19 May 2010

dream a little

been lazy lately. also can say been busy. busy with everyday routine of my life. reach home 730pm or sometimes 8pm, boil water, wash some dishes, eat dinner, do laundry, sweep a bit, mop a bit, fold clothes, pack a bit, clean a bit, bath, if semangat then on laptop awhile & blog hop, if not go to sleep. everyday it's the same routine. sometimes i just want to sit and do nothing, but i can't, cus if i don't do it, nobody else is going to do it. if i not dream a little, i could not stay sane, but i think i dream too much, till i stayed up late chasing the series till i kangtoi! i was down with fever yesterday nite, result of not enough sleep i think.

thank God for sending me a nice hubby who handles lil missy everyday (kena kipas sikit)... sometimes i sees him going nuts too handling lil missy, she can be a hands full most of the time. how lah wanna get 2nd kid, u tell me... one also driving us up the rooftop!

oh well, lil missy is not all that notty. there are sweet moments too. like when we were having dinner, she would tell us... "hei, eat don't king kong king kong" and we nearly chocked on our food. hahahahaha. she was telling us, don't bang the fork & spoon against our plate when eating. eat quietly. sure she learnt this from skool O.o

then there are times, she will just come hug or grab your leg & said, "i love you"... all this will surpass the notty session she gave us but she IS still driving us up the wall! sigh. gotta be patience, gotta be patience. omg! aaaarrghhhh! sometimes i wish i would stay young & not grow up. i can continue being silly, make stopid mistakes, drool over cute guys (which i'm still doing... hahahahaha!)... gotta dream a little lah, if not i sure will go nuts ok!

notty lil missy helping my mom with her groceries shopping

she hits jackpot last weekend. she had ice creams twice
during our trip to tesco with my parents.
she just have her ways with her grandparents

gotta credit her for not being a
drama queen during hair cut session!

we managed to watch furry vengeance last Sunday when we came back from melaka. and something funny happened. lil missy asked to go toilet in the middle of the movie, of course i was grumbling lah! watch shiok2 then wanna go shee-shee. apa lah! asked earlier don't want to go. then i bumped into an old fren from high school in the washroom! walaoeh, never seen each other for 13 years already! so i quickly got her hp number & rush back to the movie. so funny or not? not so funny lah hor... ciu!

time to watch ToyStory3 this weekend

and maybe try to catch Shrek3 as well...
i should go watch this since he decided to
pay us a visit personally... hehehe!


he is HUGE!


smallkucing said...

wah lau eh..Shrek!!!

Alice Law said...

LOL!! you girl is so cute, love the "king kong king kong" thingy! ^-^

have a wonderful day ahead!

Tekkaus said...

War...where you are working huh? How come you get to meet all these mascot? :p

cleffairy said...

Omg.. Ogreeeee! LOL!

reanaclaire said...

wah...why u always can take pics with the stars one!! last time with datuk lee.. i so jeles! hahhahaa...
your girl is very adorable.. cute..

mNhL said...

lil missy is so adorable.

Hope you gets well soon. Sleep is very important too.

I wanna watch ToyStory 3 and Shrek 3...but but...not sure if YX wanna let me enjoy the show or not ;( I loves cartoon. hehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Irene, you just stay easy....have fun. You have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband....they are your energy.
Best regards, lee.

ChloeRuoyi said...

There's nothing wrong with dreaming la... "Dare to Dream". Lil missy's king-kong comment was so cute haha! And she's getting prettier each day. Love her hair :)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Ahahahaha!! Don't eat king kong king kong! Smart girl!

Gonna go watch Furry Vengeance later too :)

jazzmint said...

wah ur office so happening, shrek also ada

Zara's Mama said...

2 ice creams in a day....

Woooo.. Zaria would love to be in her shoes.

Aiyo.. you so happening.. movies after movies.

Mummy Moon said...

Lil Missy is a very good gal lor, :P

Merryn said...

Krys is getting cuter by the day leh! nice :)