15 May 2008

a very sweet surprise!

Just got back from a quickie lunch and behold! A pink envelope awaits me on my desk... who could it be from? looking at the stamp, aiyah, i know liao... from sotong all the way from Leeds. its pink envelope and i tot... hmmm... not my bday, not krystal's bday... omg, cant be a CNY card came so late rite? walaoeh... hahahaha... then i slowly open...


OMMMMMMMMMMG... a mommies' day card... hahahhahahaha... so cool!

I love you man, sotong u really made my day! I was sad since morning cus Krystal is feverish on & off for the past 2 days. MIL & mom jus brought her to clinic, she is having sore throat which is causing heaty & fever come and go... haih... but doc said will be fine, on a happier note, doc said taller already! just like her father. Prob lose some weight cus she refuse to take porridge & milk... kesian my baby... sigh. Kena sabar lah aku, esok dah Friday, can see her...

Anyway, thanks a lot SOTONG!

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