10 December 2008

EOE online

as of lately i have been snapping lots of lil missy's pictures & i need to develop some of it. then i remembered about this post on EOE that Judy posted long ago. then when i came home, i blog hop to Barbara's blog & found out that they have a promotion now! exactly what i needed, to upload my pics in EOE for photo printings!

i seriously don't think you can find anywhere else that can offer you a 30cent per piece for a 4R photo printing. its just a really good price! they even provide free delivery for orders RM35.00 and above! can't wait to get my pictures developed man!

check this
EOE out for more information. even better still if you are a blogger. just post a review on eoe Online & get 50 4R photo prints complimentary & RM50!

1 comment:

lemonjude said...

Thats good, finally you got your photo print done...i got the invitation to write review post too...aiks..too lazy..