... me? i end up buying bracelets. haha!

we also came across these. those who have tonnes of earrings, you can buy one of these to get your stuff organised. these are sold from rm28 onwards. not too bad. sasha got one of these too. i end up buying nail stickers from here. those nail stickers are really cute! so cute i mmm ser tak use them up (-_-)

guess what is this for? i have the slightest idea when i saw this. sasha bought one & told me really shiok using it. i tried it & i got goosebumps. apparently it's a head massager o.O

after our jonker trip, we proceed to bunga raya to have dinner. sasha got some fresh abalone all the way from new zealand & they wanted to have it that nite. it was done superbly by the chef. probably it was fresh too that's why it was really good. for me, i just eat only lor, im not really the type to enjoy these kind of dishes. my main reason for coming to these place was to eat their crabs! oh heaven. we had 2 crabs for rm84. i dunno what's the usual price for crabs, but i think the pricing here are reasonable.

for those who wanna drop by in
melaka, and dunno where to head for
dinner, why not have a go at this restaurant.

no 341 - Being a mom means not being able
to be alone in the bathroom

no 343 - Being a mom means looking in
a whole new way at billboards with
half-naked girls

no 345 - Being a mom means saying
"Don't hit your brother,"
about ten times a day

no 348 - Being a mom means listening
to your child cry for Daddy
instead of for you

no 349 - Being a mom means not using
the words u feel like using because
you have a two-year-old listening
to every word you say

29 May 2010

the sands of time

hubs booked 5 tickets for Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time over in GSC dataran mall, in melaka. on friday noon, he came by to fetch me & lil missy. after leaving lil missy with my mil, we head to the mall to catch the movie. we were rushing like mad cus we were kinda late already. good thing about melaka, everywhere is consider "near". not so near, but better than in kl, minus the jam of course. luckily there was a new short cut route from hubs' house towards the mall. and we reached the mall less than 20mins. finding a parking was another headache. this & that, we find ourself queuing for the tickets, and other friends queuing for the popcorns & drinks.

one thing i like about gsc cinemas is they have the lite & sweet popcorn. not too sweet, just nice. too bad tgv cinemas doesn't have that. they ought to start one for people like me who doesn't really like too sweet stuff. hehehehe...

when we got in the cinema, we got to our seats, 5 of us. chatting away when suddenly a group of younger boys came up to us & asked about our seats. we then went out to check how come there was a duplicate of tickets. then the cinema guy came to our seats, look see, check see, sekali see... the tickets is for tomorrow's date. WTF! tomorrow's date?


the "famous" tickets

for the 1st time in my life, i was speechless and was in total shock! we all burst our laughing! all this happened before the movies starts ok, the cinema was full of lights still. imagine how me-malu-fying was that moment. omg. hahahahaha... thanks to my super hubby lah. then we walked out but the cinema guy stopped us, and he told us they always reserve back-up seats for circumstances like this. luckily we still got to enjoy our movie. minus the funny part. hilarious!

note to dear hubby - PLEASE CHECK YOUR

no 328 - Being a mom means learning the "terrible twos"
is false advertising. The condition last longer
than a couple of years

no 331 - Being a mom means worrying that if
your todler misses a two-year-old's birthday
party, her social development might be
affected for life

no 334 - Being a mom means deciding this
whole "balanced life" thing is a myth

no 338 - Being a mom means suddenly noticing
that your child has spent two hours
drawing on herself with
permanent markers

no 340 - Being a mom means having a
3 year old's social life dictate yours

28 May 2010


that is the word i discovered recently, and been telling myself that when im angry! haha! having a kid seems like a normal thing to do when u get married, cus life goes on. the family tree needs more branches, hence we make babies. so fine, when we have baby, we are on cloud nine. cute when they are happy, nasty when they are hungry. then as they grow... they drive you up the wall a minute, then they put you on cloud nine when they are so sweet. so it's a mixture of loving them to bits & wanna murder them at times.

don't get me wrong, i love my lil missy, but i'm only human. so human has feelings. sometimes i really hate myself for "torturing" her, but im on the verge of blowing up already when she is up to her antics. sigh! so i tell myself no next time, but when she turn devil again, i go nuts again. gosh! maybe i should blame myself, for being a bad parent, im still learning...

no 304 - Being a mom means posting stories
about your baby's pooping issues on the internet
not thinking you'll have to explain this to him
eighteen years from now

no 306 - Being a mom means signing up for
weekly emails from www.babycenter.com

no 307 - Being a mom means thinking
u can prevent diaper rash

no 316 - Being a mom means dressing
your baby to the nines

no 312 - Being a mom means secretly hating
mothers who bring their sick children
over to visit. You know you'll soon be
dodging projectile vomiting

no 327 - Being a mom means crying
during your baby's first haircut

cool quotes huh? those quotes which i posted up till now, is for Baby Moms. next up is for Toddler Moms. now that's even hilarious. like a slap in the face! hahaha... so true, so geram, so funny...

