30 December 2010

happy new2011

wooohooooo... the year is coming to an end
sad or not? yeah a bit, cus that means
i'm a year older, damn!
tension weeeeeeeeeei, a year older :(

anyway, here's wishing you a great
ending to the year of 2010

a happy great
year of 2011

and of course, i can't wait for
traaaaaaak toooong chiaaaaaaaaaang!
gong hei fatt choooooooy arrrrr!

pics courtesy from here

23 December 2010


anyone who is close to me, knows that i just simply love to eat! so to encounter bad food once awhile sure got wan lah! i encountered earlier this week, a bad experience for myself, bad luck lah! puuuuiiit! make me tension only, must be the hormones, and i was also very tired from a day of work & lil missy whining doesn't ease the situation too!

i really wanna vomit blood!

chicken was bloody, rice was cold

i was there together with my bro-in-law & family for dinner, there were 6 of us. the rest of the food ordered was ok & yummy except mine! dammit! i ordered the above, and it came cold, chicken was not thoroughly cook, i still can see the blood. the more i force myself to finish the food, i just can't swallow it and i left it. my mistake was i did not complain on the spot

when settling the bill, i point it out to the manager on duty, he mentioned why i did not complain earlier, they can change a new set for me. i told him why rice was cold, chicken not cook, so lousy wan, u know what he answered me "oh this is our best seller!" what the fark! best seller? kanasai, can come tell me that statement at the moment like this. it's like telling a fella who has just lost something precious, aiyah it's ok lah, go buy another one which that fella can't... u know what i mean lah. blady hell, damn boh-kam-wan! our bill came up to rm110plus, not to say we can't afford, no need to give statement like this ooooooooooook!

i will probably go back to this chain of cafe to try out their desserts, but definitely NOT this branch in mines mall, mangkooooooooooook! sigh, ok steam is all out, let's move on!

22 December 2010

Grandma's bday @ Dec2010

last weekend, the usual every year function, everyone from my in laws' side will gather from near & far to attend grandma's birthday dinner. and it feels like chinese new year at in laws' home cus it will be packed, and talking about chinese new year, gosh i can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! it's coming!

as usual lil missy gotta sit next to her
cousin sister, Ashley whenever we go
out together, they will be sticking to
each other like glue

thru-out the dinner, they would stop eating
and practice their heavenly dancing
don't ask me what dance is that,
i have the slightest idea man!

and my in laws love karaoke! and hubs & my
bro-in-laws, will always be stuck at the karaoke
console choosing songs to be karaoke-d
think they got the singing bug from my mom-in-law :)

more pictures taking, endless!
thank GOD for digital cameras

and i dunno how many birthday
songs we sang that nite,
never seems to end, the both lil girls
just kept singing & singing *roll eyes*

missing from the family pic is my sis-in-law
& her bf, oh well, there is always next year!

Happy birthday Grandma, may you have
more wonderful birthdays in years to come!

16 December 2010

Treasure hunt to JB @ 4.12.10

earlier this month, i joined our company's yearly treasure hunt event again, last year was lovely Pangkor, this time was "flashback to the 80s" to Johor Bahru. we had an early start, flagged of from USJ at 7.30am and the whole hunt took 9 hours if i recalled properly, all the way from KL - Nilai - Melaka end touched down in Johor :)

the highlight of the trip was we took a wrong turn towards woodlands toll into Singapore at the last tulip, and got stuck with the traffic into Singapore! and all these happened without any of us having passport with us! everyone was in panicky mode already, and thank GOD there was a little road repair going on & hubs took a u-turn and we were heading back to Malaysia! gosh, talk about the right timing man! dang! when we turned back & passed by msia custom, he demanded for passport, and all of us laughed. we explained ourself & the officer's turn to laugh pulak! aiks! malu siot! he then asked for our ICs & we were save! hubs was telling imagine we didn't get to u-turn, we probably end up dead meat in singapore's lokap!

we ended up in the hotel just in time to hand over our
answer sheets. what a relief! and we were all dead
tired from the hunt, and poor hubby of mine,
drove from morning to evening non stop... kecian-nye
but it was fun lah!

we anticipated food hunt as well ourselves,
how to resist the good food in melaka
we wanted to bring along our frens
to various food places, but time is precious!

after having dinner in hotel, 2 group of hunters
went ronda-ronda to look for more food
simple yet yummy!

after our breakie in hotel the next morning,
we head back to melaka as our frens wanna
go have lunch in the chicken rice ball shop again!
so here we go!

after our lunch, we drove to jonker street area in
melaka & have a nice cendol under the tree :) overall
this was a fun trip though very tiring, we all had fun,
ate a lot, and hubs said he drove for 800km!