29 May 2010

the sands of time

hubs booked 5 tickets for Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time over in GSC dataran mall, in melaka. on friday noon, he came by to fetch me & lil missy. after leaving lil missy with my mil, we head to the mall to catch the movie. we were rushing like mad cus we were kinda late already. good thing about melaka, everywhere is consider "near". not so near, but better than in kl, minus the jam of course. luckily there was a new short cut route from hubs' house towards the mall. and we reached the mall less than 20mins. finding a parking was another headache. this & that, we find ourself queuing for the tickets, and other friends queuing for the popcorns & drinks.

one thing i like about gsc cinemas is they have the lite & sweet popcorn. not too sweet, just nice. too bad tgv cinemas doesn't have that. they ought to start one for people like me who doesn't really like too sweet stuff. hehehehe...

when we got in the cinema, we got to our seats, 5 of us. chatting away when suddenly a group of younger boys came up to us & asked about our seats. we then went out to check how come there was a duplicate of tickets. then the cinema guy came to our seats, look see, check see, sekali see... the tickets is for tomorrow's date. WTF! tomorrow's date?


the "famous" tickets

for the 1st time in my life, i was speechless and was in total shock! we all burst our laughing! all this happened before the movies starts ok, the cinema was full of lights still. imagine how me-malu-fying was that moment. omg. hahahahaha... thanks to my super hubby lah. then we walked out but the cinema guy stopped us, and he told us they always reserve back-up seats for circumstances like this. luckily we still got to enjoy our movie. minus the funny part. hilarious!

note to dear hubby - PLEASE CHECK YOUR

no 328 - Being a mom means learning the "terrible twos"
is false advertising. The condition last longer
than a couple of years

no 331 - Being a mom means worrying that if
your todler misses a two-year-old's birthday
party, her social development might be
affected for life

no 334 - Being a mom means deciding this
whole "balanced life" thing is a myth

no 338 - Being a mom means suddenly noticing
that your child has spent two hours
drawing on herself with
permanent markers

no 340 - Being a mom means having a
3 year old's social life dictate yours


Inspired Momx1 said...

Hahaha.. like that also can ah? Luckily the cinema has backup seats otherwise all of you will get very disappointed.

smallkucing said...

wei...at least its tmw's date. We kena 1x, it was yesterday's date. Die or not..buta buta rugi

Alice Law said...

Dear Irene, thanks for dropping by My Little Sprouts!

LOL! You have a lovely hubby, he is adorably clumsy but atleast you manage to watch the movie with a 'warm up' joke, that's funX2!;)

p/s:My girl has fully recovered whilst my boy is getting more energetic than the past few days, thanks for your warmest regards! I really appreciate it, please have a wonderful Sunday!

Merryn said...

lol... that is soooo farnee! hahahhahahhahaha.. *speechless*

Mummy Moon said...

AHAhahhaha, like that also can... I thought you guys would stand by the side and watched.. LOL.
Lucky you all got the backup seats

Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha...luckily they have such thing as backup seats.

jazzmint said...

haha u 2 really blur LOL

andrewjune said...

but you still get to see the movie rite...hahaha...