25 May 2010

more quote-sss

i behtahan edi, i gotta put more quotes to share
with you! it's just very funny, yet true...

no 189 - Being mom means realizing you
suddenly has psychotic hair

no 109 - Being a mom means feeling
total bliss over a little grin

no 200 - Being a mom means getting
kicked while changing diaper - and not reacting

no 207 - Being a mom means reading ten
blogs before you clip your baby's fingernails for the first time

no 225 - Being a mom means worrying
your six-month old will fall behind if you
don't buy him flashcards

no 249 - Being a mom means realizing that no
alarm can match your baby's shriek

no 276 - Being a mom means exhaustion
is a normal state of being

no 286 - Being a mom means feeling guilty
using disposable diapers instead of cloth,
but using them anyway

no 298 - Being a mom means wondering
how in the world you could love
someone so much

no 299 - Being a mom means assuming
your friends want to hear all about
your baby's constipation issues

the last one is me, paiseh hor!

there is many more chapters...

yippee yay yay!

Today noon i got a call from an unknown number.
the moment i answered it, the voice at the other end
was asking "you ada rumah tak" (are you at home?)

im like what the heck this fella asking
me if im at home or not, then i asked him
"u cari siapa" (u looking for who?)

then the fella said
"ada parcel for you" (there is parcel for you)
i was like "huh?!" luckily hubs was at
home at that time, and he accepted for me ^^
save me the hassle to go pick up from the courier company

alice in wonderland original soundtrack

yippee yay yay! i won another CD from mix.fm,
can't even recall i joined the contest.
things like this, when they come unexpectedly,
is the best thing one can ever receive ^^

Quote from Harry H.Harrison Jr
no 204 - Being a mom means asking the pediatrician
for samples of disposable diapers, formula, and skin cream.

23 May 2010

forever after

we did not go to mines to meet shrek himself, cus... we were too lazy. we as in the lil missy's parents. haha... we still got another chance to meet shrek in mines mall, he will be making another appearance next weekend. so let's see if we will go meet him to snap a pic or two O.o

instead of meeting shrek, we went saw his movie instead. hehehe... shrek forever after was hilarious. i always like it when the whole cinema crowd laugh together & everyone just have a great time watching the movie. just now we experienced that moment again. hahaha... lame huh... but it's nice. i can't wait for twilight - eclipse to be on cinema. i want that moment where all the girls go "oooohhh aaaaaah" at edward or jacob! hehehe... damn! can't wait for its release man!

anyway back to our movie outing. for once lil missy actually sat thru out the movie quietly without moving around between our seats. she actually sits thru it. amazing. hahahahaha! looks like what i taught her has not gone to waste. daddy's been buying all those shrek toys from mcd and i have been educating her about the characters name. let's see if im this hardworking when it comes to her homework in future. yikes! *sweat*

oh well back to works tomorrow. sien gila man. sigh... uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! let's be happy ok. think happy, be happy, smile a lot & make others happy and you will be happy yeah. i'm sot already. ending here with another quote!

no 191 - Being a mom means counting your baby's stools
and wanting to share this information with
your husband (or your loved ones)

looooong day

we had uncle rob & girlfren sasha staying over the weekend. so daddy was a happy camper. so happy can go yamcha till 5am only come home. mommy already boiling to the maximum already... but nebermind... let daddy enjoy himself... later mommy gonna torture him *hmmmpphhh*

we popped by over at PJ new town to have lunch in this place called Sam U Claypot. its a chicken rice shop, but when our dishes arrived, non of it is chicken. we had a good laugh & enjoyed our meal :) then we dropped by at bookxcess in amcorp mall to collect my membership card. drop by only ok, don't intend to buy books wan ok. haha...

there this section where u can find lots of imported magazines. and quite updated too. i got myself a few copies of OPRAH mags & juicy COSMOPOLITAN. easily rm25 at normal bookstore, but I only pay for rm9.90 here. hehehehe...

