16 September 2010

walk-athon for us!

it was a public holiday for us, Malaysia day that is. 1Malaysia. any holiday is very welcome! please give us more. hehehe... anyway, we woke up late, laze around and then decided let's take the train to somewhere today, cus lil missy's been pestering us to take her to train since the day i mentioned it to her. kids... they really good at remembering promises huh?!

at first we decided to go to times square mall, cus there is a games area there. those fun kiddy rides, and stuff like that, but this lil missy didn't want to get down from the train and was fussing so we gave in. sigh. and we end up in klcc. haha! holiday also come back to klcc, really no life man, me... esh esh!

anyways, we walked around, drop by to SONY outlet to check out the new nex5 camera, which is a babe. prices also a babe. esh esh. then there this new Playstation move thingy which hubs can't stop talking about. luckily i'm not into games... if not... i dunno man, more money to spend.

we then decided lets go to aquaria since we are already here. its not always we come to klcc all 3 of us, so what the heck. let's check it out. come to think about it again, i could have spend that money to buy the Lego box set i saw in toys R us. sigh... oh well, hubs said we gotta at least go 1 time! just to experience it. Note to self - gotta bring lil missy to singapore's version of aquaria

for malaysians, the admission fee was rm35 for adults, and rm25 for kids 3yrs - 12 yrs old. gosh, expensive lar! haiyah, as hubs said not everyday mah... so go lor... cekik darah!

lil missy had fun running around going "oooooh aaaah eeeeek". we loitered around the front area of aquaria cus we were waiting for the piranha's feeding time which was 4pm. hubs was so looking forward to it, me? not interested haha! they fed some big fishes, and it took those piranha few minutes to whack the whole fishy. a lady even asked me "did they feed the piranha dead fish or live fish?"... it was dead fishes if you wanna know

i love the otters we saw, they were soooooooooo adorable. then we walkabout to see more insects, beetles, snakes, frogs, and not so cute beings. hahaha...

lucky thing we bought our cameras,
if not wasted man!

the sting ray was gigantic! awesome!

lil missy playing around

and soon it was time to go home. it was really a tiring day for us. it's like a walkabout practice to prepare us for the upcoming trip we are going... gosh, hubs said if it's like this next week, i surrender man! hahahaha... i told him, its double or triple the walk we had today, so be ready!


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Sounds like fun though! I haven't been to Aquaria myself. Pretty steep prices but at least they allow photography.

smallkucing said...

Cool pix

Krys snap your photos with hubi ya?

reanaclaire said...

Good exercise, Irene.. i lack walking..hahaha..

agnes said...

aquaria??? always wanted to go but scared of the crowd especially PH mah.. got a lot of ppl or not hah?

ChloeRuoyi said...

What a great outing in KLCC :) The Aquaria is so exp now... I think we paid rm28 last time (Chloe was just below 3, so FOC).. that oso we felt the pinch!

Mummy Gwen said...

We brought Gwen to Aquaria when she was around 2. Don't think she enjoyed it..haha.

Lil Missy likes to ride on the train ya..she looks so cute standing there.

mNhL said...

Kid loves train ride. Good also, no need to hunt for parking and pay so expensive.

Wah....triple walk somemore. Where are you guys going? Keep us update lo. Anyway, enjoy!!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

at least the entrance prices are cheaper than the phones/cameras you are planning to buy :D plus this outing is a good family bonding time.

Mommy Ling said...

Nice experince for the kids. My gal pestering to get on de plane...sweat***

Merryn said...

eeeeee.. she dapat naik lrt! cool! i dunno if i'll bring ethan on da lrt though... hmm.. let's see.. :P

Jenny said...

walking is sure my weakness lah - but walking a lot is good for excerise hor?

have a lovely weekend!!
jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

Zara's Mama said...

Aquaria memang cut throat price.

Petrosains more worth it.