01 September 2008

good weekend

my parents were in KL for 2 days together with my cousin bro who will be starting his new term in The One Academy soon. my bro whom is studying over in MMU in Cyberjaya also came over to lepak with us & we went kai kai together-gether. it was nice for my parents to come to KL once awhile just to lepak :) mom will bring lots of things for me... hehe... mom will always be mom.

we went over to MidValley & Berjaya Times Square as my 2 "brothers" wanna get new shoes & backpacks for their lappie & books but couldn't find anything towards their liking. as for me, its kinda difficult to concerntrate on shopping with lil missy in tow, though the daddy does most of the job jaga-ing her. wahahaha...

this is what i let her do nowadays so we can eat in peace. let her scribble around here & there. but it doesn't last long. soon she will wanna play with the cutleries and start feeding us with imaginary food. haha... kids rite, ever so interesting.

how was ur weekend btw?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

good to spend time with the family eh? must be packed at the mall? we had a boring weekend :(

Y-ling said...

try something new all the time, sometimes a packet of crayons works wonder!
the best thing is still teach her to read so you can just bring a few books when out with her. :-P