19 November 2008

need to...

know some info from you fellow mommies
  • what's the hours of babysitting? 10 - 12 hours?
  • what's the rate that you are paying?
  • location?
if it's nursery that you are sending ur kids,
  • what's are the hours?
  • what's the fee you are paying?
  • location?


Daddy said...

Our babysitter takes our baby from 9am to 7pm. The rate is RM700. Five days a week excluding public holidays. Unfortunately, she just told us that she can't babysit Ryan anymore. So we are looking for a babysitter again...sigh

Shern's mom said...

Sorry, I have no idea about this. You planning to send missy to a babysitter?

slavemom said...

Sorry, no idea abt bbsitter or nursery. We oni started lookg ard for kindy coz XY started at 4 yo. U planning to chg bbsitter or send lil missy to nursery?

jazzmint said...

mm..cant contribute on the nanny part. as for nursery, it's usually 3-4 hours and the charges would range from 250-350 depends on age. some will have daycare too with additional charges, some just nursery. location, everywhre lah, but best is convenient for u ler

LittleLamb said...

cant help. but i know its rm500 and above for baby sit. OT price not included yet.

Hijackqueen said...

Baby sitter - I drop them at 7.30am pick by at 7pm or 7.30am. Price - RM400.00. Location Klang.

Day care - 7.45am (normal days) and 8.00am (school holidays). Pick by 6.30pm. Every minute late penalty by RM10. So far they never impose la. Price - RM380.00 (morning kindie afternoon they stay back for daycare). With Kindi it was RM180.00. The Rm380 is without Saturday. With Saturday is Rm400. Actually Saturday is included but i prefer to take care of the kids myself when i am not working so I ask them for discount. hahaha so thick skin hor. Location klang also.