01 September 2010

a day out

let's write about happy stuff for myself to read next time. those "fever" post is getting more these days over here, sigh... what to do, just gotta be strong & pray for lil missy to grow up healthily! that's all that matters to us. to have a happy healthy child. which parents don't ey?

previous weekend was spent going here & there. morning was to midvalley to drop by to the parenthood expo to grab the Lego box set which i saw fellow blogger yvonne posted about her purchase in her FB status. unfortunately it was all finished sapu-ed on the 1st day itself. bumped into shopping queen mommy at the expo as well, all by herself tengah shiok shopping. hehe!

after midvalley, we then head off to pavilion to meet up with some office frens of mine for dinner over in lot10. the rest of the gang went for wine tasting, while 3 of us head off to walk-about in pavilion for a bit before dinner. we were then stopped by the fashion police for a snapshot. hahaha... does it mean i look like an ah-so, so kena stopped by them? lil missy got a lil gift from them, how nice...

we had steamboat at shabu one in lot10. the spread was good, and the place was full house. good thing my fren did reservation. there were 7 adults incl lil missy. i didn't really eat properly as lil missy was fussing, picky eater, don't want to eat this, don't want to eat that, made me all geram and forgot to enjoy my food most of the time

thru out the dinner, we talked & eat till we all can't take in anymore food. as you can see the before and after picture below, quite scary. never take too much food when u go to a eat-all-u-can steamboat thinking you can finish off what u have taken, big mistake! nevertheless, we manage to stuff ourself silly, thanks to the guys who helped DBKL-ed the food till the last piece!

good company with good food, now isn't that nice
if lil missy were to eat obediently, this dinner would
end perfectly! oh well... kids!


LittleLamb said...

U make me hungry...early in the morning.. why??? i love steamboat. we should go one day AGAIN.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I didn't know Lot10 got steamboat. I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tekkaus said...

Wow...steamboat? Looks super delicious to me. :D

ChloeRuoyi said...

Didn't know that Pavilion got "fashion police" haha. Wah... steamboat buffet... we like :)

smallkucing said...

looks more spacious than the shabu shabu at kuchai