28 May 2010


that is the word i discovered recently, and been telling myself that when im angry! haha! having a kid seems like a normal thing to do when u get married, cus life goes on. the family tree needs more branches, hence we make babies. so fine, when we have baby, we are on cloud nine. cute when they are happy, nasty when they are hungry. then as they grow... they drive you up the wall a minute, then they put you on cloud nine when they are so sweet. so it's a mixture of loving them to bits & wanna murder them at times.

don't get me wrong, i love my lil missy, but i'm only human. so human has feelings. sometimes i really hate myself for "torturing" her, but im on the verge of blowing up already when she is up to her antics. sigh! so i tell myself no next time, but when she turn devil again, i go nuts again. gosh! maybe i should blame myself, for being a bad parent, im still learning...

no 304 - Being a mom means posting stories
about your baby's pooping issues on the internet
not thinking you'll have to explain this to him
eighteen years from now

no 306 - Being a mom means signing up for
weekly emails from www.babycenter.com

no 307 - Being a mom means thinking
u can prevent diaper rash

no 316 - Being a mom means dressing
your baby to the nines

no 312 - Being a mom means secretly hating
mothers who bring their sick children
over to visit. You know you'll soon be
dodging projectile vomiting

no 327 - Being a mom means crying
during your baby's first haircut

cool quotes huh? those quotes which i posted up till now, is for Baby Moms. next up is for Toddler Moms. now that's even hilarious. like a slap in the face! hahaha... so true, so geram, so funny...


smallkucing said...

If she is not naughty then you'll be worry also leh...

Happy weekend to you.

mNhL said...

It is like a 'revenge'. When I was young, I used to make my mum scream like mad. Now, my turn to scream like her. hahaha

When my son is naughty, and makes me angry, mum always reminded me "u r also like that when young. Don't you remember?" That sentence will cool me down immediately.

Tekkaus said...

Being a mom will let a woman understand how hard it was to bring up herself.:p

slavemom said...

How I wish patience cud be bought. I really reaaaaly dun hv enuf! :p