07 January 2009

get $$ by blogging :)

My first blog was back in 2005 and it was a blogspot. I can’t exactly remember why I deleted it and move on to multiply. I think probably because I can store lots of picture albums inside my multiply blog and I can make the pages private which only allow my frens to view. Then soon after I have Krystal, I was back to reading blogs, mainly fellow mothers’ bloggies, to which I can learn a lot from, on what to expect from everyday life with a baby. So I decided to start a blogspot again. Certainly no regrets after that as I made lots of cool mommy frens!

Nowadays, most of the blogs I visit are doing paid post to earn some extra pocket money. I would really love that. Extra pocket money, who doesn’t want that isn’t it? Believe me when I tell you, I tried registering myself in every paid post website which I can find, but my blog will always get rejected. It really upset me most of the time, because it makes me think that my blog is so lousy till I can’t even get it approved. So I gave up most of the time.

Blogs are really a good tool to get your messages across to everyone. It’s the fastest tool to market about anything at all, anywhere, anytime. The power of blogging is indeed very superior. Then I came across thru payingpost.com recently and just tried my luck again, just for fun. And guess what, they approved my humble blog!

I know I'm new to this, but I hope i really can earn the extra money by doing more paid post in future. So paid post pro bloggers, what are you waiting for? Go to payingpost.com & register away! I'm the happiest today as I'm going get paid to post :)

ps :: i know all of you pro out there, don laugh at me ok, im only a beginner


andrewjune said...

good luck to you, irene :-)

i always wanted to get paid thru blogging but i dont really thk i've the time to do that...*sigh*

Daddy said...

How I wish I am making money too. Tried to register for most of the paying posts like payperpost and sponsorreviews I think. All approved but no qualified opportunities to-date. Sigh. Maybe my PR was only 1 then. Now that I got 2 only recently, let's see whether I will get any offer to write.

Uncle Lee said...

Good for you...nothing like earning some spare cash.
Have fun and best regards, Lee.