lil missy was entertained by elmo thru out the time we were there. daddy also brought her over to McD to get a happy meal & ice cream treat. hmmm... nowadays, lil missy is starting to like ice cream a lot... sei for lor...

there were 5 of us, and i think we easily
bought around 5-7 magazines each
of us, and i also managed to grab a few books!

after the book buying session, we popped by over to kuchai lama to settle down. we choose this lil cafe called Little Tree reason being, i want have some healthy drink, cus it stated big big at their signboard, JUICEBAR so we head in.

i like the ambiance inside the cafe. cosy feel & cooling. i ordered a mango drink with some other fruits, i forgotten what. sekali see the drink come, got choc ice cream on top. not that healthy huh. hahaha... but nice drink... so ok la!

then we hang around the cafe for few hours. lil missy ter-slept while playing psp and i took this opportunity to walk around kuchai lama visiting the boutiques around. manage to buy myself a grey dress. dunno look like nurse or not, but my fren sasha said it's real nice & sweet. i don't normally buy clothes from boutique like this, cus it's always very expensive. so today is a really once a blue moon day!

after our yamcha, we went home & got ready to go out again to meet my cousins over in oldtown. again oldtown u say! what to do, i like going over there. im getting sick of the food there though, they better come up with new menu soon else... i need to find new place to lepak already

what a long day, but an enjoyable one ^^ to end this post, i wanna quote something from a book which i posted in my FB yesterday. a real funny read this one. cute. and true. shall end my post with a quote from the book every time i blog o.O

no 183 - Being a mom means being blindsided by
love for your baby, but still worrying you don't love
her as much as books say you should

20 May 2010

shrek is visiting

to those who has kids or you yourself
who likes shrek, come on over to mines to
meet shrek himself

hubs managed to change 2 passes for
us after he spend above RM150 in mines mall
woohooo... can go take pic with
mr shrek, all 3 of us. hope we will be able
to make it, if not these passes
would have gone to waste

19 May 2010

dream a little

been lazy lately. also can say been busy. busy with everyday routine of my life. reach home 730pm or sometimes 8pm, boil water, wash some dishes, eat dinner, do laundry, sweep a bit, mop a bit, fold clothes, pack a bit, clean a bit, bath, if semangat then on laptop awhile & blog hop, if not go to sleep. everyday it's the same routine. sometimes i just want to sit and do nothing, but i can't, cus if i don't do it, nobody else is going to do it. if i not dream a little, i could not stay sane, but i think i dream too much, till i stayed up late chasing the series till i kangtoi! i was down with fever yesterday nite, result of not enough sleep i think.

thank God for sending me a nice hubby who handles lil missy everyday (kena kipas sikit)... sometimes i sees him going nuts too handling lil missy, she can be a hands full most of the time. how lah wanna get 2nd kid, u tell me... one also driving us up the rooftop!

oh well, lil missy is not all that notty. there are sweet moments too. like when we were having dinner, she would tell us... "hei, eat don't king kong king kong" and we nearly chocked on our food. hahahahaha. she was telling us, don't bang the fork & spoon against our plate when eating. eat quietly. sure she learnt this from skool O.o

then there are times, she will just come hug or grab your leg & said, "i love you"... all this will surpass the notty session she gave us but she IS still driving us up the wall! sigh. gotta be patience, gotta be patience. omg! aaaarrghhhh! sometimes i wish i would stay young & not grow up. i can continue being silly, make stopid mistakes, drool over cute guys (which i'm still doing... hahahahaha!)... gotta dream a little lah, if not i sure will go nuts ok!

notty lil missy helping my mom with her groceries shopping

she hits jackpot last weekend. she had ice creams twice
during our trip to tesco with my parents.
she just have her ways with her grandparents

gotta credit her for not being a
drama queen during hair cut session!

we managed to watch furry vengeance last Sunday when we came back from melaka. and something funny happened. lil missy asked to go toilet in the middle of the movie, of course i was grumbling lah! watch shiok2 then wanna go shee-shee. apa lah! asked earlier don't want to go. then i bumped into an old fren from high school in the washroom! walaoeh, never seen each other for 13 years already! so i quickly got her hp number & rush back to the movie. so funny or not? not so funny lah hor... ciu!

time to watch ToyStory3 this weekend

and maybe try to catch Shrek3 as well...
i should go watch this since he decided to
pay us a visit personally... hehehe!


he is HUGE!