16 September 2008

imagine this...

(credits here)

i came across this blog & she was writing about Dooce who make $40,000 a month thru her blog. so apa lagi, i checked out Dooce's website lah. found out she is not a full time working mom, she is a 'Stay at Home Mom'!

what the @$#%&! $40k a month, by blogging? and her website now supports her family of 4 (herself, husband & 2 kids)... keng-chau! *salute*

now i only can dream making $40 a month... ciu! some peeps is just darn lucky i tell u. why oh why. who says life is fair... please can the "SOMEONE UP THERE" shine upon me?

1 comment:

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh man...i wish i earn that much too :) hey, even half or a 1/4 would do.