30 December 2008

the good old days...

i think tiz is the 3rd time lil missy had step foot inside my grandma's house, but unfortunately my paternal grandma left us almost 2 years back. may she rest in peace. i spent most of my childhood here. whenever there is skool holidays, we are being sent here. haha... cus its a kampung (village) & its safe. ya, it's safe cus everyone knows everyone. hehe. i climbed the rambutan trees, i tried to ride the motorcycle for the 1st time. had a lil crush on the neighbour's son. wahahahaha! ok enuf said...

we managed to bring lil missy back over the weekend, cus my cousins & their kids were all back courtesy of skool holidays. and boy oh boy, lil missy was having a whale of time running & jumping around, shouting & laughing...

oh oh oh yes. the 1st thing i did when i reached grandma's place... i ordered a bowl of noodles from next door auntie. i tell u. tiz simple noodle soup is simply the best ever! me & a cousin of mine, who now resides in Taiwan, were talking about it just few days ago. how we used to enjoy it. walaoeh, sedap sedap! and its only RM2.30! how about tat?! tell me where can u still find a RM2.30 noodle soup.

haaaah... the good old days. i wonder if our kids would get to enjoy all tiz now. no rambutan trees at my parents home, no motorcycle to ride on, no cute boy next door (hehehe!)

wishing you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR

see ya on the other side!

25 December 2008

xmassy day!

on xmas eve, we went over to kuchai lama, to meet up with our couple fren for dinner. while waiting for them, we took a stroll at the pasar malam. u really spend $$ in pasar malam lo. so much food, so many things to buy. even the clothes they r selling there & the shoes also veri the update le. tot of goin foot reflexology wan, but then the lil missy was all cranky & we head home early. must be the warm weather, she was sweating like nobody biz. oh well... oh yeah, i saw a 100yen shop in kuchai lama, near the station 1 there. just facing the main road.

then today, we went over to hubs' aunties' house. they celebrate christmas every year with tonnes of food. before we get there, i told hubs, by looking at the food, im already feeling full. and i did. i was surprised i din wallop the food lo, jus ate moderately. haha... and the house is so packed! goodness...

after aunt's hse, i thot of coaxing bro in law to drive us to Pavillion since we are so near. bro in law & family was together with us too, as we were car pooling with them. the lil missy was sleepy, i was sleepy, everyone was sleepy so we head home. haha... must be the food.

as for dinner, we went over to old klang road to have korean food. 1st time for me, eating korean food. at 1st they were serving those mini plates of veges & everything else & i thot, sei lar, where got enuf to eat. then only bro in law told these are complimentary. there are main dishes coming. ohhhh... nasib. hahahhahah! damn 'sakai' rite me? paiseh paiseh. the hot soup was really spicy & yummy. the pancake, the glass noodles. yum yum. bro in law told next weekend we go kuchai lama & try another korean restaurant wor.

overall today was a good break. din go shopping mall, no rushing, no Q ing for everything, no searching of parkings. ahhh.. nice...

how was your christmas?

21 December 2008

what a weekend

we had. on sat nite we tried going to sunway pyramid but 1/2way on the journey we end up in IOI mall. traffic was really bad towards sunway, so we got lazy. nowadays rite, im just feeling too lazy to go thru the jam, the search for parking space, the Q-ing for everything else. sien leh... oh well...

we woke up around 10.30am today cus it's a sunday mar. hehe! then we got ready & head to lunch at may keng again @ south city & move on to our next destination. guess where we went? it was easy to locate her lovely house. why i said tat? cus my hubs said so. haha... and he being the 'sesat king' most of the time, was happy he cud find the house easily. the map that was given helps too :)

we went over to visit lil ashley & barbara! it was really nice to have finally meet the oh so friendly barb! thanks for having us le. and thank you for the stuff you gave lil missy. and the nice 'tong yuen" ur mom cooked :) barb told me ashley mite be shy wen meeting with us, but she was wrong. lil ashley was really friendly towards krystal. and both of them really had fun. jumping around, running here & there. and boy oh boy, there is sooooo many toys in barb's house. can turn into nursery already. haha... luckily the girls can click & play along nicely. phew! was too concentrating on those 2 lil girls & chatting with barb, i only managed to snap hundred & ONE picture of them both. kekeke!

after visiting barb & family we dropped by at midvalley mall. had to spent like 20 mins to look for a parking space. initially donwan to go wan, but so near de, so i also itchy butt la, pestering the hubs to go. essshhh... women i tell u. haha! oh my goodness the crowd in midv. sure all last min shopping wan. crazee man. we need to get few xmas presents for our cousins as we have a xmas party to go to this week, but failed. duno why le, prob too many ppl already makes me dizzy. cant think straight. sien. then we went to coffee bean to just rest awhile. finally behtahan already, so we head home. im just looking forward for the public holidays end of the month. hehe... another 2 weeks, 2008 will end. time really flies.

