23 June 2009

♥ monki faces ♥

last weekend, after we had our dinner over in sibaraku in mahkota parade, we walked over to dataran pahlawan for a bit of window shopping since we have not been there for ages. mom reminded me to go carrefour to get mamil gold as it was on sale. i have since changed lil missy's milk powder intake from enfa A+ to mamil gold when she was having her poopie problem, cus i read mamil gold will help with bowel movements but so far her poopie biz has yet to normalize. darn, though better...

anyway, back to the story. after we bought our mamil gold from carrefour, we had to like take a few escalator down towards the ground floor. along the way at each floor, they have this kiosk selling all kinds of stuff from clothing to you know what lah. so as we were passing this particular kiosk, there were this young lady manning it and being the lil monki lil missy is, she went over and stood in front of that young lady and smiled at her. that young lady has no reaction to lil missy. guess what lil missy did to her ...


my lil missy very the notty ah. my mom told me wan, cus she saw when it happened. i was too busy pushing the carrefour trolley, and hubs was too busy checking out things. i asked her how you do monki faces, and she gave me this! so next time when lil missy smile at you, please smile back hor, if not she make monki faces again... wahahahahahaha!

21 June 2009

father's day

we went back to melaka over the weekend cus hubs has some stuff to attend to, if not i probably would attend Chin Nee's TTDI picnic. sigh. anyway... we had a good dinner out with my dad sempena father's day. i even bought him a card, which i hidden under his laptop, and when he saw it, he was grinning, according to mom. my dad, a man with few words... haha... as long as he is happy, im happy :)

we went over to Sibaraku, a japanese restaurant over in Mahkota Parade for dinner. me, hubs, lil missy, mom & dad, minus my brother, whom is at war over in MMU, cyberjaya... next time bro, i will bring u there again. nice place, nice ambience, and cute looking chef! hahaha!

think dad enjoyed this dinner, cus he was eating non stop, and i myself had 2 servings of mutton. i know oh so high cholestrol, but it was really yummy. cud not help myself :) luckily lil missy was able to behave throughout the dinner and i would say, we all enjoyed the dinner. phew! only towards the end, the lil royal highness demand to get down from the high chair & start making a fuss. that ends our dinner, we were really full to the brim anyway, so time to make way for other patrons. its was a full house that nite.

came back fairly early to KL, clean a bit and got ready to go over to fren's house for a bit of "satay celup & BBQ dinner". stuffed ourself good again. cialat liao lar, this week have to cut on eating man. been eating like nobody's biz for pass 2 days! omg! have to rilek a bit on those eating and make way for this weekend as sotong is back in town! just got off the phone with her, and i can't wait to see this best fren of mine! gosh, miss her so much! and with her being back, another makan spree!

19 June 2009

independent bit

when we were on our way walking up to our apartment yesterday evening, lil missy refused to have her hands held while on the staircase. this lil monki wants to walk all by herself. wahseh, my lil monki sudah grow up lah! hehehe... the dad was behind her every steps holding a bit of the baju she was wearing. i was like "yoooo yooo be careful, watch out... yoooo yooo see see, watch ur steps... oooooooooiiiii...." haha, like mad woman. that's why i didn't manage to snap some pics

she is more vocal now, singing everytime while we are in the car, to her ABCs, all the usual kid's songs and this... LINKIN PARK! can you beat that? all the daddy's fault lah... i tell you, i really wanna strangle my hubs, for introducing those rock songs to lil missy. each time we got in the car, she will request for songs by linkin park. then she will take her guitar, and start shaking her head & shout along with the songs. wahpiang eh. sei mmm sei u tell me lah! arrrghhh!

and you see lah... what she does everynite before sleeps, before her reading... see la, no eye see!

i already warned my hubs, NO MORE STUNTS like this. if lil missy grows up like a tomboy, its the daddy's fault! arrrghhhhhh! sigh... now i wanna dress her up more, listen to slower songs, no more shouting, no more karate-ing in the house... no more climbing here & there... adoi!

last but not least... wishing my dear daddy, my hubs & all the great dads out there...

07 June 2009

there is always a

first time for everything! and today marks the 1st cinema-going for lil missy! we kept thinking whether to go or not. initially we asked bil + family to go to zoo, but bil was lazy, saying it's so hot, bla bla bla... then he suggested a movie. so we end up watching the monster movie!

as we were Q-ing to get into the cinema, i told lil missy... "now look here, this is your 1st movie, your 1st time in cinema, kenot shout, kenot cry, no sked of dark2 ok?"... other patrons Q-ing also giggling listening to my remarks. hahahaha... damn 38 this mommy. of course she din understand me or she did? cus its was a breeze in the cinema! yah man. phewwwww...

she was nibbling on popcorns & she wanted to hold the whole bucket herself, seeing her lil cousin sis doing it too. kids... then we feed her corn in the cup, then water... the she went oooo... aaaaaahhh... then she asked for pillow & chut2 and before u know it, she was in la la land in no time, halfway thru the movie. hahahaha... the cinema was full of kids, it was so nice... so cosy.

so after the movie, we were giggling to ourselves, thats it lah, we can go cinema everyweek now! muahahahahaha... i called my mom & told her, she said... ya lah, this one cartoon mah, takkan u wanna bring her watch transformers meh? hehe... yes mommy, im bringing lil missy to TRANSFORMERS !!!!

05 June 2009

surprise II

this is one of the perks of being a mom?
hehehehe... receiving sweet surprises like this?

siap got badge lagi "Bestest Mummy" which i was supposed to wear when i received this card from this woman, asking me to wear in office. siao meh! hahaha... i will wear it when i see you end of this month ok? can't wait to see you!

though it reached me like few weeks later, it was most welcomed by me. last year i received one too, total out of the blue. never expect to get a card... haha! my fren the sotong is so cute!

03 June 2009

life has been nuts

it seems. lots of action going around in my home, in my life. at the moment, things are ok a bit, but still sien in some ways. wish i could write it all out here, just like this strong sexy mama, but i can't... im too chicken to do it. all i can do is to bug some of you on msn to complaint till the cow or the chicken comes home. sigh. sien. sien. sien. well, that's life kan, what is life without all the shiats & stars kan?

(pic from the world wide web)

lil missy has been good, besides the constipation problem which is driving us up the dinding. after some hoo-haa from bbsitter, my parents, my ILs, things are settling down, all bcos of the poopie which doesn't wanna come out. who knows a poop can cause such stir in our mundane life. wat the *toot* man! phew... mission not accomplish yet with the poopie, i need to invite poopie to come out more often, so been very rajin squashing oranges for lil missy to drink, papaya-ing, honey-ing, ribena-ing, calcium-ing, all the healthy stuff la... tried the prune-ing, but mciam like want her life like that, have to force it on her. walaoeh.

updated :: we even brought her to see paedi, also those chinese doc at those chinese medicine shop, both said give more water, fruits... bla bla bla bla...

as for work, suck. sien. boring. what else is new. it pays the bills. so i just gotta suck it up & work. im really hoping for something better to come along. im praying hard. im hoping there is a light by end of the tunnel. i don't want to be dead, i just want a better light. yoooorrr... im talking crap here. sieeeeeen ah! nevertheless, im still a crazee woman, still smiling & striving cus by end of the day, i got a family to go home too, a lil missy to chase for hugs & kisses, a hubs to bully, a supportive parents, a cool brother, cool ILs and great friends among me.... aaaaaaaaaaaw!

now here is lil missy smiling right back at ya!