06 March 2011

it's my birthday!

i have yet to blog about our trip to genting! lazy me. that post is coming, right after this one! i'm a bit excited about this post, cus it's our darling your royal highness princess lil missy's birthday! hahaha... our pride, our joy has just celebrated her 4 year old birthday! time flies, time flies!

if you realised those cute jCo baby donuts, i bought 2 boxes of those, to serve as a birthday cake for her in skool! hahaha... bad bad mommy here, made a last minute decision to let her celebrate in skool that's why, end up can't find any cake, daddy suggested these cute donuts. well, it work wonders! something out of the norm mah, rite? hehe...

she has about 21 classmates in her kindy, so i was thinking to do party packs for the kiddos. and again, daddy oh wise daddy suggested we buy something more useful than 'junks'... hehe! so we end up buying 22 of these cute cases, with pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler & a book of stickers each for the kids. and i'm sure they love it, cus i got a call right after the party from the principal asking where i got those nice gifts... hehehe... my sekret place!

we got her a cool gift this time, i must say i myself love it very much! nothing expensive to the core, we can't afford it anyway... it was a red doll house, solid wood! if you are my buddies in fb, u would know that i'm on a doll house hunting spree. and thanks to Barb's advise, i got this good looking house from mr DIY near my housing area!

she loves the doll house dearly, and she
even wanna bring it everywhere we go!
too heavy, kenot lor... and she also got
many gifts from my buddies...

on her birthday, we popped by over to IOI mall,
cus she just love the carousel, and the nearest is
in IOI mall, only rm2 per ride! affordable! ahaks!

had a lovely lunch over in Breeks cafe,
loitered around the mall, till we were too
tired to continue...

come dinner time, we meet up with sue & her family,
over in station 1 to have a simple dinner
together with our neighbour buddy,
to celebrate lil missy's birthday over a small
lil cake! i promised her a proper cake! haha..

we planned to check out petrosains in klcc, but the lazy bug attacked us and we end up not going anywhere the next day after lil missy's birthday. hehehe... petrosains next next weekend, any takers? the more the merrier eh... i'm just happy that lil missy is happy, i'm happy that i have celebrate her birthday in style... hahaha... kidding kidding, just simple, just US ^_^


Mommy to Chumsy said...

what a cool celebration :) i like the house too :) can u tell where is your secret place?

Jacss said...

nice prezzies.... am sure the lil girl is very contended :D
happy 4th birthday missy!!

cleffairy said...

Happy birthday to Lil Missy... tarak party like last year kah? Nvm... celebrate with family more nice...more fun, more privacy and no mess. Hahahahaha!

mNhL said...

happy b'day to lil missy. Donut makes a great b'day cake. Each kids can have 1 and no need to cut! hahaha....

Small Kucing said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Krys

ChloeRuoyi said...

Happy birthday again, sweetie *muaks* Nice and simple celebration there! Hey, I noticed that two of her bajus, Chloe also got hehe. Next time can pakat wear the same Cute Chicks Rule t-shirt when we meet ok :p

wenn said...

happy birthday!

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Belated Birthday To Krys! The doll house is very nice. :)