20 December 2008


jus wanna wish everyone a

and a fantabulous new year ahead!
* God bless us all in 2009 *

19 December 2008

a few of us...

met up with jacss yesterday to claim our bento stuff. hehe... damages has been done, so pay up loh. a few of us like christene, nancy & peggy came. lil kimberly, kieran & kylie came along too. we were too bz yakking till i also forgot to snap pics. hahaha...

(tiz 2 pics is taken from jacss, sorry ah babe!)

it was nice meeting all of you... we should do tiz more often & yak till the cows come home. wahaha! wen a few ladies meet up, boy oh boy, sure yak non stop.

then something also happened for the 1st time at home which left me stoned. my lil missy cried till she vomitted. SIGH. she was like vomitting & tau foo fah came out (sorry, tiz is ohsogross) poor lil missy. she wanted to play & watch TV & i refused to let her loh. it was already 1230am! so i thot i let her cry & she will sleep off. mana tau, she vomitted. SIGH. tau foo fah landed on our bed & of course also on lil missy loh. SIGH. so at 1230am i was bathing her, changed the bedsheet & washed them (how i wish i have a maid at this moment) end up i slept off & only hang dry the sheets this morning.

so have your kids ever encounter the above? i keep telling my hubs, i shud jus let her watch her TV & play her toys instead of let her crying. SIGH. im so sorry krystal, but you are so noty le. donwan to sleep & it was so late already. SIGH.

17 December 2008

the fun google tag...

kamsiah to judy & fussymum for this tag. cool tag hor, & sorry i took so long to do it. very the lazy le & boy oh boy, tis is really a time consuming tag. hehe!

"The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. "

1. The age of my next birthday

2. A place
I'd like to travel to

3. A favourite place

4. A favourite thing

5. A favourite food

6. A favourite colour

7. The city I live in

8. The city I was born in

9. A nickname I had

10. College Major

11. Name of first (and only) lover

12. A bad habit

13. A hobby

14. Current wish list (max. 3 items)

16 December 2008

happy gua...

i uploaded my pics less than a week ago & look what i have received from the mail? yippee yay! it's really convenient. simple as A.B.C
  • register & upload your pics online
  • transfer the payment
  • your pictures will be sent over to your doorstep

if u have pending pictures for developing, do check out EOE. i will definitely use their service again, for sure :)

15 December 2008

Happy birthday to you

it was hubs' grandma's birthday luncheon on sunday. as usual, every year, everyone will gather for tis special occasion. its eating, eating & yakking, yakking away. oh yeah, not forgetting karaoke-ing. the 2 little one just won't let go the mikey. haha!

my hubs came from a big family. he has 4 siblings & lots of aunties, uncles & cousins. same like me, lots of aunties, uncles & cousins. but its only me & my bro :) i like big family cus when it comes to gathering, it's jus so fun!

don't get me wrong hor, i only want 2 kids of our own. hehehe... just nice. it ain't cheap ok nowadays, to have kids. over the weekend, me & my mom was scouting around malls to see if diapers are coming in cheap, but failed. sigh. even enfagrow is freaking rm88+ in tesco. and mamy poko. no need to even mention, can die. and i tot drypers are cheap, but hell no. adoi. how lah! kena toilet train her liao. must force her into potty de. mesti jimat.

oh yeah, was supposed to meet
Chin Nee & her family over on Saturday, but me no car to get to town. sorry madame. we are staying so near to each other. there is always a next time. hehe... damn, i miss the chance to cubit her 2 cute boys!

how was ur weekend?

10 December 2008

EOE online

as of lately i have been snapping lots of lil missy's pictures & i need to develop some of it. then i remembered about this post on EOE that Judy posted long ago. then when i came home, i blog hop to Barbara's blog & found out that they have a promotion now! exactly what i needed, to upload my pics in EOE for photo printings!

i seriously don't think you can find anywhere else that can offer you a 30cent per piece for a 4R photo printing. its just a really good price! they even provide free delivery for orders RM35.00 and above! can't wait to get my pictures developed man!

check this
EOE out for more information. even better still if you are a blogger. just post a review on eoe Online & get 50 4R photo prints complimentary & RM50!

we have been...

married for 3 years. hehe...
hope for many more great years to come...


