15 June 2011

food again!

have i got your attention yet?
are you drooling already?
no? aisey... nevermind, i am!

was back to home sweet home,
and requested mommy dearest for
full board of home cooked food
let it be simple, i don't care,
as long as it's home cooked food!

and hubby dearest gotta wake up
very early to go buy this
nasi lemak for his pregger wifey!

and have to Q up sooooo long
to buy this femes Mee Hassan
for the whole family to eat
especially me! haha!
thank you sooooo much, i lup you!

and this killer prawn sambal
my mom's specialty
whomever tasted this before,
let it be relatives, or my close frens
will definitely yearns for more!


アンゼエリン said...

You make crave for nasi lemak again....last few mtnhs I've been taking nasi lemak lor....yummy again...

ChloeRuoyi said...

You should learn cooking from your mom! Sayang la, if you don't :p

Alice Law said...

Envious to bit... I missed my mom's cooking(exclusively for me one) after married! Your hubby so sweet, my husband tarak beli apa apa breakfast (with initiative)pun since married!:p

mNhL said...

actually, should also avoid spicy food so baby will not be too heaty. Just some taboo...not sure if it is scientifically proven or not. hehe... But your mum's killer prawn really look so yummydelicious.

net earner said...

I had nasi lemak in the morning that day, and got cough & flu right away in the afternoon, looking at your nasi lemak is so sedap, will definitely got one after i receovered.

Mummy Gwen said...

I also heard pregnant women shouldn't eat too much spicy food but I ate also lah when I was pregnant...hehe. The nasi lemak really make me kempunan already.

P/S: Hope is not too late to say Congrats!! :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

wow...u r obviously craving for lots of spicy food. i was like this too when i carried qiqi and she eats sambal from very young age.

slavemom said...

Wahseh... like queen in the hse eh. Shld get preggie more often. *quickly run away b4 kena smack* LOL

Wonderful Life said...

wahhh... u really got alot of food cravings!

I don't have any specific cravings... hmm, my hubs is very lucky... don have to wake up early/Q up to buy me food. =P

don eat too much hor... later over weight and bb too big!! =P

Little Kit Boy said...

Irene, another drooling post. OMG..I'm getting hungry again.

Adrine said...

ok you got me...... i'm definitely drooling!!!

Alv0808 said...

It's almost lunch time aand you make me hungry now..hehhe

LittleLamb said...

makes me envy u.
i wish to find a sperm donor n get pregnant.......

Lemonjude said...

really lots of spicy food there and yes I'm drooling...hahah...happy pregnant!

Daddy said...

Aiyoh...so yummylicious.....:)

prince n princess mum said...


Ann said...

hey....congrats...saw your previous posts. enjoy your food, you need it and deserve it. :)

Jacss said...

im soooooo droooling over that pack of nasi lemak lor!!
kenot come to yr blog for the moment, too much food poison :P