01 September 2008

Olay & Tesco

went to Tesco Extra in Cheras today noon time just for fun. grabbed lunch at this place called Boston Grill. i had black pepper chicken chop & hubs had the blackend grill dory. came with starter & dessert, bill came to RM45+... regret eating there lo, food portion not only kedekut, also not really nice :(

anyway, went over to Watson cus i need to get moisturiser, mine already finished lor. went over to check out the price, normally tis Olay will cost RM40+, then wen sale time it will cost around RM35+ but today it cost RM25! omg... why so cheap wan... and this came with SPF15 leh. wah, good bargain. hmmm... 2mrw back to ofis, see if Watson in KLCC is selling at this price or not. maybe can get another one. it's not always you get this cheap!

then strolled over to Tesco & finally we got the mini trolley for Krystal. saw this at 1st in Jutz1Blog & thot tat's really cute. but its too short for lil missy, instead of pushing it, she was holding it and walking around. haha! and we got some colorful mini balls for lil missy, she was excited! good to see tat.

haih, it was unneccessary to get all those, to even go out today, but... but... boring lah staying at home jer. RM150 bucks gone just like tat. in less than 3 hours. sigh. gotta stay home!


Y-ling said...

The more you stay at home, the more money you'll save? One day, you'll just go out and spend it all on your long overdue shopping lists :-D like me!

angeleyes said...

That's y we have been rotting at home the past 4 days!

The balls ah... now nice.. later Lil Missy starts to throw them all over the place you get headache! kekekek

Actually there's a bigger shopping cart selling in TRUS but hor RM80!!!! I let Darrius push the stroller saja.. hehehe

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oooooo...ashley has got the same trolley too :D she still plays with it sometimes, pushing her doll in the trolley :D