08 December 2008

lil missy...

really likes to go kai kai. hehe. so lucky her, mommy also like! normally after i bath her, she will pull her daddy towards the door wanting to go out. then sometimes u can hear her say "car, car"... walaoeh. really kai kai queen, thanks to us la. adoi, pengsan...

so today we went over sunway pyramid around noon time, as usual parking is like crazy but lucky us, we managed to get one parking space in no time. phew. lucky us. this is wat christmas looks like in sunway pyramid. see the mini ferris wheel. its for kids. and its soooooo cute!

din buy anything (surprisingly for me!) wanna save $$ le, but then again, go out sure spend on food lo. wat to do. next weekend wanna go back melaka de, so won't spend so much eating out. haha! as usual, lil missy was running around & i leave the chasing to her daddy, that's what dads are for. nyek nyek!

we then went over to starbucks to enjoy my fav, green tea frap & a piece of american baked cheese cake. yummy! there goes $$ again. it's crazy hur, one would pay so much for a drink. sigh. lil missy even missed her afternoon nap. we left the mall around 5pm & lil missy was fast asleep in the car.

for dinner we went over to mines, actually wanted to go kim gary, but it's no longer there! food & tea took over, so we end up eating there. mines shopping mall is doin some upgrading work, more shops is opening, also more choices on foodie restaurant. after dinner, we proceed to get a new thumb drive for daddy as we really dono where lil missy hide the old thumb drive. been searching all over. cialat.

oh well, tomorrow back to work after a 3 days break. how sien can it be leh? haih... tuesday blues... haha! have a good week peeps!

06 December 2008


here we come! been contemplating about tis trip, reason being, its a 3 days break, sure packed gila wan. we started off our journey from home around noon time. had lunch & shoot off to genting. we were caught in the traffic jam for almost more than an hour. hubs was telling me, if all these cars is heading to genting, he is going to make a turn back to KL. sob sob! luckily the trillions of cars headed straight towards kuantan & yay, off we go to genting.

lil missy was asleep throughout the trip up & only woke up when we were searching for car park. gazillion of cars man. that was another pain in the a**! we then proceed to purchase the indoor theme park's unlimited passes for both me & hubs. kids under 90cm is free for the rides :) hehe... it was rm52 man. not cheap lo. after i paid for the passes, i was thinking, i shud have jus buy oni 1 adult pass instead of 2, cus daddy can bring lil missy for the rides mah, and i jus snap pics la. aiyah.

oh well. there wasn't much rides for family lo, only 5 types indicated in the theme park map. we even leave lil missy's buggy outside the Qs to get on some rides. hehe. my old buggy, so 'chan' already, nobody will wanna steal it anyway, few parents also left their stroller outside without anyone attending to it. oh well...

then we went for lunch at this place called "Hou Mei". a plate of roasted chicken rice, a bowl of dry noodles (maggi mee), a glass of soya bean & mango juice cost us freaking rm40! omg. hou mei my foot. we sapu also cus we were starving. and i wonder how much ajinomoto the cook put inside the soup man. bleeeek! yuccccck!

after our meal, we went walking around to look see look see. just too many people already & we were getting tired. time to go home... buhbye genting!

05 December 2008

got it!

all thanks to mommy rachel for spotting the avent teats in toysRus! she was in klcc & called me wen she saw it. i seldom go toysRus lo, din know they are selling all these baby items there also. haha... in my mind, toysRus is only selling... TOYS!

finally meet this independent mommy & spent like 15 mins talking to her. she herself also sapu quite a few items. keep telling her stop shopping woman! save your money :) i was going back to opis & she was on her way to kl convention centre for her seminar, so we parted our ways

nice meeting you rachel, hope our next meet up can last longer :)

have a great weekend peeps!

04 December 2008

tell me...

if you guys see tis anywhere. been looking around, always can't seem to find it. the last time i bought was from mothercare, klcc. me & another fren sapu 2 packs each. but now im left with 1 only :(

wah, long weekend ahead man! wooohooo! excited, now we are still thinking whether to go genting or not on saturday. sure jam packed, sure traffic kao kao wan. skool holiday is on, working peeps has extra off on monday. hmmm... shud we? or maybe we shud just check out those shopping malls, wanna bring lil missy to see christmas decor. yay! sunway pyramid? midvalley? curve?

in case ur wondering, wats the decor like in KLCC, here go... same tree every year, only diff 'ornaments'. this year, pretty cute :)